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subliminal messages and mystic symbols perception vs reality

Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages are everywhere from popular music to ads. Explore perception vs reality and navigate these hidden messages and learn how to recognize them. How to use subliminal mystic symbols for love, protection, money, and more. Read more »

How To Simulate Marijuana High with binaural beats drugs and isochronic beats drugs

How To Simulate Marijuana High

It is now possible to simulate a marijuana high using binaural beat drugs. Ever want to experience marijuana without consumption? How do binaural beat drugs work? How do binaural drugs feel? Are isochronic beats effective? How can you simulate marijuana high for free? Read more »

Tantric Sensual Immersion

Tantric Sensual Immersion

Tantric sensual immersion is not about the orgasm. The binaural sex frequency has enhanced the sexual experience. Sexuality and popular music push the boundaries of sex and art. So, how do you awaken the Tantric Lover? Read more »

Sleep System For Insomniacs

Sleep System for Insomniacs

If you have trouble going to sleep or remaining asleep, then you need a sleep system for insomniacs. There are many insomnia solutions, both medical and natural. What causes insomnia, and what are some natural sleep aids? Read more »