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January 13, 2020


Mindful Reality Test

How mindful are you? Today we learn your mindfulness definition by taking a simple mindful reality test. The results might shock you, but don’t worry! After your mindful reality test, learn mindfulness exercises personal to your mindfulness alignment.

Mindful Reality Test

First of all, A mindful reality test is a straightforward visual and cognitive test designed to determine your mindfulness reality. Furthermore, before you take the mindful reality test, we need to define your mindfulness definition. Consequently, the test quickly determines your mindfulness alignment, but if you have no personal starting definition, the results will be less useful. Once you take the test, we can recommend some mindfulness exercises to help you be more mindful. We live in a time when mindfulness technology is helping us all be better versions of ourselves. Let’s explore the definition, lifestyle, technology, and path of someone who is genuinely mindful. Even if you believe you are living as your best conscious self, the mindful reality test might open your eyes even more.

Mindful Definition

Before you take the mindful reality test, we similarly have to discuss your personal mindfulness definition. Therefore, being mindful simply means sustaining a constant awareness of our thoughts, body (physical and mental), surroundings, feelings, vibrations, and more. It is an all-encompassing awareness of everything. Sound daunting? It isn’t. Being in your mindfulness alignment means you are not judging. First of all, mindfulness is nurturing, cultivation of knowledge, and a soft fostering of what surrounds you. Also, mindfulness and meditation (and, more recently, high-technology like binaural beats) compliment perfectly. Mindfulness has Buddhist roots but has become very popular in American mainstream due to technology companies like bringing mindful to the forefront. Hence, these days it is easier than ever to perform powerful mindfulness exercises through apps, software, and more.

Activate Consciousness

Mindful Test Online

Even more, it might sound like the mindfulness definition is vague. It certainly is a state-of-mind that you need to define. Even more, many will work their way to being genuinely mindful through the use of mindfulness exercises or high-tech meditation methods like induction apps. Likewise, some will turn to meditation or other practices. Your mindfulness alignment is yours for a reason. There are incredible resources for amazing free tutorials, but ultimately the path is your own.

It is now time to take your mindful reality test to find your mindfulness alignment.

First of all, look at the image below and write the first THREE (3) words your see in the comments at the end of the article. Finally, what three words appear first to you? It reveals your mindfulness alignment.

Take YOUR Mindful Reality Test

Got your 3 words? Enter them in the comments below? What does this mean?

Your Mindfulness Alignment

Above all, the mindful reality test gives you a quick idea of your mindful allures. Even more, the mindfulness definition is yours alone. Hence, using the mindful reality test is a good starting point to see where your thoughts align. Maybe you are disappointed at your first three, and you can alter your mindfulness alignment path. Consequently, maybe your mind is landing where you expected. In contrast, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate powerful mindfulness exercises into your daily routine. Just as we work out our body, our mind, and must also our perception and beyond. Remember, everything flows. You are bombarded with both positive and negative vibrations consistently and always. Being mindful, and practicing mindfulness, will help you better process these vibrations. Quickly move past the bad, hold on to and cherish the good.

Mindfulness Exercises

Like the mindful reality test, there are other great mindfulness exercises too. Above all, now that you have your own personal mindfulness definition, your mindfulness alignment is up to you. First of all, be conscious of breathing because there is a good chance you are breathing wrong. Certainly, you can check that here. Even more, very simple is the concept of mindful observation. Do this observation anywhere, anytime. Randomly pick an object near you (nature works excellent) and observe this object for 30 seconds. Even more, a great idea of the concept of mindful triggers. First of all, pick something that you do every day like maybe a shower, have a cup of coffee, etc. Finally, make this your mindful trigger and, every time it happens, take a mindful minute to reflect. Want more automation? Mindfulness technology can help.

Mindfulness Radio Station

Mindfulness Technology

The mindful reality test is rather old-school. Ready to refine your personal mindfulness definition? Above all, your mindfulness alignment is ultimately your own path. Furthermore, with amazing mindful technology like apps, software, tutorials, music and more, mindfulness exercises are easier to grasp. Above all, if you haven’t heard of amazing technology like audio induction and binaural beats, check it out. Most noteworthy, binaural beats, and other forms of induction, have become the new form of meditation. Above all, this technology actively alters brainwaves. Hence, you achieve a mind-state that once took an hour of meditation in less than ten minutes. Truly amazing.

Mindful Reality Test and Your Mindfulness Alignment

No matter if you like your mindfulness old-school or high-tech, an excellent provider of alignment tools has become essential.


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