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Mindful Holiday Survival Guide - Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness Effective Holiday Stress Solutions

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

For our mindful holiday survival guide, we teach you effective solutions for surviving holidays with mindfulness. Learn effective holiday stress solutions and the technology available to take meditation and holidays to the next level. Read more »

Microdosing For Meditation and the Truth About Microdosing

Microdosing For Meditation

Microdosing for meditation is very popular. Let’s explore the truth about microdosing. What are the benefits of microdosing?  We learn how to microdose, explore usage, and reveal the truth. Our extensive coverage of microdosing begins now. Read more »

Simulate Alcohol Effects Binaural Beats and Alcohol Dangers of Alcohol Abuse Alcohol and Anxiety

Simulate Alcohol Effects

The dangers of alcohol abuse are many. Even more, alcohol and anxiety are related.  It’s now possible to simulate alcohol effects. Let’s explore binaural beats and alcohol. There’s a better way to achieve effects. Are you ready to feel the effects? Read more »

How To Simulate Marijuana High with binaural beats drugs and isochronic beats drugs

How To Simulate Marijuana High

It is now possible to simulate a marijuana high using binaural beat drugs. Ever want to experience marijuana without consumption? How do binaural beat drugs work? How do binaural drugs feel? Are isochronic beats effective? How can you simulate marijuana high for free? Read more »

Benefits Of A Tolerance Break

Benefits of a Tolerance Break

This marijuana tolerance break guide will cover the benefits of a tolerance break. Do you have a high tolerance to marijuana? A tolerance break helps you get back those long-lasting and potent effects. A tolerance break timeline is efficient, with recovery in weeks. Here’s how…. Read more »

CBD Meditation

CBD Marijuana Meditation

Cannabidiol is one of the most extraordinary amalgams in the world. Cannabis plants produce hundreds of compounds with 60 of them specific to cannabis. Scientists call these compounds “cannabinoids,” and they can have a positive influence on your mindfulness meditation routine. How? Let’s explore. Read more »

How Gamers Meditate

How Gamers Meditate

Are you a Pro Gamer, Twitch Streamer, Social Gamer, or Casual Player? Practicing is often not enough for gamers who compete in gaming competitions with the sole purpose of destroying their competition. How are gamers combining mindfulness and gaming for substantial advantages against their opponents? Read more »

Meditate With Marijuana

Meditate With Marijuana

The combination might seem obvious: the calm contemplative nature of marijuana and the deep introspection of mindfulness meditation… But, how can you maximize the results of BOTH? Even if you don’t consume cannabis, there are methods to harness the power of a simulated THC meditation. Read more »


Simulating Recreation

Some would call it the dark side of brainwave dosing: The simulation of recreational substances, and general exploration into noir subjects. Is it? Or, can it be part of a healthy lifestyle? Read more »


Dare to be Scared

When I-Doser came out you started hearing people say binaural dosing was “intense” or “scary” or “powerful” – and you ARE taking deep dives into your mind, so let’s begin our journey… Read more »