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How To Be An Alpha Person

How To Be An Alpha Person

How to be an alpha person. Want to have an alpha brain? There’s a common misconception people have when it comes to becoming an alpha male, or a true alpha female. Often people think that to be an alpha they have to be physically domineering. This is untrue. What does it really mean to be alpha? Read more

Social Creator Meditations Law of Attraction for Influencers

Social Creator Meditations

Are you an aspiring YouTube star? Is your Instagram account lacking? Your Twitter feed is stagnant? Learn how to get followers using social creator meditations. The Law of Attraction for Influencers is a dominate media strategy for personal brands that can get you MILLIONS of followers. Ready for the secret?

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Common Dreams by State

Common Nightmares by State

Nightmares are vividly realistic, disturbing dreams that rattle you awake from a deep sleep. They often set your heart pounding from fear.  Examining common dreams by state you must check the most common nightmares as well. What are the most common nightmares by state? Read more

Mindfulness for Students and Meditating for Education

Back to School Meditation

What is the most popular back to school meditation technique for students? With proper mindfulness for students you will see increased productivity, accelerated learning, and improved social situations. But, when meditating for education there are some very important things to consider. Read more »

Lucid Dream Sex

Erotic Sleep Dreams

What is the number ONE reason to have a lucid dream? Lucid dream sex. This gives you the nightly ability the ability to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Let’s explore sexual lucidity. We will discuss how to be with your dream partner via erotic sleep dreams. Read more »

How To Cure Jet Lag with Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

When we travel, our internal clock synchronizes to a different cycle. This disrupts your sleep cycle and causes Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis. Your circadian clock will reset itself in a few days. But we will teach you how to cure jet lag almost instantly with these jet lag prevention techniques … Read more »

Quick Meditation Techniques

Lunch Break Meditation

Don’t get enough time to yourself? Busy overwhelming schedule? That’s where the Lunch Break Meditation comes in. There have been amazing advances in wellness technology. You can now get an effective meditation in just 5 minutes. Let’s learn some quick meditation techniques. Read more »

Pythagorean Harmonic Healing

Pythagorean Harmonic Healing

Pythagorean Harmonic Healing uses frequencies and music to treat human conditions. Can the use of sound and vibration facilitate the healing process? Let’s discuss how to integrate therapeutic sound frequencies into your wellness lifestyle… Read more »

Nightmare Prevention

Nightmare Prevention

Many dreams can be off-putting if not downright disturbing. They can feel real and play on our deepest fears. Bad dreams can also make it harder to get back to sleep. Learn proper nightmare prevention and how to avoid sleep anxiety every single night! Read more »

Biokinesis Tutorial

Biokinesis DNA Tutorial

Biokinesis is derived from the words “bio” and “kinesis.” In biology, “bio” is related to a living organism and “kinesis” is the activity of cells. Biokinesis is the ability to control and change DNA by using the psychic powers of mind. Is Using biological manipulation REALLY possible using a Biokinesis DNA Tutorial? Read more »