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History of Sensory Deprivation

Sensory deprivation is becoming popular in health centers or spas and the explosion of binaural audio induction like iDoser has led to expanded awareness in isolation therapy. Let’s explore these amazing technologies and discover how you can integrate them into your routine. Read more »


Astral Projection Guide

Astral Projection, or an Out of Body Experience, is the separation of your astral being from your physical body. BUT, is it even real? What can you do while separated? Let’s discuss the TRUTH behind astral projection and how you can achieve results in just a few simple steps. Ready to let go? Read more

Meditate With Marijuana

Meditate With Marijuana

The combination might seem obvious: the calm contemplative nature of marijuana and the deep introspection of mindfulness meditation… But, how can you maximize the results of BOTH? Even if you don’t consume cannabis, there are methods to harness the power of a simulated THC meditation. Read more

HowTo Take a Sound Bath

HowTo Take a Sound Bath

In the very simplest of terms, a sound bath is a mediation-like brain massage experience that is triggered using very specific healing audio tones. Mix this with binaural audio dosing, and you can have a do-it-yourself transcendent experience by following these simple steps. Read more »

Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

Since invented powerful induction audio that is letting people have Lucid Dreams at an astounding 83% success rate AND took the entire concept of dream control mainstream, we’ve been getting loads of questions about the safety of Lucid Dreaming. How dangerous can it be? Read more »

Science Music for DIY Love

Science Music for DIY Love

You know. You have played your favorite slow jam on your bedroom radio during a night of passion. The romantic power of music is an extremely powerful singularity that mixes incredible with the senses of romance: sight, hearing, taste, and smell. But is there a bigger connection to music and sex? Read more »

Cure Sleep Terror Nightmares

HowTo Cure Nightmares

Do you get perfect sleep every night? When you add up the number of people who suffer from sleep terrors, nightmares, apnea, insomnia and general poor sleep – you will find that very few of us are getting the required rest for a busy lifestyle. Let’s take a look at those numbers. You will be SHOCKED… Read more »

What Happens When You DIE?

What Happens When You DIE

Only the DEAD know what happens when you DIE. Since they are no longer here, it is up to the living to search for answers. We explore the deep dark secrets of the great beyond, try to answer some often-unasked questions, and discover how you can explore death through meditative simulation. Read more »

History of Binaural Brain Beats

Binaural Brain Beat History

Let us learn about binaural beats: sound tech used by millions to hack their brain and create sophisticated audio AI environments for meditation, lucidity, and so much more! The history is Brain Hacking is an exciting one, so put on your seat belt and let’s explore this amazing tech… Read more »

Fitness Health Technology Music

Health Fitness Tech Music

There has been an upgrade to the method of JUST using fitness and diet for spectacular gains. A key factor has been missing from your routine: working out your brain.  While no replacement to cardio and weights, it can accelerate growth greatly. Here is how… Read more »