Top 10 Regrets People Have and How to Avoid Them

Regret is might be out of your control. Today we explore regrets people have and dealing with regret. The top 10 regrets? Learn how to avoid regrettably and avoid the common regrets people make.

What is Regret?

Regrets People Make

Have you made one or more of the top 10 regrets people make? For example, have you ever said or done something you felt remorse for? There are many regrets, and we all have regrets. It is a byproduct of life. But how do you avoid regrettably? Moreover, what are the most effective solutions to dealing with regret if you can’t avoid it? Regret is a self-focused emotion (re: self-blame) about something we have done or didn’t do. We did something we felt terrible about or didn’t act when we should have. Having regret can be self-disagreement, guilt, and anger. In addition, it can bring depression, remorse, and sadness. Some people have regrets they live with their entire life. But is regret avoidable? Can regret be healed?

Opposite of Regret

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To fully understand the regrets people make, we should have a grasp on the opposite of regret. In the same way that regret is a self-based negative emotion, the opposite of regret is also self-focused – albeit a positive reaction. Meanwhile, you learn to avoid regrettably by having these beautiful moments of positive self-focus because you did something satisfactory. Every decision we make in life, be it one we regret or not, paves our path to our future self. For instance, maybe you have one or more of the top 10 regrets, but they are just stepping stones to a better self. But, of course, understating how to deal with regret when it hits is ideal, and we will get to that. After all, regret isn’t always a bad thing.

​Opportunity vs. Regret

Let’s paint a scenario where you quit your job because you are unsatisfied. Maybe this isn’t in our top 10 regrets, but it is one of the regrets people make. Consequently, you instantly feel a deep wave of despair and guilt. Maybe you should have waited until you found another job? You regret leaving your job. However, this regret is short-lived. In less than a week, you find your dream job. Most importantly, the more opportunities life gives us, the more potential for short or long-term regret. Are we supposed to not take opportunity out of fear of shame? There are certainly many types of regret. For example, some regret is unavoidable. What about regret we can avoid? Let’s learn how to avoid regrettably. If we can’t avoid it, we will discuss dealing with regret.

Can You Avoid Regret?

How To Avoid Regrettably

The life we live gets more frantic by the day. For instance, how we connect socially and professionally is limitless. The more options life presents us, the more potential for regret. It is our opportunity vs. regret scenario. So, how do we avoid regrettably in the modern world? Is there a streamlined method for dealing with regret if we can’t avoid it? In addition, we all certainly want to prevent the top 10 regrets (listed shortly), but let’s also try to avoid the common regrets people make. Life is all about good decisions and taking action. What do we mean? You might end up with less regret if you avoid the world around you, but it is the best possible life for yourself? Maybe not.

Inaction Has Impact

Is it a solution to avoid the regrets people make but live a limited life? For example, less opportunity should equal less potential for regret but is it a way to live. Maybe you won’t land on the top 10 regrets list. Perhaps you will regret less because you present yourself with less opportunity, but what kind of life is that? There is some acceptable risk in regret. Moreover, we all certainly make mistakes. No action could have a negative or positive impact and lead to regret. We will learn how to avoid regrettably, but seclusion and inaction are not one. Live life to the fullest. You will be dealing with some regret, but such is our journey. There is a certain acceptable risk in life itself.

Good Decision Making

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Most of the regrets people make come from bad decisions. That makes sense, right? So, learn how to avoid regrettably through self-improvement. The better the person we are, the fewer bad decisions we will make. Avoid many of the top 10 regrets people make through simple life experiences. But, of course, it is easy to say that through life experience, we learn how to avoid regrettably. Meanwhile, you can’t manifest life experience, so what other options do we have in dealing with regret? As a mindfulness blog, we recommend you consider meditation, new tech like audio induction and apps, and general well-being as an initial step to a better self. Regrets will happen regardless. So, let’s understand some of the common regrets people make and see that top 10 regrets list.

Regrets People Make

Top 10 Regrets

We will shortly list the common regrets people make and the top 10 regrets. However, we feel it is only appropriate to cover some methods for dealing with regret after this. Remember, even if we are our perfect selves, if we do our best to avoid regrettably, regrets do and will happen. Above all, we are people who must process negative and positive emotions at a fast rate. The best of us makes mistakes. Try to think optimistic about regret: it is a significant life experience and a learning moment. So, what are some common regrets, and what are the top 10 regrets that people have. However, did we miss any? Post yours in the comments if you want to share your story! How did you deal with your regrets?

Common Regrets

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Before we list the top 10 regrets, let’s cover some common regrets people make. Remember, if you are dealing with regret because of any of these, it will certainly get better!

  1. Do more for others and don’t regret inaction.
  2. Nurture good relationships and friendships. Even more, many regret not doing so.
  3. Related, end abusive relationships sooner than later.
  4. Those in relationships often regret letting passion die.
  5. Don’t hold on to grudges. Most importantly, forgiveness heals regret.
  6. Prioritize your health and happiness.
  7. Take more risks in life. Many regret not doing so.
  8. Take care of yourself. Don’t regret “letting yourself go.”
  9. Do more for the ones you care about. It is a major regret.
  10. Do things you find meaningful. Some certainly regret not finding meaning.

Top 10 Regrets

These are the top 10 regrets people have. These are the world’s most common regrets people have.

  1. Some regret never making amends.
  2. Life is short. Above all, don’t regret sweating the small stuff.
  3. Many of us regret not accomplishing our set goals.
  4. A top regret is words left unsaid. “I’m sorry.” “I love you.” Etc.
  5. Don’t regret working too much. Many certainly have this on their list.
  6. Stop caring what others think! It is a widespread regret.
  7. Have a passion? Don’t regret not following it.
  8. Take time to laugh. Further, many regret taking life too seriously.
  9. Follow your intuition. Not listening to it is a major regret.
  10. Spend more time with family and friends. You will regret time unspent.

Dealing with Regret

Dealing With Regret

Even if we follow every how to avoid regrettably method we can find, regret still happens. Even more, as we learned from our top 10 regrets and common regrets list, some regret is just unavoidable. People make numerous regrets, so what are some steps in dealing with regret when it happens? There are many common characteristics of regret. For example, regret focuses on the past, action, or inaction. It is a negative emotion that is adverse to us. Although, some professionals believe that it can have a positive impact if viewed as a learning and healing experience. Regret often leads to upward comparisons, and it typically involves self-blame. We can either let go of regret or certainly live with regret. What path will you choose?

Letting Go of Regret

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Whether your regrets land on the top 10 regrets list or are one of the common regrets people make – it can get better. Dealing with regret can be a learning, healing, and forgiving experience. Stay positive. Even the best of us don’t know how to avoid regrettable entirely. First, forgive yourself. Because regret involves guilt and self-recrimination, so you need to start with forgiving yourself. Second, make amends and apologize. Even more, not only do you need to forgive yourself, but you need to make amends to those you may have hurt. Words are powerful, and simple conversion can heal a lot. It might be one of the headrest things you must do, but consider the healing aspect of forgiveness and apology.

Living With Regret

People make many regrets and decide to live with them – sometimes for life. Dealing with regret, for many, means living with it. However, be it one of the top 10 regrets or common regrets people make, dealing with regret doesn’t have to mean living with it. Regrets can come from nearly everywhere. A poll in 2008 stated the most common regret triggers are education, career, romance, parenting, self, leisure, finance, family, health, friends, spirituality, and community. That is nearly everywhere! Take action, seek forgiveness, say you are sorry and live your best life. You will live a fuller life though loving communication. You certainly don’t have to live a life of regret. You will have regrets, but maybe with some knowledge, you can minimize the impact.

Top 10 Regrets

Regret might be out of your control. Today we explored regrets people make and dealing with regret. We learned how to avoid regrettably and avoid the common regrets people make.


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  1. I regret the haircut I got last week. Does that count? I look like Justin Bieber when he was 10.

  2. As someone who is the late stages of life let me say that you will accumulate regret. The best thing in this article is to learn to apologize. I lived with a regret for over 20 years. Sat down and apologized one day and the healing for both of us was instantaneous.

  3. john cantu says:

    Don’t regret not saying I love you when you have the chance.

  4. Good article and comments, but some regrets can’t be apologized for, and some mistakes so bad you will be living with them.

  5. Thank you for this. It was a very pure article and emotional for me.

  6. Dealing with regret. One word: marijuana.

  7. Linda Kolbare says:

    We all gain regret as we move through life. Thank you for such an uplifting article on the topic. Needed it.

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