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Posts from the ‘Consciousness’ Category

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide - Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness Effective Holiday Stress Solutions

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

For our mindful holiday survival guide, we teach you effective solutions for surviving holidays with mindfulness. Learn effective holiday stress solutions and the technology available to take meditation and holidays to the next level. Read more

Flotation Therapy Solutions

Flotation Therapy Solutions

Sensory deprivation for anxiety is a valid mindful solution for stress and depression. Learn about isolation tanks and flotation therapy solutions. Float tank benefits are many, including improved creativity. Experience deep relaxation and powerful meditative states. Read more »

Empathy vs Sympathy Am I An Empath? Empath Survival Guide

Empathy vs Sympathy

Am I an Empath? Empathy is the capacity to comprehend or sense what another person is experiencing. Learn Empathy vs Sympathy, The Signs of an Empath, and take an Empath Quick. This Empath Survival Guide is for all Empaths. Read more »


Aura Color Meanings

Our aura is an essential part of who we are. Therefore, it is beneficial to know aura color meanings. Knowing cosmic vibration colors is essential to self-spiritual evaluation. Use this free aura test to check the color of your aura. Read more »

Extended Intelligence

Extended Intelligence

Let’s design a framework for extended intelligence. We will begin with the science of cognitive skills. Then we use the critical task of Artificial Intelligence to effectively replace human response.  This is our framework for extended intelligence… Read more »

Learn Chakra Balencing

Learn Chakra Balancing

Learn chakra balancing to restore a harmonious flow of energy to your spiritual system. As you easily activate chakra you will experience a feeling of well-being, relaxation, and oneness. We will help you understand chakra colors and learn chakra balancing to easily activate chakra. Read more »

Activate Consciousness

Activate Consciousness

We’re all trying to activate consciousness in order to reach the miracle place within. This is where you’re at your greatest potential. Let’s use powerful vibration therapy to tap into your own inner abundance. This trending wellness technique might just change your perception of reality. Read more »

Art Of Manifesting to Get What You Want

Art of Manifesting

The Art of Manifesting will allow you to call anything you desire into your life. This is not miracles, magic, or dreams. This is a scientific approach to using the Law of Vibration to get what you want. You can achieve amazing results using this very simple method: The Art of Manifesting. Read more »

How To Be An Alpha Person

How To Be An Alpha Person

How to be an alpha person. Want to have an alpha brain? There’s a common misconception people have when it comes to becoming an alpha male, or a true alpha female. Often people think that to be an alpha they have to be physically domineering. This is untrue. What does it really mean to be alpha? Read more »

Rules Of Dharma

Rules of Dharma

Karma is widely embraced by western culture as the idea that your intent and actions influence your future. The missing half of Karma is Dharma, and you seldom hear it mentioned. What’s the difference between these two important facets of eastern philosophy and what are the Rules of Dharma? Read more »