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New 2013 Premium Doses

With years in development (the Leader in Simulated Experiences) has dropped some of the world’s more powerful doses on us… Read more »


Dosing 83% Effective

It has been a long debate as to how effective digital drugs really are – the results are in, and digital doses are MUCH MORE effective than we ever imagined… Read more »

Fictional Simulations

Fictional Simulations… Now a Reality

Imagine if you could physically simulate the emotional experience so intricately imagined in a great piece of fiction: be it a book, a movie, or a video game – and actually feel what your imagination creates…

Read more »

I-Doser: Binaural Brainwave Doses

New to Dosing? No Results?

This post is dedicated to the skeptics, the disbelievers, those who half-assed tried and got no results – Binaural Brainwave Simulations are now a mainstream reality with, If you’ve tried, you probably did it wrong. If you haven’t, you should… Read more »


Selling Doses for Profit?!

I’ve looked through (and been a memeber of) many affiliate programs out there. Today, I will take a cold hard look at the interesting concept of selling digital drugs for profit to the tune of 20% per sale. Too good to be true? Internet scam? Or good money making program? Let’s find out… Read more »


Digital Drugs

I-Doser made nationwide headlines when two things happened: mentioned the company in their Threat Level release, and Oklahoma’s Mustang Public School sent out a letter to parents warning them of the new craze (covered in a news 9 video). Let’s set the record straight right now… Read more »


Simply, Welcome

Let me cordially welcome you to the Binaural Blog. While I won’t get into the science of binaural brainwave modification (just yet), there are a few things I’d love to say! First, let me introduce myself. Read more »