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Binaural Beats Changed My Life

Binaural Beats Changed My Life

Monks and Yogis can induce brainwave states for transcendence and cognitive enhancement. I will teach you how to use binaural beats. Furthermore, I’ll show you how to download binaural beats free. This is how binaural beats changed my life, and how they can change yours… Read more

Pet Mindfulness and Animal Therapy

Pet Mindfulness Therapy

How often do you meditate with your pet? Animals are drawn to natural energy. Pet mindfulness is a practice you may unknowingly participate in. Most noteworthy, Animal therapy promotes natural pet stress relief. It is extremely beneficial to both you and your animal friend. Read more

The Social Media Drug

The Social Media Drug

The average American spends 4 hours a day on their smartphone. Furthermore, 81% now own a connected device. Let’s discuss “The Social Media Drug” and social media addiction. Is social media addition a big issue? What are the causes of social media addition? How do you cure social media addiction? Read more

Binaural Beat Benefits

Binaural Beats Benefits

First of all, if you are into mindfulness then you must capitalize on binaural beat benefits. Furthermore, if you are just beginning your journey to a mindful lifestyle, ASMR binaural audio is very beneficial. From better sleep, lucid dreaming, to experiencing a binaural beats orgasm… It is ALL possible. Read more »

Ground Yourself Spiritually

Ground Yourself Spiritually

Are you struggling with anxiety? Firstly, clearing your energy helps to calm emotions and strengthen instincts. Use these easy grounding exercises to become emotionally and physically centered. Above all, learn to ground yourself spiritually to start reducing stress and anxiety today! Read more »

Activate Consciousness

Activate Consciousness

We’re all trying to activate consciousness in order to reach the miracle place within. This is where you’re at your greatest potential. Let’s use powerful vibration therapy to tap into your own inner abundance. This trending wellness technique might just change your perception of reality. Read more »

Art Of Manifesting to Get What You Want

Art of Manifesting

The Art of Manifesting will allow you to call anything you desire into your life. This is not miracles, magic, or dreams. This is a scientific approach to using the Law of Vibration to get what you want. You can achieve amazing results using this very simple method: The Art of Manifesting. Read more »

Scared During Meditation

Fear-Based Meditation

Do you get scared during meditation? Are you afraid of mindfulness? Do you get stress, anxiety, or a sense of dread during meditation or yoga? Are you trying to use meditation to repress these negative feelings? Let’s learn to embrace fear, that powerful force, and use it for positive change. Read more »

Common Dreams by State

Common Nightmares by State

Nightmares are vividly realistic, disturbing dreams that rattle you awake from a deep sleep. They often set your heart pounding from fear.  Examining common dreams by state you must check the most common nightmares as well. What are the most common nightmares by state? Read more »

Lucid Dream Sex

Erotic Sleep Dreams

What is the number ONE reason to have a lucid dream? Lucid dream sex. This gives you the nightly ability the ability to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Let’s explore sexual lucidity. We will discuss how to be with your dream partner via erotic sleep dreams. Read more »