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Mindfulness Guide to Masturbating Self Masturbation Mindful Tutorial

Mindfulness Guide to Masturbating

In our mindfulness masturbating guide, we cover the process of mindful self masturbation. Learn a self masturbation meditation that will bring your orgasms to the next level. To masturbate mindfully is a more profound, more powerful, and more intense experience. Read more »


Mindful Reality Test

How mindful are you? Today we learn your mindfulness definition by taking a simple mindful reality test. The results might shock you, but don’t worry! After your mindful reality test, learn mindfulness exercises personal to your mindfulness alignment. Read more »

How To Keep A Resolution

How To Keep a Resolution

Do you find it challenging to fulfill a resolution? How long does your resolution last before you break it? Learn to set resolution expectations and make a resolution stick. How to keep a resolution using modern mindfulness techniques. Read more »