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What Is Karma?

What Is Karma?

Our mind has the amazing ability to turn thought into reality. You do this countless times a day without even realizing it. Learn how to materialize whatever you imagine by harnessing the universal Law of Attraction. It’s not as hard as you think. Read more

How Gamers Meditate

How Gamers Meditate

Are you a Pro Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Social Gamer, or Casual Player? Practicing is often not enough for gamers who compete in gaming competitions with the sole purpose of destroying their competition. How are gamers combining mindfulness and gaming for substantial advantages against their opponents? Read more »

What Happens When You DIE?

What Happens When You DIE

Only the DEAD know what happens when you DIE. Since they are no longer here, it is up to the living to search for answers. We explore the deep dark secrets of the great beyond, try to answer some often-unasked questions, and discover how you can explore death through meditative simulation. Read more »

Attract Success Tutorial

Attract Success Tutorial

Much of what you accomplish starts with mindset. Intense focus on what you want and visualization can result in accomplishment. However, is there a cheat code for your mind? Read more »


New Platinum Collection

People! The world of meditation, yoga, hypnotism, and binaurals has been rocked in such a way that the whole industry is abuzz. A new 2015 Platinum group of ultra-doses are here! Let’s explore… Read more »


Simulating Recreation

Some would call it the dark side of brainwave dosing: The simulation of recreational substances, and general exploration into noir subjects. Is it? Or, can it be part of a healthy lifestyle? Read more »


History of Binaural Beats

In my previous article I covered the Discovery of Binaural Beats. Let’s dig in to what happened both leading up to and after their discovery by of Prussian physicist and meteorologist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. This is the abridged history of binaural brainwave modification (for us common folk)… Read more »


How Binaural Beats Work

The most common question I get – and, let me digress here, the most common question i get to the tune of hundreds of emails a day, dozens of phone calls, and a constant stream of instant messages, is: “how does it work?” I will now take some time to give you the scientific reason why binaural brainwaves are so powerful. Read more »


Discovery Of Binaural Beats

I will say that I have personally done an incredible amount of research and marketing on the effects of binaural simulations.I brought them to masses and commercialized them on a global level through my innovative work with, BUT I did not discover them. Who did, when, and why? The answer will surprise you.  Read more »