Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation Therapy puts you in touch with your body and sexuality. During the practice, two partners share in the beauty of human orgasm. Mindfulness sexual wellness combines meditation and sexuality in a way that is beneficial to relationships and an amazing experience. Let’s learn how…

What Is Orgasmic Meditation?

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is an exceptional wellness practice that combines mindfulness sexual wellness and the power of the human orgasm. It is different than other types of meditation. Mindfulness Sexual Wellness puts you in touch with your body and your sexuality. During the practice, one person strokes another person’s clitoris or penis for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel the sensation. If you’ve ever used sex or masturbation to de-stress, then you should be able to sense the potential power of orgasms to relax and reinvigorate you.

Our society doesn’t teach us how to maximize that potential. By practicing Orgasmic Meditation, you can cultivate that orgasmic energy and channel it to fuel your daily life. It gives you the positivity to get things done. This is not a sexual practice, even though it happens on a body part usually associated with sex. The experience is a bit like yoga, in that you tune into in your body and feel every sensation. It is also a bit like meditation because you watch thoughts arise and let them go without judgement. As well as having more energy, the practice reveals unconscious beliefs around sex, one being this idea that, “If I do something to them, they should do something to me.” This goalless practice also peels back a layer of sexual conditioning around aiming for climax.

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Effects of Sexual Wellness

Is your sex life to goal-orientated? Does sex end when you orgasm? When you find yourself sitting down doing a sexual mindfulness practice in a very intimate space with no goal and no formula, it’s really confronting. It’s hard to understand how a genital-stroking practice could be transformational. Many say they are more able to tune in to their bodies. It gives them greater access to feelings and physical sensations. You may find you are more sensitive and aware of your impact and of how you’re feeling in a moment.

An orgasm for the purpose of meditation and wellness shuts down negative thoughts, it may remove negative cravings, and help you to feel more connected in sexual situations. Even if you consider yourself a great lover, you might be surprised how uncomfortable you are around sexual situations when the goal is to be present, open, and mindful. Some who have experienced Orgasmic Meditation Therapy are able to interact with people on a deeper level.

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Orgasmic Meditation Tutorial

Orgasmic Meditation Therapy requires two people. Solo masturbation will not be effective. Your mind must be free to accept the orgasm and not be processing the administration. While most OM is typically female based, there is nothing preventing a male from experiencing the same. For a female, the clitoris is stroked for 15 minutes exactly. For the male, the same amount on his penis. This is considered the ideal time to allow a full yet manageably brief experience. Any longer could be overwhelming or require too much concentration.

The focus is then on deep breathing. You should attempt to tune into the physical sensations you’re experiencing and switching off the busy mind. Thousands of people worldwide have now practiced Orgasmic Meditation. OM, with its emphasis on sharing intimate physical and emotional experiences with others, can be a revelation. It brings people together and generates a kind of electricity among them. It’s great for couples. A central tenet of Orgasmic Meditation Therapy is that it is goalless. The objective of mindfulness sexual wellness is to allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. We have a very masculine model of orgasm in our culture, based on building up to a peak, then achieving a release or ejaculation. Many bodies don’t work like that. Instead, sexual stimulation causes people to travel through different waves of sensation, the intensity going up and down.

Orgasmic Meditation Music

Science Music for Love. What is it? In Orgasmic Meditation, you should ride this wave, becoming aware of the energy created, rather than focusing on a climax. This may be difficult at first, since years of sexual release under social norms will be difficult to break. For many, using audio induction during this practice can help. Most effective is audio based on binaural beat technology. Binaural beats can synchronize your brainwaves to better accept orgasmic meditation. has been leading this industry for over a decade. Choose a binaural provider with an established history. Stay away from streaming sites like YouTube when choosing brain audio for OM. Much of the brain induction audio on YouTube is amateur and will be counter-productive to your mindfulness sexual wellness. iDoser offers Apps, software, music, and a library of hundreds of sexual enrichment technology that can greatly enhance this experience.

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Orgasm Sharing

It is beneficial to have a conversation before and after the orgasm. You should discuss with your partner what you’ve gained from the experience. It’s this idea of acceptance and understanding is the overriding benefit of Orgasmic Meditation Therapy. You will both benefit from the sense of togetherness. The collective energy is massive when orgasm is not goal oriented, but mind oriented. This is the perfect opportunity to use brain enhancement technology from iDoser. The calming beats of the auditory waves will sooth. It will help open pathways to conversation. Open up to your partner, share your thoughts, and make orgasms truly beautiful again.

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5 Replies to “Orgasmic Meditation”

  1. June Rahn says:

    While this article seems to suggest partner-based OM, it is worth nothing there are actual Orgasmic Meditation centers that have been getting some VERY bad press. I think it is implied here, but do this with a trusting, understanding, mindfulness-centric partner. There is certainly the opportunity for some “creepiness” under the wrong circumstances.

  2. Elizabeth G. Jones says:

    Me and my husband (old hippies) have been practicing tantric sex and orgasm meditation for long before it had fancy marketing terms. My advice: start small. If you dive head first into sexual mindfulness it can be too much and you will fall back into routine. Continue with your regular sex, then maybe add a post-orgasm timed conversation. We do 10 minutes. In a month mix in some binaural beats. In another month try OM.

  3. Richard Malkin says:

    Technology can help here. There are some great mindful apps that have a sexual focus. They mention idosing, which has become insanely popular where I am. I’m not completely satisfied with their approach to bite-sized binaural “doses” but they are the most popular for a reason I suppose.

  4. Wendy Crowell says:

    No sex just touching? Can this be adapted to sexual meditation? I can imagine me and I partner won’t be satisfied enough with just touching to truly maximize it. I guess that is the point though. Tantra might be a better choice for us?

  5. Charles C. Smith says:

    I have been to an actual OM center and I found the whole experience to be a bit creepy. First, it was a large class and people watched. It was clear some were there just for the sexual thrill and not the meditation. I found the whole thing to be off-putting. Glad this focused on the trusted partner approach – and not going into some center where a stranger rubs you.

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