Silver Play Button Tutorial

Silver Play Button Tutorial

Silver Play Button Tutorial is a look at the YouTube Creator Rewards. How do popular YouTube channels reach 100,000 subscribers? What is the secret to getting a Play Button Award? It’s not as easy as you might think.

Silver Play Button Tutorial

Path to Silver Play Button

In this Silver Play Button Tutorial, I ‘m going to talk honestly about how we achieved success on YouTube. First of all, the iDoser YouTube Channel has grown to become one of the world’s top sources of mindful tutorials, music videos, ASMR, and much more. Furthermore, iDoser achieved over 100,000 subscribers in only 2 years of work. Certainly, iDoser has been an established company for well over a decade. Consequently, I cannot speak to how other popular YouTube channels have accomplished success. Rather, I will tell you how iDoser received one of the YouTube Creator Rewards with this amazing Mindfulness YouTube Channel.

Furthermore, what does it take to receive a YouTube Silver Play Button? Was it difficult becoming one of the most popular meditative lifestyle YouTube channels? Also, what is the Silver Play Button like? Furthermore, what is a Silver Play Button made of? (Hint: it’s not just silver). Are you considering becoming a creator capable of achieving this level of success?  Rather, are you interested in the process, drive, and dedication it takes to receive one of the YouTube creator rewards? Let’s start at the beginning. First of all, what is a Silver Play Button?

YouTube Silver PlayAward About popular youtube channels

What is a Silver Play Button?

You should know about the YouTube Creator Rewards. This is a prerequisite to the Silver Play Button Tutorial. The YouTube Play Buttons are part of the YouTube Creator Rewards Program. First of all, these physical plaques are recognition by YouTube of its most popular YouTube channels. Consequently, they are based on the number of subscribers a YouTube channel has.

Therefore, the Silver Play Button Award is given to those channels reaching over 100,000 subscribers. Certainly, the iDoser Mindfulness YouTube Channel is an example of this. These awards are different from the YouTube Awards, which were intended to recognize the best quality videos. In contrast, Play Buttons are awarded based on subscriber count.

Likewise, the YouTube Creator Rewards are awarded at the discretion of YouTube. Each YouTube channel is reviewed before an award is issued. If a channel does not meet the established community guidelines, they will not receive an award. Hence, channels that have been denied a reward include political, re-post scam, clickbait, horror, or channels containing violence. Finally, there have been several versions of the Silver Play Button over the years. The original was made of nickel-plated alloy.

An updated version is mostly nickel, with small amounts of carbon, zinc, and miscellaneous metals. The award has also gone through several design changes. In 2018 the look of the Silver Play Button was updated. It changed from a metal button within a window-box to a flat metal plaque. They used to print channel names on the front glass pane. This has been updated to a metal embossing. iDoser is a mindfulness YouTube channel that has received this award.

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How To Get a Silver Play Button

The Silver Play Button Tutorial will teach you, step-by-step, how to get a YouTube Award. First of all, the Silver Play Button is one of the YouTube Creator Rewards. A Silver Play Button Award is mailed to those channels that reach over 100,000 subscribers.

Hence, if you are lucky enough to become one of these popular YouTube channels, you will receive this award. Consequently, when you reach this level, you will get an award email from YouTube. This contains a redemption code and website. You enter the redemption code along with your shipping information. They then mail the Silver Play Button. There are some caveats, however.

YouTube’s will give awards at their discretion. YouTube states they will only recognize creators that have “played by the rules.” Re-post scam channels, clickbait garbage, and violence will never be rewarded on YouTube. We have seen this a lot in the binaural community. YouTube has been cracking down on scam binaural and subliminal channels. Even more, a channel review happens before they give an award.

Creators must have no copyright strikes, community guideline violations, or artificially increased subscriber counts. As for what it takes to reach 100,000 subscribers? First of all, make at least one upload a week of good, quality, non-clickbait content. Furthermore, engage in you subscribers though social media, comments, and the YouTube community area. Also, have a unique, different, and non-saturated idea as a baseline for your channel. Consequently, you might even get a better award than the Silver Play Award. What are the other YouTube Creator Rewards?

YouTube Creator Rewards

Gold Play Button

So maybe you have used our silver play button tutorial. Furthermore, you are now one of the most popular YouTube channels. Finally, you have your Silver Play Award. What are the remaining YouTube Creator Rewards?  First of all, the Gold Play Button is for channels that reach or surpass 1 million subscribers. They make it of gold-plated brass, and it is not 100% gold as some have suggested.

In 2018 the look of the Gold Play Button got an update. It is now a metal button and a window box for a cleaner-looking flat design plaque award. This is a similar design update to the Silver Play Award. most noteworthy, many channels have achieved 1 million subscribers. This reward is not that rare anymore.

A Message for the Mindful about youtube creator rewards and popular youtube channels

Diamond Play Button

Way past the silver play button tutorial is the Diamond Award. This is one of the most coveted YouTube creator rewards. You must be one of the most popular YouTube channels. The Diamond Play Button is for channels that reach or surpass 10 million subscribers. They make it of a silver-plated metal inset with a large piece of crystal in the shape of a play button triangle.

This crystal is the main differentiator when comparing to previous awards. There are currently only around 400 channels that have reached this level. Consequently, the Diamond Play Button is a much scarcer achievement. But it is not the rarest.

Ruby Play Button

The Ruby Play Button is for channels that reach or surpass 50 million subscribers. First of all, these are only for the absolute most popular YouTube channels in existence. Therefore, only three channels have one of these YouTube Creator Rewards. Most noteworthy, we name it the “Custom Award.” YouTube does not necessarily make it of Ruby or even color it Red.

Furthermore, the Ruby nomenclature came about because PewDiePie received a Ruby award for his channel. However, each award is completely custom-made for each winner and is not necessarily Ruby. Who has won some of YouTube’s most prestigious awards? Finally, let’s take a look at the winners that have long passed the silver play button tutorial.

Popular YouTube Channels

Gold Play Button Winners

The Gold Play Button is awarded to those channels that reach over 1 million subscribers. This is actually pretty common. But our silver play button tutorial stops at silver for now (unfortunately). However, there are many popular YouTube channels that have reached this goal. On average, about 4 YouTube channels hit 1 million subscribers every single day.  Most noteworthy, it takes an average of 4 years of quality content creation to get to this level.

However, data suggests this number is drastically shrinking. These YouTube creator rewards are somewhat common. On average, channels with 1 million subscribers have over 250 posted videos.  Consequently, this is an amazing accomplishment, but not the rare milestone it used to be. Have you achieved this level of success? most noteworthy, do you have what it takes to reach Diamond?

Best Mindful Music for Receives YouTube Creator Rewards and popular youtube channels

Diamond Play Button Winners

First of all, there are currently only about 75 recipients of the Diamond Play Button. No, we don’t have a tutorial for this. The silver play button tutorial is as far as we go. Winners of these YouTube creator rewards include bands like BlackPink that have surpassed 10 million subscribers. Furthermore, other examples include popular YouTube channels like Shane Dawson and Markiplier. Most noteworthy, the fastest creator in the platform’s history to reach the milestone happened in just 333 days by Logan Paul.

Above all, to achieve this level of success takes life-encompassing dedication, passion, and drive. As great as 10 million subscribers is, this is not the top-tier award. There are special “custom awards” as well.

Ruby Play Button Winners

We refer to the Ruby Play Button as a “Custom Play Button.” We wish we had a ruby tutorial, but for now we can only reference our silver play button tutorial. Someday! First of all, creators that reach 50 million subscribers receive this award. It is the most prestigious of the YouTube creator rewards.

Only the world’s absolute most popular YouTube channels have received these. It has no definite shape or color. They engrave the channel logo into the award. They make the “custom award”  exclusively on a per-channel bases. So far, YouTube gave the award to only three channels. PewDiePie, T-Series, and 5-Minute Crafts have reached 50 million subscribers.

Silver Play Button Tutorial for YouTube Creator Rewards

Can You Get a Silver Play Button?

First of all, there’s a lot done to recognize the amount of effort and dedication creators like the iDoser Mindfulness Channel put into their content. Furthermore, YouTube has done a good job of supporting and encouraging creators with the YouTube Creator Awards.

Certainly, our silver play button tutorial is a good first-look at YouTube’s award system. But, above all, it is only the beginning. iDoser hopes to become one of the most popular YouTube channels for your mindfulness lifestyle. We think we can achieve this with your help. Visit our channel and get involved. Your input helps us to develop mindful technology for now and the future.

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  1. Luke Burke says:

    I am an aspiring creator and the hardest thing for me is creating content on a very regular schedule while consistently disappointed with view count. Any recommendations?

  2. frank terk says:

    The junk of it all is those channels that have to resort to cheap reposted content with clickbait titles. I heard youtube is banhammering these scam channels. I know a few I visit have been complaining in the youtube social feed.

  3. Skip Lassater says:

    I think many assume that getting to 100k is a walk in the park. It isn’t. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to your craft to get those kinds of numbers. It is always interesting to hear the behind the scenes.

  4. allison b. says:

    When are you going to teach us how to get to the 1 million award?

  5. Jane Skazzer says:

    It is kind of cool YouTube gives these out. How high is the quality? Anybody who has actually touched one have any input? Cheap or high-quality award? Real silver?

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