Activate Consciousness

Activate Consciousness

We’re all trying to activate consciousness in order to reach the miracle place within. This is where you’re at your greatest potential. Let’s use powerful vibration therapy to tap into your own inner abundance. This trending wellness technique might just change your perception of reality.

Activate Consciousness

We are all observers. When you activate your inner witness, you immediately activate consciousness. Therefore, spiritual awareness and our perception of reality are some aspects of ego. Mindfulness, meditation, or vibration therapy results in a stimulation of the observer within. This witness mode is a more expanded aspect of self. It is capable of purely perceiving. The acknowledgment of a higher, more expansive aspect of yourself is the first step in altering your perception of reality. With vibration therapy you will ultimately move towards the freedom of spiritual enlightenment and activate consciousness.

As you learn to activate the observer with vibration therapy or harmonic healing, you will almost immediately start seeing stress and drama triggers from a different perspective. This altered perception of reality is the first side effect when you activate consciousness. Therefore, you’ll be able to observe yourself acting in a manner that is aligned with the perspective of your lower ego. You can then avoid the adverse effect these negative vibrations have on those around you – including yourself. Vibration therapy is about activating the inner observer who will help you match your actions with your positive perception of reality.

Activate Consciousness

Perspective Shift

As you activate consciousness, perspective seems to shift almost immediately. You will first start to notice this in yourself. Then, in those who surround you. With your altered perception of reality, and continued vibration therapy, you will have super-power warning system – the inner observer. Consequently, being able to pick up on positive and negative vibrations will make you more susceptible to people’s mood. Likewise, you will be able to more easily avoid the bad, and align yourself with the good. Ready to activate consciousness with vibration therapy?

Vibration Therapy

Like any behavior, triggering the observer within becomes habitual when we practice vibration therapy regularly. As we continue to activate consciousness and change our perception of reality, our wellness practice become part of our new mindful lifestyle. When you expand your perception of reality on a regular basis, shifting to a higher perspective becomes second nature. But how do you integrate vibration therapy into your lifestyle? It’s actually very easy.

Mindfulness meditation is a great exercise for strengthening our ability to activate the observer within. High-tech methods like binaural beat vibration therapy from reputable companies like iDoser have proven to be highly effective. Audio induction can literally tune your body to specific vibrations. Either with or without vibration therapy like iDoser, it’s best to begin practicing this perception of reality shift when you’re in an optimistic place emotionally.

Reality Shift

Firstly, to activate consciousness, simply begin watching yourself as you think and choose certain actions. In addition, instead of just witness, try to feel the negative and positive moods and climate around you. At home, use continued vibration therapy music, apps, and software from companies like iDoser to better tune yourself. This will help your become acclimated to your new perception of reality and you will soon be able to activate consciousness on-demand.

You may start to feel certain vibrations, good and bad, that surround you. For now, just feel these. Vibration therapy is about being witness to the surroundings. Observe the thoughts as they form in your mind and follow them to see where they go. Observe the moods of others, their words, and their thoughts. The moment you become observant and activate consciousness, you’ve achieved success in altering your perception of reality. Meet the the observer within! What is the next step? You are now ready for your biggest change to your perception of reality yet. HOLD ON!

Vibration Therapy

Perception of Reality

Are you using powerful technology like iDoser vibration therapy? Your perception of reality has been changed for the positive. You have worked hard to activate your consciousness. You love this new positive wellness lifestyle, but what’s next? The pineal gland is the door to a heightened sense of awakening and consciousness. It may even alter your current perception of reality. Yes, it is common to have several awakenings over the course of our life. Are you ready for your next awakening?

THIS is the answer to crucial questions like how to get real superpowers. Although the pineal gland is present in everyone, not everyone can obtain these powers. You know how to activate your consciousness, but how-to activate super consciousness? You need to activate an organ to do so. iDoser vibration therapy is almost crucial at this point. Activation takes a lot time and practice. Your perception of reality shifting is a life-changing occurrence. We’re asking that to happen again.

Deeper Layers

For each layer of reality we discover, it becomes harder to reveal deeper layers of observance. Subsequently, this is third-eye awakening levels of perception. It’s beyond simply using mindfulness to activate consciousness. Many of us don’t have a lifetime to achieve this. This is why iDoser vibration therapy is vital.  This is not as instant as activating your inner observer. For some people, pineal gland activation happens in a few weeks, while for some it might take a few years. In conclusion, a small percentage will never have true activation, no matter the amount of work they put into it. Without powerful vibration therapy technology, it becomes harder to achieve. Once achieved, however, you will have found another later to your perception of reality.

Perception of Reality leads the vibration therapy industry with over a decade of experience helping users activate consciousness. See why over 10 million users use vibration therapy to achieve success. Visit for your free meditation starter kit and alter your perception of reality today.

Activate Consciousness


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5 Replies to “Activate Consciousness”

  1. Hania Robinson says:

    Some other good forms of audio meditation for me has been ASMR, binaural beat, and (to some extent) subliminal. Although the subliminal scene was hit with so many scams on youtube over the past year or two I don’t think many people trust it anymore. These guys were claiming they could change your eyes color by whispering over stock audio. Kinda funny.

  2. 20 years in the yoga industry. I can’t stress this enough: Meditate. This really should be your first step. Become comfortable with meditation, improve your diet, and get some good exercise. Third eye awakening will come much easier if you do some lifestyle cleanup before going too deep.

  3. Wow I remember idosing from like over a decade ago. I think I had their iphone app back then. I should check if I still have it. I used to love their audio sessions.

  4. Alby Conner says:

    I have been meditating my whole life and always used those nature music CDs. A few years ago I switched to isochronic audio (no headphones required). It didn’t have much effect. I went back to nature music but then heard about binaurals (required headphones). That was the most significant change to my routine in decades. Give it a try. Great for sleep too.

  5. Don’t erven think about starting pineal hand activation unless you have reached a very comfortable level of success with your standard practices. Not mentioned here, but it can be too much for people who are especially susceptible to outside forces.

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