The Social Media Drug

The Social Media Drug

The average American spends 4 hours a day on their smartphone. Furthermore, 81% now own a connected device. Let’s discuss “The Social Media Drug” and social media addiction. Is social media addition a big issue? What are the causes of social media addition? How do you cure social media addiction?

Social Media Addiction

First of all, how does the Social Media Drug work? Certainly, one of the main causes of social media addition is Dopamine. Above all, this is your body’s pleasure hormone. Every single time you check your mobile device, you get a rush of Dopamine. Consequently, if you’re like most Americans, you check your phone an average of 80 times a day. Furthermore, every time you check your phone you get a small rush of dopamine. However, having 80 dopamine fixes a day builds a tolerance. As a result, this makes it harder to experience the same rush.  Consequently, you check your device more often. This is how social media addiction begins. Recognizing this might be the first step to cure media addiction.

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The Social Media Drug

The Social Media Drug gets worse. As you build a tolerance to the extra dopamine, you become more prone to negative feelings. For the reason, social addiction may even lead to depression. What are the other causes of social media addiction? First of all, the sheer number of users. Instagram has 800 million active users. Similarly, other social media platforms are equally massive. This full-life integration may lead to an increased need for online validation. In addition, having the convenience of an always-on internet connected device eliminates the need for face-to-face connections. This isn’t always bad. Certainly, in a search to cure social media addition, we should question if may have an effect on making close personal connections.

Causes of Social Media Addiction

The Social Media Drug is a deep-rooted problem. Social media addiction should be treated like any other addition. Furthermore, The Social Media Drug is a growing issue. There are numerous causes of media addiction. For instance, with cyberbullying, people use the electronic communication in an intimidating or threatening nature. Likewise, peer pressure is rampant in social media. People are afraid to miss out. They love to compare themselves with others. In media addiction, there is a strong desire to become part of the community. What are the steps to cure social media addiction?

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Cure Social Media Addiction

The Social Media Drug is a growing issue. To cure social mediation addiction, especially if it is life-consuming, you should talk to a qualified professional. Do you spend too much time on social media? Do you think you might have media addiction? If the causes of social media addiction sound familiar, there are steps you can take.

To cure media addiction, start with the small things. First of all, notifications can act as a reminder to constantly check your device. Therefore, the most effective way to solve this is to turn off notifications. The Social Media Drug in very invasive. Nip it in the bud.

To cure addiction, limit, or completely eliminate, the time you spend on social media. While deleting your social media accounts might be extreme, you can set restrictions. For example, choose to spend 15 minutes a day on social media. Modern devices let you set time restrictions on social media. Set personal limits. Maybe never allow social media use at work. The causes of media addiction are many. To cure social media addiction, you must be vigilant.

The Temptation of Social Media

The Social Media Drug is very tempting. To help with social media addiction, adopt a mindful lifestyle. Therefore, in the search to cure social media addiction, many have found relief in meditation. The causes of social addiction are many. However, 15 minutes of mindfulness a day can help keep your mind off the online world. Companies like have active-audio technology, apps, and software that can greatly help initiate you into a peaceful mindset. A peaceful mind is less likely to be always-craving an online fix.

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The Social Media Drug is a growing concern. Now is the perfect time for you to evaluate your online time use. If you believe that you suffer from life-consuming media addiction, talk to a professional. There are many causes of media addiction, so look at all sources. With some work and discipline, you can cure social media addiction.

The Social Media Drug

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5 Replies to “The Social Media Drug”

  1. shirley johnson says:

    Jesus 81 percent and four hours a day? I thought these were exaggerated numbers until I checked my iOS ScreenTime and… wow… Not even going to admit how high the numbers are.

  2. Tim Boyer says:

    I just did a complete purge in 2018. I have to say it was not as easy as you would think to completely delete and get rid of data off the social media accounts I used. Was a nightmare actually. Been social media free for months now.

  3. Meditation helps all aspects of life not just addiction. I don’t know about social media addiction but during meditation there should be a no phones rule.

  4. Danny Williams says:

    I am seeing kids so young on cellphones and using stuff like snapchat while this article has good intensions, I think we are moving in the opposite direction

  5. Mark B. Ortega says:

    I am struggling with this. I was checking my phone all day every day and it really started to take over my life, work, relationship. I have cut down but I am stull trying. Wish me luck.

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