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Posts from the ‘Skeptics’ Category

What Happens When You DIE?

What Happens When You DIE

Only the DEAD know what happens when you DIE. Since they are no longer here, it is up to the living to search for answers. We explore the deep dark secrets of the great beyond, try to answer some often-unasked questions, and discover how you can explore death through meditative simulation. Read more »

History of Binaural Brain Beats

Binaural Brain Beat History

Let us learn about binaural beats: sound tech used by millions to hack their brain and create sophisticated audio AI environments for meditation, lucidity, and so much more! The history is Brain Hacking is an exciting one, so put on your seat belt and let’s explore this amazing tech… Read more »

Music for Love Health

Music for Love Health

Let’s talk brain love health and the amazing tech that could help warm the lonely, enhance a relationship, spice up romance, or simulate erotic experiences. Ready? Read more »


Making Binaural Beats

Amateur YouTube and poorly produced binaurals abound in a digital world. They have soured many’s opinion of the science. This is how professionals make the world’s most powerful doses… Read more »

Beware: Fake Binaurals

Beware of FAKE Binaurals

We have been evaluating the binaural brainwave beat scene for over a decade. There is a very disturbing trend in fake and amateur binaural brainwave products. We are here to inform… Read more »


New Platinum Collection

People! The world of meditation, yoga, hypnotism, and binaurals has been rocked in such a way that the whole industry is abuzz. A new 2015 Platinum group of ultra-doses are here! Let’s explore… Read more »


Simulating Recreation

Some would call it the dark side of brainwave dosing: The simulation of recreational substances, and general exploration into noir subjects. Is it? Or, can it be part of a healthy lifestyle? Read more »


Based on True Events

2 Million people and counting have tried I-Doser Digital Doses, but what does it feel like? We take an inside look on how it really feel to take a hard-hitting binaural dose. Let’s begin…

Read more »


Dare to be Scared

When I-Doser came out you started hearing people say binaural dosing was “intense” or “scary” or “powerful” – and you ARE taking deep dives into your mind, so let’s begin our journey… Read more »


Future of Digital Dosing

One of the true innovators in Binaural Brainwave Technology takes times to explain the importance of simulated experiences. What is a simulated experience, and how do you digitally  dose? Read more »