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Awaken Your Third Eye

The pineal gland is located in the brain and is known as the Third Eye by oracles, mediums, and spiritualists. This mystical link to the universe is connected to lucidity, awareness, imagination and perception – and we will teach you to harness its power EASILY! Read more »


How To Breathe Tutorial

Did you know that your regular breathing pattern is almost definitely incorrect? An improper breathing pattern can cause detriment to your physical and spiritual body in many ways. Sleep patterns, stress and mood, digestion,  brain activity and more can all be impacted if you breathe wrong. Read more »

Learn Energy Medicine

Spiritual Reiki Healing

As the world around you gets more chaotic, it is critical that you reduce stress and encourage spiritual and physical therapy with relaxation. Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing through the management of the Life Force Energy that flows through you. Is your life energy low? Let’s find out.

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iDoser New Binaural Brain Doses

NEW Binaural Brain Doses

With 3 years in development and an 83% success rate in review testing, the iDoser Elite Collection of binaural brain doses for Mac and PC computers has FINALLY arrived. The Elite Collection includes 200 new advanced binaural based sequences. Click to find out what makes these so damn powerful… Read more »

Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

Ancient Solfeggio Tones

You may have heard of the popular Gregorian Chants. These consist of the ancient 6-tone scale known as the Solfeggio Frequencies. These sacred tones are comprised of a series of frequencies that can keep your body, mind and spirit in absolute perfect harmony. How can you use them? Let’s find out. Read more »

Download Binaural Doses

Download Binaural Doses

How can you download the WORLD’S STRONGEST BINAURAL BRAIN DOSES absolutely FREE? Come see what makes the strongest mind audio and how you can get the biggest discounts on the world’s most powerful lucid, astral, chakra, kundalini, legal high products – and much much more… Read more »


Astral Projection Guide

Astral Projection, or an Out of Body Experience, is the separation of your astral being from your physical body. BUT, is it even real? What can you do while separated? Let’s discuss the TRUTH behind astral projection and how you can achieve results in just a few simple steps. Ready to let go? Read more »

How Gamers Meditate

How Gamers Meditate

Are you a Pro Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Social Gamer, or Casual Player? Practicing is often not enough for gamers who compete in gaming competitions with the sole purpose of destroying their competition. How are gamers combining mindfulness and gaming for substantial advantages against their opponents? Read more »

Meditate With Marijuana

Meditate With Marijuana

The combination might seem obvious: the calm contemplative nature of marijuana and the deep introspection of mindfulness meditation… But, how can you maximize the results of BOTH? Even if you don’t consume cannabis, there are methods to harness the power of a simulated THC meditation. Read more »

The Five Stages if Sleep

The Five Stages of Sleep

Two in five people don’t get the recommended seven or more hours of sleep a night. Even if you are getting the correct amount of sleep – is it the right KIND of sleep? Are you hitting the critical Five Stages of Sleep? Is your health being impacted by your sleep cycles? Let’s find out. Read more »