Wake Induced Dream

Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming

The hardest part of lucidity is dream awareness. The Wake Induced Lucid Dream (W.I.L.D.) technique allows you to EASILY keep your mind awake while your body goes to sleep. This is the most comprehensive tutorial available on Wake Induced Dreaming available ANYWHERE. Let’s begin…

Sleep Paralysis occurs when you are unable to move for a few minutes as you begin to fall asleep. This is due to an anomaly in passing between the stages of sleep and wakefulness. It is normally a disruptive and sometimes frightening experience, but it is the backbone of Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. With the W.I.L.D. technique you will actively try to induce Sleep Paralysis in order to harness the powerful ability to be awake while you sleep. This allows you to bypass reality checks, which are a common method to induce lucid dreams. Reality checks are often complicated and no reality check is a complete and easy foolproof method of achieving a lucid dream. With Wake Induced Dreaming, you never actually fall asleep, so there is no need to perform a reality check. However, you are still dreaming and can use all the influence and control over the dream as if you were awake. It is a powerful, expressive, and a spiritually connecting experience that everyone should try at least once – even if you have no desire to remember and control your dreams. While many W.I.L.D. practitioners will recommend technology like iDoser.com brain induction products for even more expansive control, it is not required to perform the base W.I.L.D. technique.  It’s so easy, you can do it tonight, with no practice. Let’s learn how.

W.I.L.D. Tutorial

Let’s talk mindset. You actually begin Wake Induced Dreaming while you are awake and still in control, as the name suggests. The correct attitude for lucid dreaming is essential to success. We recommend you read some print articles on Lucid Dreaming, play some lucid dream induction audio from iDoser.com, drink some herbal tea, and contemplate what you want to do in your dreams tonight. You must let the stress of the day go before we begin. Do not use digital screens, televisions, cell phones, tablets, or other electronic devices during this time as they can disrupt induction. Some light meditation can help. You goal is to relieve all stress of the day to be in a complete state of relaxation. Do some deep breathing exercises, visualize your dream goals, and let the brain induction music from iDoser flow over and through you. Under your most comfortable blankets, head atop a soft pillow, in a room that is set to the perfect temperature, and with a mindset ready for the amazing experience of Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming – you are ready for the exact steps to induce a lucid dream. Are you ready?

History of Sensory Deprivation Video

The first step requires that you do not move at all. You may not be used to staying completely still, so that is why we spent several hours preparing and relaxing, using brain induction audio from iDoser, and getting in the correct mindset. If you do move past this step, even a little, then you will have to begin the process all over again.  Suppress any thoughts, worries, or stress. Try to think of nothing in complete clarity. Now that you are completely still, let all the tension go from your muscles. Every single inch of your body must be relaxed. Start at the top of your head, and work your way down, until you are in a state of absolute relaxation. We often keep a lot of tension in our jaw, face, neck, and back. Be sure to take extra time focusing and relaxing problem areas while staying completely still. Now begin breath control. You breathing should be slow, deep, and in rhythm. Breathe in though your mouth and out through your nose. You need to achieve a state where you are completely still, fully relaxed, and with a breathing pattern that is deeply calming your entire body. You can tell you have achieved this when you can feel your heartbeat without touching your chest. Feel the beat of your heart get slower as you enter your final relaxed state before induction. We will now enter a visualization state – this is your bridge to your dream. You are almost there.

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Now you’re going to visualize shapes. Very simply, close your eyes and imagine a circle. Spend as much time as necessary until that circle is in perfect clarity. You know it’s size, color, and it is perfectly clear. Now make it vanish. Bring it back to perfect clarity again and then change the size. Make it bigger, then smaller, and do not continue to the next step if you lose clarity. When you have mastered your circle and feel you are in complete control of it, it is time to visualize your dream setting. For your first time you should pick a basic setting. Try the forest, a beach, your childhood home, or somewhere familiar. Now, just like your circle, visualize it and spend as much time as necessary imagining it until it is perfectly clear. You now want to insert yourself into your dream. You didn’t know you were dreaming, did you? Well, you are, and it is time to step into that dream. Start to feel the environment: the temperature, the way the air feels and smells, and the sounds around you. Look down at your hands, then your feet. Spin very slowly in a circle and examine your surroundings. Tell yourself that you are dreaming and everything you see is in your head. Now, you are in control. The dream environment is yours to do with as you please. What will you do? Be sure to comment and let everyone know what you did in your personal dream environment.

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5 Replies to “Wake Induced Dream”

  1. Jesus Chaney says:

    I have tried both WILD and other techniques like using a dream watch or timepiece. While WILD may take a little longer for you to get the hang of, your success rate will be much higher than other techniques. Thanks for giving a pretty easy to understand overview of this.

  2. Liyah Bradshaw says:

    It should be noted not to use idoses while you are doing the actual technique. You want to do them during your hour or two of relaxing before. The doses can get pretty specific and can enhance your dreams later. To start, stick with the easy ones and use them before but not during.

  3. Jean Holman says:

    It was not mentioned so I’ll be the one to say it. if you are looking for a dream sex experience then you must use binaural doses. Don’t skip them I have never had sex dreams so clear since I was a teen (I’m in my 50s).

  4. Ayah Bull says:

    This goes great with marijuana-based CBDs. Try taking a CBD dab with your sleepy tea before you try any lucid dreams and you might notice enhanced clarity. I did. I know iDoser has a CBD simulation but I haven’t tried it. Anyone try lucid dreaming and virtual CBD dose from iDoser?

  5. Addison Gordon says:

    Binaural beats and lucid dreaming go together like peanut butter and jelly. I don’t control my dreams without binaural beats anymore.

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