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Today we give you something truly intense: Real users and experts discussing I-Doser Simulated Experiences. You know you want more – Just keep reading…There has been a long debate over the true effectiveness of Binaural Brainwave Doses, and because of the immense popularity of the I-Doser brand, they seem to get the most focus. Today, out of nowhere, launched a huge video campaign showing the true effectiveness of Binaural Brainwave Doses. We get several different perspectives from both users and experts. It seems pretty clear to me: I-Doser is a valid way to simulate a specific mood or experience. With over a decade of experience, their doses are above and beyond anything that is on the market. I know this, odds are you know this considering all the great email this blog gets from our readers – and now it seems like I-Doser wants the world to know. Take a look at the following three videos!

First up, this seems to be their general video covering both sides of the story: experts verse users. We see some truly great user experiences and a few experts chiming in. Expert opinion on this kind of thing is tough, but there seems to be no shortage of people that agree that I-Doser is damn amazing.

Next on the list is a video more focused on the expert opinion. While we see some clips from the previous video, this one goes a few more deeper talking about auditory illusions and the general euphoria you can feel and simulate while using binaural brainwave doses that were designed by the true experts at I-Doser.

Finally, what really counts: the users. Truth be told there are over a 1000 user experiences posted on Youtube alone. I-Doser has recorded 1000s more. It seems that, in general, people feel amazing effects while on I-Doser. Experts can agree or disagree, it is the users that matter and take a look at these amazing video testimonials:

If you weren’t convinced before, we hope these will at least push  you towards so you can at least give binaural doses a try. I-Doser offers loads of way to experience: computers, mobile devices and tablets, CDs and MP3s – they have the hands-down largest collects of simulated experiences anywhere.

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  1. stephanie beeston says:

    Love the idea of being spiritually grounded but it has been easier said than done lately. The recommendations in this article seem hopeful so I will be trying them.

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