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Posts from the ‘Mindfulness’ Category

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide - Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness Effective Holiday Stress Solutions

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

For our mindful holiday survival guide, we teach you effective solutions for surviving holidays with mindfulness. Learn effective holiday stress solutions and the technology available to take meditation and holidays to the next level. Read more

What Does Namaste Mean Learn the Namaste Greeting

What Does Namaste Mean?

Namaste! You may have heard this term before. Did you know you were saying and using it wrong? What does namaste mean? Today we will learn the namaste greeting, uncover the origin, and discover it’s meaning. Where did namaste originate? Let’s find out. Read more

Psychedelics for Mindfulness LSD Meditation Microdosing

Psychedelics for Mindfulness

LSD meditation microdosing is popular. Psychedelics for mindfulness is a fascinating topic. LSD and transcendental meditation are a powerful singular experience. What about combined? How does meditation while microdosing feel? Let’s explore psychedelic meditation:  LSD vs Meditation! Read more »

One Minute Meditation World’s Fastest Meditation How To Meditate Faster

One Minute Mindful Meditation

Setting aside time for meditation is a struggle for many of us. Acquire the secret knowledge of the world’s fastest meditation techniques, including the famous one minute mindful meditation. Learn how to meditate faster.

Read more »

Message For The Mindful

Message for the Mindful

This is a message for the mindful. We live in a chaotic world full of stress, fear, and anxiety. It’s time for a meditation about change. Mindfulness about life starts with your choice to make personal change. Today we celebrate life, love, and progress. This is a message for the mindful… Read more »

Pet Mindfulness and Animal Therapy

Pet Mindfulness Therapy

How often do you meditate with your pet? Animals are drawn to natural energy. Pet mindfulness is a practice you may unknowingly participate in. Most noteworthy, Animal therapy promotes natural pet stress relief. It is extremely beneficial to both you and your animal friend. Read more »

Beware: Fake Binaurals

Beware of FAKE Binaurals

We have been evaluating the binaural brainwave beat scene for over a decade. There is a very disturbing trend in fake and amateur binaural brainwave products. We are here to inform… Read more »


Mindfulness MP3+CD Packs

Leave it to to craft some of the most intense MP3 and CD Packs of Digital Doses to simulate some truly crazy experiences like… Read more »

I-Doser: Binaural Brainwave Doses

New to Dosing? No Results?

This post is dedicated to the skeptics, the disbelievers, those who half-assed tried and got no results – Binaural Brainwave Simulations are now a mainstream reality with, If you’ve tried, you probably did it wrong. If you haven’t, you should… Read more »


Quality Headphones Required

When asked why simulations don’t work, it is instinct for me to inquire about headphones. Most of the time the answer is “I don’t use them” or “my white iPod ear-buds.” In the case of no headphones, you aren’t doing it correctly. As for those Apple stock ear-buds? Don’t expect results. I’m going to speak about the importance of quality earphones, listen up… Read more »