Tantric Sensual Immersion

Tantric Sensual Immersion

Tantric sensual immersion is not about the orgasm. The binaural sex frequency has enhanced the sexual experience. Sexuality and popular music push the boundaries of sex and art. So, how do you awaken the Tantric Lover?

Tantric Sensual Immersion

First of all, tantric love with music is all about increasing your sensual aura. Therefore, the combination of tantra and music helps to establish a deep connection to our soul. Most noteworthy, tantric physical immersion is not entirely about the orgasm. Any part of your body can experience ecstasy during the act. Tantric sensual immersion involves your mind, body, and spirit – combined.

Tantric Lover Within

Above all, tantric sensual immersion begins with the self. Consequently, some may infer this to mean solo sexual masturbation. Or, the search for the coveted binaural sex frequency. Certainly, sexuality and popular music have a significant influence that we will discuss, but let’s focus on you. First of all, is your tantric lover within awake? A tantric lover is conscious of the power of their sensual energy. They receive, process, and share this beautiful energy. The path is awakening, beautiful, and free.

tantric sensual immersion and the binaural sex frequency sexuality and popular music

A tantric lover learns the pleasure of themselves and (if applicable) their partner. Even more, Some who practice the tantric arts, especially with binaural enhanced sexual energy music, can ride the waves of pleasure for hours. It is more important than the destination, though. A tantric lover is open, vulnerable, and trusting. They find connection, fulfillment, and use their sexual energy to center and meditate. A tantric lover celebrates sensuality, emotion, pleasure, and feeling. They do not, however, get lost entirely or obsessed. How can you awaken the tantric lover? Above all, do you want to be open to a lover and love? Interested in learning to refine consciousness and oneness?

Advanced Tantra Meditation

There is a direct link between tantra, music, and meditation. First of all, we will discuss the power of binaural technology and sexuality in a bit. Certainly, tantric sensual immersion with enhanced audio technology can be a powerful tantric meditation experience. Even more, the binaural sex frequency is real and quite astonishing. Sexuality and popular music are designed to trigger primal feelings. Advanced tantra meditation with binaural beats a different concept entirely. How different? Let’s take a look at a user’s experience with beautiful mindful music.

Sensual Mindful Music

First of all, let’s look at a real tantric sensual immersion experience. Most noteworthy, this report based on a user experiencing a binaural sex frequency from iDoser. Hence, we refer you this  experience:

“So, I just did iDoser for the first time. It was quite an experience. First of all, I started it as soon as I got out of a hot shower. As soon as it played, I began to feel warmth at the base of my neck. As time went on, it spread to my lower back and further down. The beats were small and slow in the beginning, and it sounded like an army was marching at a slow cadence. The waves of sound seemed like they were going from the right side of my head to the left. I got used to this and was pretty comfortable.

“I felt weightless. My hands were sliding across my bed sheets. As it turns out, my arms were lifting a little bit at a time. I consciously put them back down by relaxing them again. But, over and over again, they would raise as my body got tense and then relaxed. Then, the sound went up again. Now, my hands were several inches off of the bed. My back was slightly arched, and my legs relaxed. Later, the music died out, and I felt delighted. Furthermore, I was calm and tranquil for a while. I think the climax was a bit long, though. It was a great experience, though.

tantric sensual immersion binaural sex frequency sexuality and popular music

Binaural Sex Frequency

Listening to sexually enhanced binaural beats like those produced by iDoser temporarily modify brain activity. Furthermore, increasing delta frequency while making changes to the alpha level will result in sexual arousal. Consequently, these changes in arousal have been measured to occur through the use of an EEG measurement. How can use integrate binaural beats into your tantric lifestyle? What is the science of binaural beats?

Binaural Beats Science

Binaural beats are tones created in the brain when it hears two different frequencies simultaneously. First of all, the binaural sex frequency is real. But also, what is the science of binaural beats? Above all, when neurons in the brain fire, they release electricity. Consequently, the electric signals are measured using an EEG. Furthermore, scientists discovered that our brain produces frequencies that we call brainwaves. The higher the rate, the more attentive, conscious, and responsive you are. Lower rates represent stages of rest and sleep.

Various other induced audio can cause a feeling of arousal, sexuality, and can even create an orgasm. Above all, tantric sensual immersion begins with knowledge and understanding. So, the same should be true of a sexual enhancing technology like iDoser.com. Sexuality and popular music often rely on lyrics and visual to elicit a reaction. Binaural beats cause arousal through science. A study conducted by Dr. Vincent Giampapa found that using binaural beats improved the production of hormones, DHEA, and melatonin. Research conducted by the National College of Natural Medicine showed a decrease in stress and production of dopamine.

Binaural Audio Immersion

First of all, tantric sensual immersion using the binaural sex frequency is simple. Sexuality and popular music aside, this music is unlike anything you have ever heard. If you’ve ever searched for natural anti-anxiety remedies, odds are you’ve heard of binaural beats. Most noteworthy, companies like iDoser produce these brain-tuning beats (who has been doing it for decades). Furthermore, they promise to help everything from sleeplessness to stress, to improving sex and memory.

First of all, where did they originate? A Prussian meteorologist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove for discovered binaural beats 1839. Also called audio entrainment, binaural beats were considered mainly a peculiarity more than a useful treatment. Consequently, that is, until iDoser popularized them and took the concept of binaural beats mainstream. Even more, What most don’t understand is that the creation of binaural beat music is only possible because of the advancements of audio technology in the last 100 years. However, the use of this science dates back thousands of years. How can we leverage it for better sensual experiences?

iDoser for Mobile Phones

Binaural Beats and Sex

How can we use binaural beats with sex? First of all, tantric sensual immersion using the binaural sex frequency is a lot easier than you might think. Certainly sexuality and popular music streams in our playlists. Even more, music has been used since the beginning of creation to arouse and stimulate us. Binaural beats take that to the level. But can powerful binaural beats assist in reducing the anxiety and stress around sexual encounters? Furthermore, how does technology like iDoser promote orgasms through deep connections and augmented arousal? The good news is science proves that audio can arouse us through direct stimulation of our brain.

Most noteworthy, our brain uses the same reward path as those used when we experience sex. Listening to enhanced binaural beats from a professional source like iDoser is a useful technology to heighten sexual arousal and pleasure. With a binaural platform across all computers and mobile phone, Consequently, iDoser can synchronize biological rhythms and create an elevated sense of sensuality in minutes. It is an extraordinary thing to feel if you haven’t experienced it. Outside the realm of binaural beats, what about sexuality and popular music like hip hop pop, and rock?

Sexuality and Popular Music

Studies show that millennials are fluid about sex. However, increased use of technology means they are having less sex while experiencing more stress. Certainly, morality is represented in modern music as we hear more honest accounts of anxiety and its effects on sexuality. Consequently, how is sexuality represented in a sample genre (pop music)? From a performers perspective, what is the state of sexuality in the music industry? Finally, where are modern listeners turning for sacred sexuality music?

Sexuality in Pop Music

First of all, tantric sensual immersion usually happens to mindful audio like binaural beats or ambient music. This technology, like the binaural sex frequency, certainly offers something for sexual explorers. What about sexuality and popular music? Consequently, let’s switch gears and take a look at sexuality in pop music. When Robin Thicke debuted his song Blurred Lines in, he had no that it would start a discussion about misogyny culture in pop music. The retort to its suggestive lyrics forever changed the values of pop music (or did it?), and how popular music itself deals with sex. Most noteworthy, some might argue that technology hinders sensuality.

We have certainly made a case for binaural beats and sex. In our modern music state, musicians are redefining sexuality. Even more, a seductive act either in presentation or lyric must acknowledge discussions about consent and gender. There is no room for provocation without progression. Listeners mandate more than rote hetero tropes. This imminence is not new. Music always shapes or reflects society and sexuality. Content is one thing, but the treatment of artists is another.

Tantric Music Soundtrack

Sexuality in Music Industry

Sensuality, allure, and excess are integral to sexuality and popular music. Sex certainly does sell. Music videos contain evocative dance, seductive clothing, and sexually charged lyrics. We have seen growing hypersexuality in all genres of music. Even more, mindful people use internal induction like tantric sensual immersion using binaural sex frequency technology. Modern music streams hyper-sensual content. Sexuality is central to the music industry. Likewise, sex may also be a source of disapproval. Female artists are often encouraged to embrace sexuality. Even more, it’s equally harmful to dismiss them as manipulated by the music industry.

An overgeneralized view continues the idea of women as feeble. We aren’t here to offer solutions, to open lines of dialog. Sexism and inequality in the music industry prevail. It is challenging getting concert organizers to change practices to allow more women to headline. There is an abuse of both female and male artists. The MeToo movement certainly has shone a light on the movie industry, but there needs to be a similar awakening in the music industry.

Sacred Sexuality Music

Outside of popular music, what can we (as individuals) turn to for tantric sensual immersion? Binaural sex frequency technology from iDoser is certainly a go-to source for sure. While we can hear sexuality and popular music on our radio, and turn to binaural beat therapy in our bedroom. Most noteworthy, tantric sex is an early practice that has been going for thousands of years. Tantra and sensuality simple means to expand sexual energy.

Even more, experts believe that if you extend the effort you put into your sexuality, you will reach a higher and more intense form sensual consciousness. It’s as simple as that. In modern society, the whole “extend the effort” is where companies like iDoser have capitalized. Above all, with advanced binaural beat technology, you can reach powerful sexual states in only about ten minutes. Sacred sexuality music doesn’t have to take hours anymore.

Tantric Sensual Immersion and Binaural Sex Frequency Sexuality and Popular Music

Most noteworthy, tantric sensuality isn’t goal-based. You certainly don’t have to work hard to reach the level of explorations, expansion, and consciousness that tantra professionals achieve. Even more, integrating technology like iDoser can increase the speed of adoption, but the real fun is in the journey. Remember, it isn’t all about the orgasm. Focus on making the experience enjoyable and rewarding until you’re ready to take it to its natural end.

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5 Replies to “Tantric Sensual Immersion”

  1. Grumpy Yum says:

    I feel music has gotten too hypersexual especially in areas like hip hop and pop. Although I think in recent years the blatant sexual showcase had died down at least a little. Agree?

  2. Pigole Anton says:

    I have experienced a hand free orgasm from binaural beats on youtube. It took me a lot of tries, but it worked. What makes this happen? It happens, but I do not understand why.

  3. ennis intendy says:

    I’m not sure a sexual frequency exists. It reminds me of the brown note or whatever. It is an exciting concept. I know companies like i-doser have a whole lineup. Not sure tho.

  4. Melissa K Leary says:

    I’ll have what she is having.

  5. Gregory Rolschie says:

    My ex-wife and I used to use binaural beats just before tantric lovemaking sessions. It was pretty hot combined with edging and other stuff. You both have to be really into the idea for it to work.

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