Fear-Based Meditation

Scared During Meditation

Do you get scared during meditation? Are you afraid of mindfulness? Do you get stress, anxiety, or a sense of dread during meditation or yoga? Are you trying to use meditation to repress these negative feelings? Let’s learn to embrace fear, that powerful force, and use it for positive change.

Fear-Based Meditation

We all experience fear, and we have an intrinsic desire to overcome it. Fear is also relative, and we all experience fear of varying levels. Maybe you fear a big test, or a work performance report. Maybe you fear the future, or the past. Or, your worries go deeper. You fear death, afterlife, or more universal uncertainties. What happens when you die? Maybe you have extreme nightmares. Let’s explore the idea of using fear-based meditation over repression to face these fears.

Our subconscious is capable of unleashing deep-rooted fear. Sometimes these feelings of dread can be incredibly complex. Sometimes you understand the origin of the negativity. Other times you have no idea where these dreadful thoughts originate. Here lies the core of this fear: lack of control. Have you ever been scared during any type of meditation? This is not uncommon. Being scared during meditation just means you are being prompted to face your worries head-on.

You should, however, never be afraid of mindfulness. As we mature, we compile a stock of experiences that embed themselves as impressions in our minds. Some of these impressions turn into fears and phobias, such as the fear of insects or darkness. Others are more positive experiences of love, family, or friends – things we can use as positive focus. Meditation eliminates past imprints and allows for the experience of independence from within. When we meditate, we melt away past traumas and stress, aligning ourselves with the present moment. But, fear is powerful. This can make us afraid of mindfulness. Origins of fear are sometimes unknown.

Nightmares By State

Learning Control

You often have little or no control during bouts with dread. Sometimes, they are so powerful that a regular mindfulness session turns into a fear-based meditation in an instant. Even mentally stable, good-to-do, healthy, happy and content individuals sometimes experience fear. This is problematic. An irrational fear, over which you have little control, is a truly terrifying experience. Just meditate, right? While a quiet mind will always have a positive impact, it is not a cure for fear. Terror loves those quiet moments. Ever get scared during meditation? There is a reason for this. Want to silence your mind? Let’s explore the idea of embracing the fear-based meditation.

But first, do you meditate with music, apps, or software? Or, do you fully embrace mindfulness moments that are completely quiet? Some people have found success using active audio technology like iDoser.com to greatly enhance the effects of mindful sessions. Professional Binaural beats have been proven to ease anxiety, stress, and even fear. This is why they come so highly recommended in your battle with dread. Even if you don’t use binaural dosing technology like iDoser, active meditation audio like guided meditation, ASMR, or nature sounds can enhance a session. Make sure to get a good pair of mindfulness tuned headphones, and take a look as some of the amazing advances in mindful technology over the past decade or so. It can ease that feeling of being scared during meditation or afraid of mindfulness. This also integrates very well with fear-based meditation.


Scared During Meditation

We all hit our breaking point. It could be fear, stress, or anxiety. But, at some point, we decide we need a tool to calm our disrupted mind. Here is what we are taught to believe: You sit with your eyes closed, observe your breath, and meditate for a few minutes. Within a matter of seconds, you will feel a calm wash over your body as you reconnect with your inner fountain of strength and stability. Is this how meditation works for you? No? Me neither. It is not uncommon to actually be scared during meditation, even using advanced meditation technology like iDoser.com.

Fear loves those quiet moments. It will attack, and maybe even make you scared during a meditation. If you aren’t thinking about positive thoughts of work, relationships, money, family, or friends, then you are primed to fill that empty mind with thoughts of dread and terror. Even with an open third eye. Why, though? Sure, if there are apparent issues that you are clearly aware of, the origin of fear is easy to trace. Even with a powerful method to attract success. If you are having financial or love issues, and you are fearing those during your quietest moments, there is clear definition. What if you don’t know where this fear originates from, though? What if you are actually afraid of mindfulness because of this?

Fear-Based Medtiation Music

Purpose of Fear

First, do not repress your fear. Do not be afraid of mindfulness. It is simply a tool. Use that dread in a fear-based meditation instead being afraid of mindfulness. Your meditative and contemplative moments are the time for you to face fear head-on. When you have conquered this fear (and you WILL), then you will enjoy more peaceful mindful moments. For now, let that terror at you. If you have to, ease it with an anxiety or stress session from iDoser. But, ask: What are we scared of? Why are we even afraid of mindfulness quiet moments? Let’s find out.

Fear has a single purpose:  to keep us alive. When we are facing hostility, it is normal to feel afraid. Fear triggers the release of adrenaline and gives us the energy to keep running or fighting (fight or flight). However, when we fear irrationally, we needlessly trigger adrenaline and deplete our adrenal glands. Even worse, our irrational fears hold us back from experiencing life fully and enjoying the present moment. Ever hear of Dharma? If you change your outlook of fear as an essential, healthy, reaction to the neutral forces in life, then you can start to embrace a fear-based meditation. Yes, you may be scared during meditation sometimes, but such is the byproduct of facing your fears.

Cure Nightmares and Insomnia

Fear and Love

Consider this: FEAR is the opposite of LOVE. Because of this, there is a conversion process. We can successfully convert fear back into love.  The first step is incredibly simple to understand, but extremely hard to achieve. You must have a fear-based meditation and be open to understanding it. You must learn to be less scared during meditation. Do not be afraid of mindfulness. In the process of overcoming dread, you are actively learning to face your fears. Mindfulness and technology has the power to dissolve the seeds of fear, heal the subconscious, and connect you to a space of inner peace. BUT, you must first recognize these fears, understand them, and then face your worries directly. Then, meditation can start to dissolve what remains of the negativity. Do not be afraid of mindfulness.

Afraid of Mindfulness

The next time you experience a bout of anxiety from a recognized life event, meditate and notice the difference it makes. This is a great first step in facing fear. It is the basis for fear-based meditation. Anxiety is often fleeting, and you are meditating on a problem that you know the origin of. Meditation calms the nervous system and provides a feeling of inner strength. When we feel calm, our feelings of confidence increase.

Meditation helps us drop the anxiety we feel about the unknown future. Learn to use meditation as a solution to stress. Learn to incorporate active technologies like iDoser.com into your routine. At first you may be scared during meditation, especially a fear-based meditation. When you face bigger attacks of fear and dread, you can wash away the remains of your winning battle with your mindfulness techniques. This could be a more successful approach over trying to use meditation to suppress and quiet fear. If you had doubts before, after some practice, you will be much less afraid of mindfulness quiet moments. You can even practice during those small times, like a lunch break.

Remember, don’t be afraid to be afraid! Small doses of fear are helpful and healthy. Use fear as a meditation tool and actively have fear-based meditations. Face your worries. Understand them. Your understanding of fear is a very personal journey. You will be better equipped with some understanding, a powerful mindfulness toolset, and some determination. With advances in active mindful technology like binaural dosing from companies like iDoser.com, you can now also leverage technology against fear. Understating our personal fear is a process. Face your fears.

Scared During Meditation

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5 Replies to “Fear-Based Meditation”

  1. Hope Driscoll says:

    This is the first article I’ve read that doesn’t say to quiet your fear with meditating or breathing. I wonder if I have been taking the wrong approach.

  2. darius bernal says:

    I actually teach this in my yoga salon. So many recommend to use wellness technique to “cure” fear. Fear is not curable. We can only better understand it. A little each day.

  3. Fergus Kline says:

    I can attest to binaural beats helping with anxiety. I wouldn’t say I have feelings of fear on the level this article speaks. For some light stress binaural beats work real good.

  4. Moesha Petty says:

    I think I do the opposite. I use meditation to try and get all be fear and doubts out of my system. I always viewed this as me facing and eliminating them.

  5. ayden campbell says:

    I can’t even meditate I get so anxious. I was happy to see this addressed.

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