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Best Binaural Beat Products

Best Binaural Beat Products

Let’s examine some of the best binaural beat products. It’s time you upgraded your mindful routine to get the full benefits of active audio. We will tell you how to download iDoser free, get powerful brainwave music, try amazing brain apps, and much more. We will answer, once and for all: Do binaural beats really work?

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Scared During Meditation

Fear-Based Meditation

Do you get scared during meditation? Are you afraid of mindfulness? Do you get stress, anxiety, or a sense of dread during meditation or yoga? Are you trying to use meditation to repress these negative feelings? Let’s learn to embrace fear, that powerful force, and use it for positive change. Read more

Silence Your Mind to Calm An Active Brain

Silence Your Mind

Peace and quiet is a valuable commodity these days. It can be difficult to calm an active brain. Ever try to relax only to be hit with an onslaught of thoughts or concerns? How do you silence your mind? Let’s discuss how to be present and tranquil for stress relief, anxiety, and mindfulness. Read more »

Best Mindfulness Headphones

Best Mindfulness Headphones

Do you use mind audio, binaural beats, ASMR, guided or standard meditations, or subliminal audio? Not all headphones are created equal. We are going to review the best mindfulness headphones and reveal the definitive headphones approved for meditation. These are the best mindful speakers for wellness… Read more »

How Celebrities Meditate

How Celebrities Meditate

What separates celebrity achievers and ordinary people? Hard work, luck, pure talent or something more? When examining the mindfulness of famous people, we need to observe how celebrities meditate. Let’s learn the superstar meditations that make today’s social celebrities ultra-successful. Read more »

Social Creator Meditations Law of Attraction for Influencers

Social Creator Meditations

Are you an aspiring YouTube star? Is your Instagram account lacking? Your Twitter feed is stagnant? Learn how to get followers using social creator meditations. The Law of Attraction for Influencers is a dominate media strategy for personal brands that can get you MILLIONS of followers. Ready for the secret?

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Common Dreams by State

Common Nightmares by State

Nightmares are vividly realistic, disturbing dreams that rattle you awake from a deep sleep. They often set your heart pounding from fear.  Examining common dreams by state you must check the most common nightmares as well. What are the most common nightmares by state? Read more »

Mindfulness for Students and Meditating for Education

Back to School Meditation

What is the most popular back to school meditation technique for students? With proper mindfulness for students you will see increased productivity, accelerated learning, and improved social situations. But, when meditating for education there are some very important things to consider. Read more »

Lucid Dream Sex

Erotic Sleep Dreams

What is the number ONE reason to have a lucid dream? Lucid dream sex. This gives you the nightly ability the ability to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Let’s explore sexual lucidity. We will discuss how to be with your dream partner via erotic sleep dreams. Read more »

How To Cure Jet Lag with Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

When we travel, our internal clock synchronizes to a different cycle. This disrupts your sleep cycle and causes Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis. Your circadian clock will reset itself in a few days. But we will teach you how to cure jet lag almost instantly with these jet lag prevention techniques … Read more »