Subliminal Messages

subliminal messages and mystic symbols perception vs reality

Subliminal messages are everywhere from popular music to ads. Explore perception vs reality and navigate these hidden messages and learn how to recognize them. How to use subliminal mystic symbols for love, protection, money, and more.

Subliminal Messages

We get consistently bombarded with subliminal messages. They are in writing, music, advertising, and more. Subliminal messages are often considered a harmful act of persuasion. Consequently, their reputation hasn’t gotten better. Most noteworthy, a handful of deceitful YouTube creators make unbelievable, unfounded, and straight-up dishonest claims about subliminal messages. Furthermore, subliminal messages often connect to conspiracy theories. Re: our minds are manipulated continuously to control our behavior. So, how effective are subliminal messages?

About Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messages were public knowledge by 1950. Furthermore, there is no lack of research on subliminal messages. You won’t see these statistics after a subliminal YouTube video claiming it can change your eye color (it can’t), or after a television ad subtly pushing you to buy (it can). First of all, what is a subliminal message, and how does it relate to perception vs reality? Even more, how do you use personal subliminal messages like sigils and mystic symbols for personal gain? What are some other extremely positive subliminal methods?

We must understand perception. Most noteworthy, the subliminal range is any signal that falls below our level of cognizance. The term “subconscious” was made famous by Freud. Above all, this is the part of our mind that operates under the conscious level. Our consciousness is a secure enclave where we store our deepest wants and needs. Even more, all our knowledge that exists outside of our direct awareness stores within the subconscious.

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Subliminal Awareness

If you are, in any way, aware of a subliminal message, then it is not a subconscious signal. Furthermore, this external signal can any kind of visual or auditory stimuli that is under the lowest threshold of inducement we can perceive. Subliminal perception is undoubtedly the outcome of purposely designed content premeditated to elicit a response. Even more, the intent to make people do something they would typically not. Subliminal messaging happens at a subconscious level, with only the creator knowing the original purpose. What can be used for evil can also be for good. You can ground yourself and use this for positive. There are efficient, powerful, and effective ways to harness the power of subliminal messages. Sigils, mystic symbols, and positive affirmations are effective ways to use subliminal messages. The way we understand and perceive is critical to the success of the subliminal message.

Subliminal Perception

Our consciousness is always working. Manifesting is nothing new and it is more common than you think. Consequently, the amount of messaging we process on the daily is astonishing. For this to be effective, our subconscious has to be better at processing than our conscious.  Most noteworthy, our subconsciousness can process 20,000 bits of data at once. Consciousness handles 7 ± 2 bits of info. Power processing is undoubtedly why subliminal messaging, mystic symbols, sigils, and more have become a popular addition to a mindfulness lifestyle. As we strive to gain control of our reality, we need to dive deeper into perception. Hence, perception vs reality is critical to understating how our subconscious operates. First of all, are you aware of how many times you blink a day? What about how often you take a breath?

You don’t need to think about your heartbeat because your subconscious has total and authoritative control over these actions. Subliminal messages, signals, mystic symbols, and more use this unnoticeable data path for eliciting a response. Even more, you have 37 sensory inputs across the categories of visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, gustatory, vestibular, and proprioception. Our visual information often dominates our perception. Subliminal messaging is powerful in its’ ability to target both visual and auditory data paths, without our knowledge.

Visual vs Auditory

Most noteworthy, the two most common VISUAL techniques used by subliminal creators are sub-visual and inserts. Above all, if a message if flashed so quickly that we do not perceive it, this is considered a sub-visual message. Consider the phrase “Thirsty? Drink a Coca-Cola!” shown so fast during a soda ad that you don’t notice it. What effect does that have? Inserts are usually images implanted in a visual data stream like a print ad, hidden from sight but still processed subconsciously. There are benefits as well, like the use of positive affirmations.

The two most common AUDIO techniques used by subliminal creators are sub-audio and masking. Most noteworthy, sub-audio messages are messages implanted into music or audio at a level so low the subconscious processes them. Recently, this method is used by fake YouTube subliminal channels who make factually false claims about the effects of this technique. Masking is playing a stream in reverse to hide messages. Music producers often use this technique in audio production.

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Subliminal Results

Let’s ignore all those fake YouTube videos that claim subliminal videos can change your eye color, height, or cure cancer. Most noteworthy, there are some real, proven, and factual results about subliminal messages. Remember, it’s undoubtedly perception vs reality. Now let’s talk about truth.

Early Subliminal Studies

1956: James Vicary flashed the words “Eat Popcorn” for ⅓ of a millisecond to almost fifty-thousand patrons in a movie theater. Most noteworthy, Vicary claimed the sale of popcorn increased by nearly 60%.

1957: Author Vance Packard examined methods used by marketers to stimulate consumers. He introduced the population to the concept of subliminal messages. Furthermore, his book on the topic sold a million copies.

1958: Radio station WAAF in Chicago sold commercials that used the sub-audio technique of subliminal messaging. In their testing, they found it a viable and effective method of adverting.

1971:  A significant media distributor starting selling subliminal content used in commercials shown on all major airlines.

1973: Author Wilson Bryan Key claimed marketers use subliminal images of sex to manipulate buying behavior. Even more, at the time, this book was considered ground-breaking.

1974: The FCC issued a notice against the use of subliminal messaging. They publicly declared subliminal messaging to be deceptive and not in the interest of the public.

Later Subliminal Studies

1981: Warner Brothers movie studio admitted that a death mask is in the motion picture The Exorcist.  Most noteworthy, it flashed for 2/100 of a second and was a deliberate subliminal message.

1983: Subliminal messages get combined with hypnosis. Consequently, the claims were that you could improve self-confidence by using subliminal imagery.

1996: Subjects have a message subliminally flashed and then showed biased-decision making based on the experiment.

2005: began experimenting with subliminal messaging, binaural beats ASMR and other mind audio. They are now the largest mind audio producer in the world.

Personal Subliminals

There is certainly no lack of subliminal milestones. They are not black magic, evil, and are often used for good. Personal subliminal messaging like sigils, mystic symbols, and positive affirmations are all beneficial. We are all susceptible to outside influences. Knowledge and power. Perception vs Reality. Now, about those mystic symbols and sigils.

Mystic Symbols

First of all, sigils are the most common kinds of powerful symbols we see everywhere. You probably don’t notice, because sigils are capable of being subliminal and influential in a very subdued way. Sigils are designed to be prominent by using passive imagery to manifest a specific intent or outcome. Most noteworthy, Sigil Craft is the art of using imagery to demonstrate an intention or result. How can you use these mystic symbols for gain?

Sigil For Beginners

Sigil Magic

A creator designs and gives meaning to a particular symbol with purposeful intent. Consequently, a sigil is then often deployed and spread. A great example of powerfully influential Sigils is brand logos. The Apple logo, the Nike swoosh, and even the YouTube emblem are textbook examples of highly powerful Sigils. Therefore, You see and process these important symbols constantly. Some of these Sigils are powerfully subliminal.

For instance, the Coca-Cola font is evocative of a glass bottle. The logo is immediately familiar anywhere in the world, in any language. The insignia looks like a printed brand name in a cursive font. However, it is actually a powerful Sigil. The logo induces an emotional and physical response. Most noteworthy, the Coca-Cola logo makes you thirsty. The YouTube badge suggests you press that play button again.

These seemingly innocent symbols have a substantial effect on us physiologically and psychologically. Sigils are not evil, and they are not magic. Sigils are like any other tool. A designer decides the use of a sigil. How can you use Sigils for powerful, positive, and purposeful effects? Welcome to the fantastic art of Sigil Craft. We will teach you how to draw and harness the power of sigils easily.

Meaning Behind Sigil

Above all, there is no definitive method for creating sigils. Creators can certainly spend a lifetime studying the art of design. Likewise, Sigil Craft is a personal and private experience. Experiment to find a working technique for you. Above all, your first step is to declare the intent of your sigil. We need to define the meaning behind your sigil. While this can be good or evil, remember to stay positive. Karma and the Law of Attraction are influential forces, so stay on the side of light. Don’t be unclear about your purpose. Write your declarative statement in a single, clear, and legible sentence. It is also essential to write your intent as already fact. Don’t write, “I want to be rich.” That is a projecting statement.

Direct Delcaration

Consequently, A more proper declaration would be, “I earn six figures a year.” Most noteworthy, the intent is specific, declarative, and presented as fact. Furthermore. you must now obscure the meaning of the declaration. We are, in essence, creating a subliminal message. Sigil designers often use Astrological symbols, elemental ciphers, and more. You can get as creative as you like in your design. In this basic example, we remove the vowels from our declaration. Now we combine the letters into a single string. In one final act of obscuration, remove all repeating consonants. This senseless jumble of letters is a cryptogram. It secretly contains the purpose.

Sigil Maker

We now arrange our coded string of letters into our sigil. Above all, this is your chance to be creative, and it is the most intimate and magical part of sigil creation. You can certainly reverse letters, align them in unique ways, or overlap and layer your notes to create exciting designs. Furthermore, embellish your sigil with personal symbols and signs. Completely obscure the original declaration within the construction of your sigil. In the next critical step, you must forget the meaning of your resolution. The sigil is mysterious, even for the creator. Hide your sigil somewhere safe. It is essential that not even the creator sees the sigil. You need to forget the meaning of your sigil completely. You must let go and detach from the original intent. Once this happens, return to your creation to charge it. You can charge a sigil in many ways.

Sigil Meditation

Necessarily, you must meditate upon your sigil. leads the binaural beat industry and they are often used to enhance the process. Consequently, they have become a critical tool for sigil designers. Above all, you need a clear mind to visualize the charging of your sigil. If there is a single disruption of thought, there may be distortions in the sigil’s energy, rendering it useless. Use binaural beats during this step. Most noteworthy, they certainly enhance clarity and meditation. When you successfully charge the sigil, you’ll undeniably know. A sensation of perceptive enlightenment will wash over you. You will be able to feel that the sigil is manifesting. This enlightening sensation is your final reward. Trust it, and have confidence knowing that the sigil worked.

subliminal messages and mystic symbols perception vs reality

Subliminal messages are everywhere. They don’t have to be evil or part of a conspiracy theory. If you stay aware of perception vs reality you can easily circumnavigate these concealed messages. Try using subliminal mystic symbols for wellness. You, too, can harness the power of subliminal messages.

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7 Replies to “Subliminal Messages”

  1. Mr Master says:

    Subliminal messaging is literally in everything from advertising to music. It is literally impossible to avoid. Love the take control attitude.

  2. Doja JaDong says:

    i am confused can somebody tell me if subliminals are bad or evil?

  3. I think the subliminal stuff got a bad name when shady youtube kids started claiming they can change your height, weight, and hair color by whispering over stock audio. Most are getting shut down. I just feel bad for the kids who actually believed it.

  4. Mario wandel says:

    Can not magic imagery be inviting bad spirits? I thought sigils were only for witches and warlocks on tv.

  5. Lynn Kat Ridener says:

    This was an interesting take on it. It is a little more leveled than what you will read in some Facebook user groups in this subject.

  6. Dave Rock says:

    Yeah subliminal messaging can be both dangerous and beneficial, but sometimes people have exagerated expectations from its effectiveness. It is one of those things that were very briefly studied and that can serve a cause for many myths and misconceptions.

    1. Binaural Blog says:

      Absolutely true. And sites like youtube are loaded with scam “change eye color” “get taller” etc fake subliminal videos. Luckily youtube is removing these scammers a little at a time.

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