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Best Binaural Beat Products

Best Binaural Beat Products

Let’s examine some of the best binaural beat products. It’s time you upgraded your mindful routine to get the full benefits of active audio. We will tell you how to download iDoser free, get powerful brainwave music, try amazing brain apps, and much more. We will answer, once and for all: Do binaural beats really work?

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Meditate FAST

Meditate FAST

We lead busy lives and to eat, live, and practice wellness techniques takes time. A quality meditation session can take from 30 minutes to an hour or more. Let us help you realize powerful meditative, spiritual, experiences with science-based quick meditation that you can do in 10 minutes or less. Read more »

iDoser New Binaural Brain Doses

NEW Binaural Brain Doses

With 3 years in development and an 83% success rate in review testing, the iDoser Elite Collection of binaural brain doses for Mac and PC computers has FINALLY arrived. The Elite Collection includes 200 new advanced binaural based sequences. Click to find out what makes these so damn powerful… Read more »

I-Doser Year In Review

I-Doser Year In Review

This year was the biggest in the over 10-year history of I-Doser Simulated Experiences. The passionate dedication from everyone involved in the creation of the world’s most powerful and best-selling binaural brainwave doses is truly amazing. As we look back on the year, we thank you first: our fans… Read more »

ASMR and Binaurals

ASMR Binaural Brainwaves

ASMR (Auto Sensory Meridian Response) is an amazing tingle on the skin, scalp, or through the body that can be euphoric and extremely relaxing. Now, combine this with binaural brainwaves and… WOW… Read more »

New 2016 Elite Doses

New 2016 Elite Doses

After years of research, the 2016 Elite Collection of brainwave doses is finally here. I-Doser is the leading provider of binaural doses. 2016 Elite Collection represents the strongest binaurals ever. Let’s explore… Read more »


Making Binaural Beats

Amateur YouTube and poorly produced binaurals abound in a digital world. They have soured many’s opinion of the science. This is how professionals make the world’s most powerful doses… Read more »


New Platinum Collection

People! The world of meditation, yoga, hypnotism, and binaurals has been rocked in such a way that the whole industry is abuzz. A new 2015 Platinum group of ultra-doses are here! Let’s explore… Read more »


Future of Digital Dosing

One of the true innovators in Binaural Brainwave Technology takes times to explain the importance of simulated experiences. What is a simulated experience, and how do you digitally  dose? Read more »


NEW Premium Collection

One of the biggest releases in binaural history has arrived with the unveiling of the Premium Collection of New Doses, available exclusively at Want more? Click to continue… Read more »