Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?

Since invented powerful induction audio that is letting people have Lucid Dreams at an astounding 83% success rate AND took the entire concept of dream control mainstream, we’ve been getting loads of questions about the safety of Lucid Dreaming. How dangerous can it be?

Lucid Dreaming is the act of directing and remembering your dreams. You are both aware and in control as you dream, with complete power over the outcome of your dreams. You also have the ability to fully remember every detail upon waking. In the past, this kind of dream control and recall took years of lucid dreaming training. In the past few years, has helped millions of people control and remember their dreams through binaural induction technology. As they say: with great power comes great responsibility. So as you use the iDoser technology to control dreams, what do you need to know about the dangers? If you die in a lucid dream, can you die in real life? If lucid dreams move into astral projection and you leave your body – is there a chance you won’t return? What if a dream turns to a nightmare while you’re in control, what happens? If you get good enough at lucid dreaming, can you confuse real life with you dream life? What are the implications of this confusion? Is lucid dreaming addicting, and are their withdrawals? Is there any danger to using amateur or homegrown techniques to achieve dream control and recall over professional services like Let’s  explore all this and more as we work towards integrating lucid dream control into your daily life.


Let’s start with the “how” of lucid dreaming. You probably fall into one of two categories: you barely, if ever, remember your dreams OR you sometimes remember your dreams, but not with any regularity and you don’t have dream awareness. You have never controlled a dream. If you are interested in the process, we recommend you visit They have free technology, video tutorials, software and apps that will have you lucid dreaming in no time. What was once a niche group of Dream Warriors has become a 10 million plus user group of dreamers who have found profound benefits in understanding, controlling, and remembering dreams. While there are other forms of lucid control, we have to advise against amateur streaming, YouTube, or other forms of “brainwave” or “power” audio that claim any form of lucidity. These amateur binaurals can regress any progress made with professional level techniques and can seriously hinder results. This is where the real danger in lucidity is – as poorly produced amateur brain audio can regress meditation, yoga, sleep patterns, REM and more. You can regain some lost Zen if you have used amateur brain audio by going with a professional who backs their technology with actual research. The regression from amateur binaurals can be reversed with the use of professional techniques. Once you are on the right track, what are the dangers you need to know about? This is where it gets interesting.

Healing Lucid Dreaming

Let’s get this out of the way. If you die in a dream you will NOT die in real life. You may wake up scared, sweating, and in distress – but a dream death is not a life death and some users have even explored death in dreams as part of loss healing. As you gain experience lucid dreaming, you will find that you’ll have control over the type of dream you want. There are those who may be into terror, facing the afterlife, discovering the unknown – where death in dreams is not a scary experience, but an exhilarating learning experience. You will also never confuse the dreaming life with the real life. While using techniques developed by iDoser, you WILL have dreams that feel and act as real as life. However, our body has mechanisms designed to differentiate dreams and reality, and you will never confuse the two. As you become better at lucid dreaming, you may take the act into astral projection. This could happen by mistake, or intentional – as a way to leave your physical body and to travel into astral plains through lucid induction. There should never be a fear of not returning to your body, as our soul keeps us tethered. You will never be lost or unable to return to your physical being, so you shouldn’t be afraid to explore as you become a master of dreams. You will have to face the inevitable, however: Nightmares.

Cure Nightmares and Insomnia

With or without the knowledge of lucid dreaming, you will have to face nightmares. Even Dream Masters sometimes have a negative nightmare sneak into their controlled dream. This can sometimes spiral into sleep terror or sleep paralysis. This is especially true for early learners of iDoser techniques as it is a natural progression to fall in and out of control as you learn. It is important to always stay calm, think positive, and try to regain control. If this becomes more common an issue, iDoser has developed additional technology for nightmares, insomnia, sleep terror or paralysis. Remember, lucid dreaming is safe, and one might argue even essential to personal insight. Remember to avoid amateur producers of brain audio, use professional techniques developed by iDoser or other sleep and dream research centers, and stay connected – to yourself, to your dreams, and to life.

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5 Replies to “Are Lucid Dreams Dangerous?”

  1. Tim Arnold says:

    I tried for literally years to have a lucid dream and gave up. I would get close, having a little bit of lucidity but not much else. Come to find out i was using “fake” brain music from amateurs and it was hurting my chances. I began to mediate, started using pro doses from IDOSE and thinkgs changed. I can lucid on command now. I don’t do it as much because it can be tiring the next day, but I have mastered it thank to IDOSE.

  2. Tina Torfay says:

    I love iDoser. I have been with them for over a decade. If you are into any form of meditation, yoga, or dream control then you should go with them. Is there a users group? Id love to meet some of the others.

  3. I laugh at those youtube providers that post a binaural every week or so. Those in the know – binaurals take longer than a week to research. So happy to see people are finally starting to see the light and get real content. I’ve been saying forever that binaurals are the new wave of meditation if done correct.

  4. Linda Coherrta says:

    +1 for idosing. Have used them for years.

  5. Anon Reader says:

    For those not checking be sore to look at the vids in this article too. They make some really great video tutors that extend on this article. For those that dont click through normally its worth it this time.

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