How To Keep a Resolution

How To Keep A Resolution

Do you find it challenging to fulfill a resolution? How long does your resolution last before you break it? Learn to set resolution expectations and make a resolution stick. How to keep a resolution using modern mindfulness techniques.

How To Keep a Resolution

First of all, a resolution is a promise to yourself. Furthermore, keeping this promise is often so complicated that we either don’t make a resolution or break it with no remorse. Finally, today, and starting now, we completely change that mindset. Likewise, we break down the definition, meaning, and real depth of a resolution. After we deconstruct, we set resolution expectations. Similarly, to completely fulfill a resolution, you must understand your goals, desires, and inner self. For anyone who has made and then broke a decision: it is not easy to make a resolution stick. Today, you learn to make a resolution stick. Not for a day, not for a week, but forever. Above all, are you ready to make your resolutions will definitively take, for good? Ready for the secret to making, keeping, and being successful at resolutions?

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Resolution Definition

We resolve on the daily. Therefore, everything in life comes to a natural and final resolution. Rather, today we speak of the type of promise you make to yourself. Furthermore, we learn how to keep a resolution. First of all, the concept of a resolution happens most often around the New Year. It is prevalent all over the world for people to resolve as part of a New Year tradition. Consequently, how many carry through to fulfill a resolution? For many, it seems, the culture is to declare a resolution as opposed to keeping it. Above all, it is difficult to make a resolution stick. Most noteworthy, a resolution is a promise to oneself to change an undesired characteristic or behavior. You might be looking to accomplish something, or improve something, to better your life.

How To Keep a Resolution Set Resolution Expectations Fulfill a Resolution Make a Resolution Stick

Resolution Meaning

Yes, we have already covered the definition of a resolution. Therefore, as you learn how to keep a resolution, you must define what a resolution means to you. Hence, what it means to you is different than the dictionary definition of a resolution. Likewise, before you set resolution expectations, you must be honest with yourself. Maybe, take some time and meditate on it. First of all, we recommend some excellent binaural induction audio to get those neurons firing. Ask yourself: How do I want to fulfill a resolution? Above all, to make a resolution stick, you need to set grounded expectations and a goal you can accomplish. Hence, the first secret to a resolution is not to make a promise you can’t keep. The temptation, especially in the New Year, is to set some grand sweeping resolution that is entirely unattainable. Set expectations.

Set Resolution Expectations

First of all, setting a successful resolution is a tight rope to walk. Furthermore, you don’t want to be so vague the resolution loses meaning. For instance, maybe you resolve to be healthier. To fulfill a resolution, you must set resolution expectations. “Being healthier” is so unclear that any minor change you make to your lifestyle could be considered healthier, thus fulfilling your resolution. Hence, to make a resolution stick, you also don’t want to be imposing. “I am going to the gym every day this month.” Is that attainable? Likewise, have you ever been to the gym for 30 days? “I am going to the gym three days a week,” is a better starting resolution. Take a deep breath. Above all, set one attainable resolution. Why? Because decisions don’t need to be once a year. Once you complete your declaration, make a new one!

Resolution Example

To resolve, you must contemplate your promise. First of all, you understand the need to set resolution expectations. Even more, where to start? Consequently, you can’t learn how to keep a resolution if you don’t know what decision is best suited for you. Hence, to successfully fulfill a resolution, it needs to be a choice you make and understand. After all, this is a promise to yourself. While we can’t recommend specific decisions, we can guide you. Above all, consider changing a bad habit. We all have them. Likewise, set a goal that inspires you. Maybe it is a creative, work, school, or family goal? Finally, if you want to set a financial goal, focus heavily on expectations. It might be more manageable if you break a lofty financial goal into smaller, manageable goals.

How To Keep a Resolution Set Resolution Expectations Fulfill a Resolution Make a Resolution Stick

Resolution Refinement

After you set resolution expectations, you should refine your resolution. Consequently, to fulfill a resolution you must place an attainable and manageable promise that you will keep. Hence, to make a resolution stick, you should take that resolution and guarantee that it is possible before you make that final promise to yourself. First of all, if the goal is impossible, ditch it. Even more, if it is too large a task, break it into smaller resolutions and work on one at a time. Likewise, why make just one resolution a year when you can fill an entire year with successful resolutions? This attitude is how you keep a resolution. Put on some good mind-enhanced music, think upon your potential decisions, and refine your choice until you are sure you have picked an attainable resolution.

Fulfill a Resolution

Finally, the time has come when you must fulfill a resolution. How? By now, we have already set resolution expectations. Likewise, you have filed away any that are not obtainable and refined those that you complete in smaller resolutions. Hence, you will make a resolution stick because you have prepared for it. Even more, you are sure of it. Therefore, now you have to do it. We are not saying it will be easy to fulfill your resolution. Rather, a proper resolution takes work. If it gets tough, or you feel like quitting, there are incredible technologies that can help with these negative thoughts. Binaural beat software and apps, and fantastic mindfulness tutorials can help you achieve your resolution and more. Still need a guarantee of success?

Resolution Success

First of all, resolution success means you have completed your resolution. Hence, you set resolution expectations to fulfill a resolution to make a resolution stick. This mindset is, essentially, how to keep a resolution. Even more, there are some supplemental steps to help you succeed. Above all, don’t end at one resolution. Likewise, as you complete a declaration, make another. Even more, up the difficulty of your resolutions. Gamifying your ability to make positive changes can be extremely powerful. Finally, you can practice mindfulness. Meditation, chakra, kundalini, and other practices proved to improve the quality of life on many levels. Even more, with technology innovators like, it is effortless (and free) to get started on a mindful mindset path. What do we mean, exactly? It means that even after defining a resolution, you should maintain a resolution mindset.

How To Keep a Resolution Set Resolution Expectations Fulfill a Resolution Make a Resolution Stick

Resolution Mindset

To best fulfill a resolution, you should maintain a resolution mindset. Hence, as you learn how to keep a resolution, don’t stop being mindful when the job is complete. Even more, you have gone through the trouble to set resolution expectations to make a resolution stick. Finally, don’t let it end as soon as you fulfill a resolution. In contrast, be mindful of ways to improve yourself. Even more, take meditation breaks to contemplate you, your friends, your family, and everything that surrounds you. Continue to make small but positive changes in a continuous resolution cycle. Above all, a resolution mindset is all day, every day. As you continue this practice, you will eventually get to a point where you are in a joyous improvement cycle.

Make a Resolution Stick  

Finally, just because you have completed a resolution doesn’t mean it’s over. Rather, decisions can revert, often when you don’t expect it. Even more, to make a resolution stick, you must be vigilant and mindful. Learn how to keep a resolution, and you similarly learn to aware of your path. Even more, the second you forget to set resolution expectations is when a decision will fail. Hence, to fulfill a resolution, you should be mindful daily. Even more, one of the best ways to continue with your success is to have specific meditation sessions where you reflect on your decision. Finally, the process doesn’t have to be complicated. New technology allows you to have powerful mindful sessions in as little as ten minutes. How? Let’s discuss the resolution meditation. Hence, you don’t need to be a master yogi, and anybody can do it.

Resolution Meditation

Just by following our steps to fulfill a resolution, you have already engaged in resolution meditation. Even more, learning how to keep a resolution has you thinking, contemplating, and refining your personal promises. Hence, you are already doing a resolution meditation. Even more, you have been mindful of your decisions to set resolution expectations. Finally, to make a resolution stick, you have been vigilant and dedicated to success. Resolution meditation is part of your life already. Likewise, maybe you have integrated powerful mindfulness technology for continued advancement. Perhaps you have explored the powerful apps and software available for a mindful lifestyle. All that is left if for you to maintain your resolution as you move forward. Above all, a resolution needs maintenance. Once you have moved on from a decision, you should still check in on occasion. Never should you completely abandon a resolution ever after resolve. Why?

How To Keep a Resolution Set Resolution Expectations Fulfill a Resolution Make a Resolution Stick

Resolution Maintenance

The only real way to make a resolution stick is to perform occasional resolution maintenance. Hence, once you fulfill a resolution, your job continues. Likewise, you set resolution expectations to be successful, but you should never completely take your mind’s eye off that resolution. Above all, the world’s most successful people learn how to keep a resolution by performing resolution maintenance to guarantee they never have to repeat-complete a resolution. First of all, the process isn’t complicated. Some keep a resolution journal, or note-taking apps to keep a list. Likewise, many reflect on decisions as they use their integrated induction mindful technology of choice. Resolution maintenance isn’t difficult. Most noteworthy, you have already done the hard part. Just check in on those resolutions on occasion to verify everything is still in check.

How To Keep A Resolution

You now have what it takes to fulfill a resolution. No longer will you break resolutions in the first week or month, or ever. Your knowledge to set resolution expectations and make a resolution stick are a powerful new toolset for you. Finally, you have learned about some fantastic mindfulness technology that can help with your success.


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6 Replies to “How To Keep a Resolution”

  1. Jim Bugle says:

    How about this for a resolution: DON’T MAKE ONE! You don’t need a resolution if you get in a mindfulness vibe for consistent improvement.

  2. S. McNabb says:

    I am one of those fools that makes some big sweeping resolution every year like go to the gym and then break it within the first week. Any advice?

  3. first born says:

    This was great. We should all take a more practical approach to this kind of thing. I don’t make resolutions and never have. I do understand the allure though with the whole New Year, New You.

  4. This year I’m going to comment on blogs less. Oops.

  5. Peter Gottsch says:

    Very good idea to balance our any promises you make with yourself. Meditation is a good start and with technology it is so much easier than it used to be. Anybody remember those meditation tapes back in the day?

  6. I am the type to make a resolution and give up on it 2 days into the new year. This year was no different. I wish I read this sooner but I might give it another try using some of these methods.

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