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August 5, 2014

Future of Digital Dosing

One of the true innovators in Binaural Brainwave Technology takes times to explain the importance of simulated experiences. What is a simulated experience, and how do you digitally  dose?With years of exploratory market research before ever releasing a product, I-Doser has been innovating for close to a decade. While the pitch may seem far fetched: using audio beats to tune your brain to a specific hertz level, thereby achieving a form of simulated experience… It is something I-Doser users swear by (they claim an 83% success rate – meaning almost everybody who has tried a digital dose has felt an effect at least once.) But, we should start at the beginning. Take a look at this new promo video that covers the vast range of products this company offers:


Dosing Overview


Not only does I-Doser have the absolute largest collection of digital doses available anywhere (they literally have hundreds of doses) – AND we already know they are by far the most advanced and effective. BUT, they are also available on nearly any device. Want to dose in any of the following ways? I-Doser has you covered from any angle. I will save you some searching if you simply want to jump to your device of choice:


Get I-Doser for Mobile Devices and Tablets
Get I-Doser for PC and MAC
Get I-Doser on CD or MP3


After so long releasing top quality product that seems to have taken the world by storm, I would be amiss if I didn’t mention they just released their 2014 Dose collection – and it is amazing!


2014 Digital Drugs


The future of binaural brainwaves seems bright because one company has the leadership to move forward investing and delivering top quality binaural doses at prices we can all afford – all while keeping it exciting and fresh! The future of dosing? It’s here, and I’m sold. Are you?


Don’t take our word for it
Click to Visit I-Doser.

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