Aura Color Meanings

Our aura is an essential part of who we are. Therefore, it is beneficial to know aura color meanings. Knowing cosmic vibration colors is essential to self-spiritual evaluation. Use this free aura test to check the color of your aura.

Aura Color Meanings

What is an Aura?

The aura has long been described as an electronic and magnetic energy field that surrounds all of us. The shape can best be described as oblong, or in the shape of an egg. The aura consists of many different layers, each with their own meaning. It can get complicated. Therefore, we will be focusing on the brightest and most outer-facing layer. Most noteworthy, our aura has the powerful ability to affect our mood, emotion, thinking, conduct, and health. A state of disparity in our aura leads to a state of unevenness in our life. Consequently, it is beneficial to know aura color meanings so you can take action with apps, software, and other mindfulness tools. Even more, to know our cosmic vibration colors will help us to better manage our spiritual frequencies. Before you take our free aura test to determine your color, let’s discuss the cosmic vibration colors.

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Are Auras Real?

Certainly, auras are very real. Furthermore, the explanation varies among spiritual viewpoints. Most noteworthy, everything is made of energy. This energy field is used to send out vibrations. Auras are a secret electric transmission system of unknown language that can be detected with a free aura test. In contrast, we are unsure if this energy field is a manifestation of the spiritual or physical self. Furthermore, not everyone believes that auras are a reflection of your spiritual self. Above all, an aura is a field of energy we diffuse. You physical or spiritual belief past that is your own. Even more, this energy has a color. Before we discuss aura color meanings, we need to better understand our own cosmic vibration colors.

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What Are Aura Colors?

First of all, the energy we are transmitting is colored. Some believe that the color of your aura might determine your emotions, spirituality, mood, and health. An aura might also vary in brightness. If you are in a good place, your aura will glow bright. If you are experiencing stress, your aura might appear dull or dim. This could be an indication you are sick, depressed, or need mindful alignment with technology or other methods. Above all, know that your aura changes over time. Brightness and color might change over time. Use a free aura test every few months to check the status of your aura. You can then compare the results to aura color meanings. Your cosmic vibration colors are your own. Ready to take the free aura test?

Free Aura Test

Let’s take a free aura test. This will tell you the color of your aura and aura color meanings. First of all, you’ll have ten questions in total. even more, you should give yourself about five seconds to answer each question. Most noteworthy, count the total number of stars you achieve as you move through this aura classification. Above all, there is no wrong answer. Therefore, answer each question honestly for the results to be accurate. Even more, it may be helpful to have something to write on to keep track of your stars.

aura color meanings free aura test cosmic vibration colors

Aura Personality and Energy

Question 1

The first question in the free aura test is: How do you feel right now? most noteworthy, do you currently feel energized, relaxed, or uncomfortable? In contrast, do you feel indifferent? Maybe none of these feels currently apply? Think about how you felt when you woke up, and your general mood up until this point. Did you use any mindfulness tech today? Your aura color meanings are not wholly based on mood. So, answer honestly. If you have felt energized today, you get three stars. Relaxed gets four stars, and uncomfortable gets one star. If you felt generally indifferent, with no strong mood in a positive or negative direction, you get two stars.

Question 2

What is your favorite flavor? In this free aura test, follow instinct. Do you enjoy foods or desserts that are sweet, spicy, salty, or sour? You should answer now what you might be craving in this moment, but what you generally enjoy most often. If you chose sweet, you get three stars. Spicy gets one star, salty gets two stars, and sour gets four stars. Remember, stay positive! Add these stars to your previous, and keep a running total of stars.

Question 3

Which of the following colors would you rather wear? This is simply color preference. Don’t choose based on a perceived meaning of cosmic vibration colors. Do you have a favorite color of clothing? Even more, do you enjoy colors in the red spectrum, purple, blue or white? Above all, is there a dominate color gamut you happen to be wearing right now? Take a very deep breath. If you chose a red, you get one stars. Purple gets two stars, blue gets four stars, and white gets three stars.

Question 4

We will continue on our path to aura color meanings. First of all, what kind of music do you prefer? Other than advanced induction meditation music. Do you enjoy compositions that make you feel like dancing, loving, energetic, or melancholy? Most noteworthy, consider how often you listen to music, and where your preferences most typically fall.  If you enjoy music that makes you want to dance, you get three stars. Loving music gets two stars, energetic gets one star, and melancholy gets two stars.

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Aura Dreams and Desires

Question 5

Our free aura test continues with your dreams and desires. Where are you most likely to be in your dreams?  Above all, do you dream of your home, your school or work, a vacation, or a place from your past? Furthermore, think of your most recent dreams. Most noteworthy, where did they take place? Have you used any lucid dream technology? If you most dream of your home, you get four stars. School or work gets one star, vacation gets three stars, and your past gets two stars.

Question 6

Our cosmic vibration colors might shift based on mood. Hence, which of the following makes you happiest? Most noteworthy, Do you find most joy in success, being in nature, laughing, or romance? Furthermore, imagine the last time you were very happy. Which of these categories does that event best fall into?  If you are happiest when you are achieving success, you get one star. Nature gets four stars, laughing gets three stars, and romance gets two stars.

Question 7

Where do you feel most peaceful and calm? Our aura color meanings are best when we are at peace. Hence, do you find tranquility in a small town, a large city, a mountain forest, or near the sea? Close your eyes, where would you rather be? Where do you feel safe and comfortable? If you selected a small town, you get two stars. A large city gets one star, forest gets four stars, and the sea gets three stars.

Aura Spirit and Path

Question 8

The last section of our free aura test is based on spirit and path. Consequently, I want you to choose an earth element. Even more, you can select from fire, earth, water, or air. Furthermore, pick the element that first comes to mind. You can meditate on some frequency response and see what calls to you. Which element do you best connect with, or are you most drawn to? If your first inclination is fire, you get one star. Earth gets four stars, water gets two stars, and air gets three stars.

Question 9

Our cosmic vibration colors change with mood. Most noteworthy, there is a root in personal growth. Therefore, let’s play an association game. Which of these animals reflects your personality? Most noteworthy, do you most relate to a turtle, a puppy, a lion, or a bird? If you had to choose one of these animals as your spirit guide, which would you choose? If you selected a turtle, you get four stars. A puppy gets two stars, lion gets one star, and a bird gets three stars.

Question 10

You are very close to knowing your aura color meanings. Finally, what do you wish others would envy about you?  Above all, do you wish you were most considered for your looks, your status, or your creativity? In contrast, would prefer that people didn’t envy anything about you? Even more, this should be an honest and upfront answer. Take a look deep inside as you consider your choice. If you wished to be envied for your looks, you get two stars. Your status gets one star, and your creativity gets three stars. If you wish people didn’t envy at all, you get four stars.

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Cosmic Vibration Colors

Finally, the free aura test is complete. You should count the total stars you earned from each of the ten questions so we can determine your cosmic vibration colors. The more honest you answered the question, the more accurate your aura color meanings will be. An aura is a pulsating, living, and dynamic field that surrounds us all. It is ever changing and ever evolving. Be sure to return to this test on occasion to reclassify your aura.

Red Aura Spectrum

First of all, your aura is in the red spectrum if you got from ten to seventeen stars in our free aura test. A red aura is one that is high in energy. Certainly, this may be stressful or negative energy. You can resolve this, however. You may have some unresolved anger or fear. Red, however, shows that you have impressive passion and strength. You are able to effectively solve conflicts. You are reliable and strong-willed with your red aura. Your red aura may also indicate love or a new romance. You might be in a passionate mindset.

Purple Aura Spectrum

Furthermore, your aura is in the purple spectrum if you got from eighteen to twenty-five stars. A purple aura means you are feeling love, sincerity, affection, grace, or generosity. One of the most beautiful cosmic vibration colors. Most noteworthy, you have achieved good mindfulness symmetry in your life. You understand the balance between spiritual and material. There is love and love energy in your life. You tend to spread positivity and healing energy. The purple aura is unique. You should feel your beautiful aura with love and meditation. Nurture your beautiful purple aura.

White Aura Spectrum

Your aura is in the white spectrum if you got from twenty-six to thirty-two stars. A white aura shows you have achieved balance. There are very positive aura color meanings here. First of all, you are creative. You can be innovative, creative, and intelligent. You lean more towards the spiritual than the physical. Your unique energy level means you can be very intuitive. Work on your intuition, and follow its’ guidance. White is the combination of all colors. This means you have all the auras. You have a highly evolved and powerful aura.

Blue Aura Spectrum

First of all, your aura is in the blue spectrum if you got from thirty-three to forty stars in our free aura test. Consequently, your aura is cool, calm, and collected. Hence, you tend to be a very loyal and kind person. Most noteworthy, the power of the empath is in you, and you should seek spiritual training to evolve that control. You can read and understand people and surroundings with ease. Use your evolved intuition as your guide to success. Your blue aura is a powerful source of energy for you.

free aura test aura color meanings cosmic vibration colors

What result did you get? Please help make this aura classification test more accurate. Post your results in the comments. Your experience report will help us fine tune this test to be the most accurate aura classification examination available anywhere.

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8 Replies to “Aura Color Meanings”

  1. Stevee Limee says:

    I am not really sure I believe that we are all surrounded by invisible color fields that are based (in part in the test anyway) where you live. It was an interesting read though.

  2. tim arachne says:

    There is some truth to this. I am an empath who has been able to see aura color since I was born. I have a blazing white aura that was confirmed by the test. I don’t know if that is a coincidence or not. It was accurate for me.

  3. Scott Lee says:

    What about other colors? Can an aura be yellow, green, black? Or are auras only limited to the color you list here? Maybe a healer can shed some light on this? Hehe “light”

  4. How often does the color of your aura change? Can it shift in color based on your mood? Is it always red when you are in love or angry?

    1. Judith Collins says:

      See my book “How to See and Read the human Aura” (Judith Collins) for a description of all colours show in the human aura. Dark brown, tan, olive green, mustard yellow etc. etc. And how to interpret the colours when they are blended together. Such as Dark brown, dark burgundy and , burnt orange around your feet area signifies a practical journey driven by self-empowerment, practical skills and commonsense. And aura is a reflection of how you operate and what you feed your mind, emotions and body.

    2. Judith Collins says:

      Your aura is a reflection of who you are – your relationships, youself-beliefs, your self-awareness, life stresses, your health. You aura is not one colour. It is a blend of lots of colours with dozens of shade variations which move about and change as you cope and deal with the issues within yourself as well as relationships, work, money, spiritual development etc. The colour of love is made up of many colours. Both rich and pale hues. The love that binds and enjoys 50 years of marriage. The love of passion. The love of friendship. The love of a parent for their child. Deceitful / Betrayal love. Loss of life Love. My book How To See and Read The Human Aura which I wrote thirty years ago, explains it all.

  5. Zentee Wood says:

    I have a white aura but I have no idea how accurate this is. Is there any way I can confirm this? Is there anything I can do to actually see my aura?

  6. Kuruvoli Buludrau says:

    Blue aura… accurate analysis as yes I am an empath and kind hearted ?… at times to a fault. .

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