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Posts from the ‘Skeptics’ Category

Dream Recall Tutorial Remember Dreams

Dream Recall Tutorial

It is a misconception that our dreams are unconscious wishes or nonessential brain activity. They often provide guidance for life transitions, self-understanding, relationship direction, and much more. To decipher these clues, you MUST remember dreams EVERY NIGHT. Here’s the Dream Recall Tutorial… Read more »

What Is Mind Audio?

What Is Mind Audio?

What is Mind Audio? Benefits of ASMR? Let’s cover types of mind audio and discuss how you can integrate each type into your wellness meditative life. We will discuss effectiveness, compatibility, and cover some common misconceptions about what brain enhanced audio can do for you. Read more »

Types of Meditation

Types of Meditation

Millions of people have begun their personal journey to improved wellness through meditation. Mindfulness is the best way to mentally reduce stress. Choosing the correct wellness method for your lifestyle can be a difficult. Let’s learn 7 types of meditation and how they can help your needs… Read more »

Rules Of Dharma

Rules of Dharma

Karma is widely embraced by western culture as the idea that your intent and actions influence your future. The missing half of Karma is Dharma, and you seldom hear it mentioned. What’s the difference between these two important facets of eastern philosophy and what are the Rules of Dharma? Read more »


Binaural Beats Tested

In a 3-point study we will see how effective binaural beat entrainment technology is for creating powerful simulated moods and experiences, improving sleep, enhancing sexual experiences, awaking kundalini, chakra alignment, enhanced meditation and so much more. The results as astounding. Read more »


Aura Purification Tutorial

Our auras interact constantly with external energies. It’s not uncommon for us to take on some of the good or bad vibrations of other people. Someone negative or hostile might put you in an adverse mood. You’ve probably taken on some of their bad radiance. Let’s learn to purify your aura. Read more »

What Happens When You DIE?

What Happens When You DIE

Only the DEAD know what happens when you DIE. Since they are no longer here, it is up to the living to search for answers. We explore the deep dark secrets of the great beyond, try to answer some often-unasked questions, and discover how you can explore death through meditative simulation. Read more »

History of Binaural Brain Beats

Binaural Brain Beat History

Let us learn about binaural beats: sound tech used by millions to hack their brain and create sophisticated audio AI environments for meditation, lucidity, and so much more! The history is Brain Hacking is an exciting one, so put on your seat belt and let’s explore this amazing tech… Read more »

Music for Love Health

Music for Love Health

Let’s talk brain love health and the amazing tech that could help warm the lonely, enhance a relationship, spice up romance, or simulate erotic experiences. Ready? Read more »


Making Binaural Beats

Amateur YouTube and poorly produced binaurals abound in a digital world. They have soured many’s opinion of the science. This is how professionals make the world’s most powerful doses… Read more »