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Our auras interact constantly with external energies. It’s not uncommon for us to take on some of the good or bad vibrations of other people. Someone negative or hostile might put you in an adverse mood. You’ve probably taken on some of their bad radiance. Let’s learn to purify your aura.Usually it does not serve us well to absorb external energies into our own auras. Good energies that don’t originate from your inner self aren’t ideal either. Unfortunately, even the most practiced spiritualists struggle with aura protection. Our auras can harbor the energies of unwanted thought forms such as negativity, pessimism, jealousy, fear, and hate – and there is an abundance of negative energy around us all time. Even worse, unprocessed emotions, prescription or recreational drugs, and even processed food can taint the aura. There are countless foreign energies that can make our vibrational field less balanced and cause obstructions to the natural flow of energy in our aura. When your energy field is harboring unwanted vibrations, you may feel exhausted, depressed, unstable, unhappy, nervous, sick, or even just “not quite yourself”. We can clear our negative vibrations from our aura through various aura cleansing techniques that we will teach you. Doing an aura purification should make us feel stronger, happier, and balanced … more “yourself.” Expensive on-line psychics and energy healers may try to convince you that only THEY can help clear your field, but in almost all cases you can do it for yourself using some very low-tech methods, and a few high technology offerings as well.

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Cognitive cleansing is important because so many of us get substantial energies, feelings, and emotions built up in our auras.  Our auras, like our physical bodies, have natural release systems.  Many of us have “compromised” release systems because we are regularly exposed to LARGE doses of pressure and negativity, or because we don’t give ourselves the time we need every day to rest and relax. After a while our bodies get worn down, and so do our auras.  Negative energies come into our auric field in the form of day-to-day annoyances, as well as traumatic events.  Instead of being expelled, the negative energies stay internal. Having high stress levels can also prevent negative energy from being expelled.  Then accumulated energies can’t release as the body becomes more weakened by stress. Your psychic shield becomes compromised and you become weak as a result. Not only are the energies that are coming in not leaving, but also more energies are being allowed in than before. Even worse, these vibrations can be harmful or nonconstructive.  You may think you are protected through meditation, good friends and family, or a positive outlook on life. Unfortunately, the negative vibrations are strong. Odds are, you’ve already been compromised.

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Now you are aware that allowing negative energies into your field is not good or helpful for you.  You also now know you must keep your psychic shield strong, and practice spiritual protection.  The problem is that protection will have absolutely no effect if your aura does not go through periodic purification. It does no good to protect yourself from energies and spirits coming in from the outside if your aura has been negatively compromised on the inside. It won’t stop you from being weakened and poisoned by the negativity that is already there. The deepest kinds of negativity are on the emotional, spiritual, and mental level.  These are all day-to-day irritations, displeasure, hurt, pain, grievances, frustration, stress, and doubt that accumulate in your aura.  Negative thoughts can attach themselves to you.  If you are routinely exposed to other people in your environment who carry prolonged negative emotion such as grief, anger, confusion, or fear than you absolutely must perform this simple aura cleaning. It is incredibly easy, and something you can integrate into your life routine with just a little practice. Ready to clean your aura? Let’s get started.

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We will start with our most basic element: water. Water is a great purifier. Make sure to you drink approximately 9-12 cups of pure water on the day you will perform your purification ceremony. Take a warm bath before your aura purification in which one cup of sea salt has been dissolved. Use audio induction. Binaural brainwave technology from a reputable company like is used by millions to assist with spiritual purification. Use this science-based audio as a backdrop for your cleansing session. Make your own healing spray out of spring water and an essential oil such as lime, lemon, or juniper. In a spray bottle, mix a few drops of essential oil in a cup. Shake it up and spray it toward yourself. You should start every session with the physical act of accepting the cleansing mist. Light is also a classic aura cleanser. Lie or sit comfortably. Create a welcoming environment. Dim the lights and add scent your room. Sage is traditional, but other aromatic plants can work as well. Relax and breathe deeply and comfortably for a few minutes, allowing your body to relax and unwind. Imagine your body completely filled with white light. Visualize the white light purifying and restoring your body and displacing any negative or foreign energy. Give yourself time to enjoy this feeling. Spend five minutes breathing deeply. As you inhale, feel the clean air restoring, refreshing and renewing your energy field. As you exhale, feel your body being cleared of unwanted and negative energy. Purification is really that simple. The hardest part is finding the time to yourself to meditate and release negative energy. While not actively purifying, you should carry aura protection. Crystals are perfect for protection and are great aura purifiers. Get a quality smoky quartz crystal and keep it on you at all times for added protection.

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How do you know if your efforts have worked? You’ll feel better, relaxed, peaceful, and with a clear head. If your own efforts don’t seem to be working for you, then you may want to contact an experienced, reputable energy company. Sometimes we all need a little outside help. Visit for the worlds most advanced purification technology.

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4 Replies to “Aura Purification Tutorial”

  1. Carol Walters says:

    I have been using crystals (of the clear type) and binaural beats for years to clear myself of stress and bad vibes. I haven’t used idose yet but stay away from the youtube amateur stuff. Most of it is fake and can actually prevent healing. Especially the subliminal stuff.

  2. Carl Freeman says:

    Love this! Every article I have seen on energy healing is a hard sell for some psychic. Most people need to know you can do this yourself very easily. You are your own best energy healer!

  3. Carolyn Wellfair says:

    Also use healing audio for my sessions but haven’t made my own healing spray. Sounds easy. Nothing beats a good selection of entrainment before your meditate or just relax.

  4. Matt Lafrank says:

    Does idoser also work for other forms like chakra? My meditation group has brought it up several times but I haven’t put the money down to try it. Any good experiences with the idoser brand?

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