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One of the biggest releases in binaural history has arrived with the unveiling of the Premium Collection of New Doses, available exclusively at Want more? is notorious for taking years to design, develop, QA and release a dose (spending close to five years on some early doses). Whenever a new release from I-Doser is revealed, the entire binaural brainwave industry and its’ followers take immediate notice. That is why this is such a big deal: I-Doser has just released dozens of new binaural brainwave doses, dose packs and instand download MP3s and CDs. There hasn’t been a binaural release this historic in many many years. We advise you to take a few minutes and check out what may go down in as one of the most significant binaural releases in the history of the science.

New 2014 Collection

Can you guess the new doses? CLICK HERE to find out only at If you can’t guess from the pictures above (and this is a very small sample of what I-Doser has released) then I suggest you head over to where the new doses and dose packs have been revealed. I have personally tried a few, and let me say: these are above and beyond anything you have ever experienced in dosing before. I-Doser also released a cool teaser video to hype up the releases of these new doses. Rumor is it was directed by someone (quasi) famous. Even if not true, it’s a fun video and worth watching just to get pumped about these amazing new dose releases available at

New Dose Trailer

CLICK HERE to watch the 2014 dose trailer. It is a fun diversion and something that really got me excited about these new releases at If using I-Dosers Windows and Mac software to play their new amazing dose sets is just a bit out of reach for you (even though their software is free) – then there is another great option. I-Doser offers instant-download MP3 Packs and CDs with always-free shipping! You can order up a few packs and play the MP3s on any device, or the CDs on a standard stereo CD Player. It’s amazing that I-Doser gives those of us not computer savvy a way to experience the powerful binaural dosing sessions. Visit to see the MP3 and CD collections.

New CDs and MP3s

CLICK HERE to see the new CDs and MP3 Packs available at These compilations mix powerful binaurals with ambient moodscape music to create the best introduction to binaural dosing ever created.


Some users begin with the music MP3 doses
and THEN move on to the Mac and PC software doses.
Software Doses can be longer (and sometimes stronger)

Advanced dosers tend to mix both
the MP3s for shorter on-the-go sessions
and THEN computer doses for at-home dosing sessions.

I-Doser is the only company that gives you truly innovative ways to integrate dosing into your daily life.

In summery:



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