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Positive Affirmation Tutorial on Using Subliminal ThinkingThinking

Positive Affirmation Guide

Positive Affirmations are more than just feel good quotes you see posted on social media sites. In this Positive Affirmation Tutorial, we will teach you how to use the secret language of the brain. Using subliminal thinking can improve your mind and body. How do positive affirmations work? Read more »


Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation Therapy puts you in touch with your body and sexuality. During the practice, two partners share in the beauty of human orgasm. Mindfulness sexual wellness combines meditation and sexuality in a way that is beneficial to relationships and an amazing experience. Let’s learn how… Read more »

Study Alpha Waves

Study Alpha Waves

Studies have shown that listening to study alpha waves from companies like will statistically increase IQ. It can improve academic test scores, cognitive learning, and retention. Which brain state is conducive to work or school? How can you leverage this technology to get the edge? Let’s learn… Read more »

PAL Technique Partner Assisted Lucidity

PAL Technique

Do NOT consider this a technique for nightly lucid dreaming. This is a power technique that can be used occasionally and with great effect. Today we’re going to explore one of the most prevailing and uniquely social lucid dream induction techniques. Let’s discuss Partner Assisted Lucidity, or the PAL Technique. Read more »