Binaural Beats Tested

In a 3-point study we will see how effective binaural beat entrainment technology is for creating powerful simulated moods and experiences, improving sleep, enhancing sexual experiences, awaking kundalini, chakra alignment, enhanced meditation and so much more. The results as astounding.

In choosing the brand of binaural beats to test on the human brain, iDoser was chosen as the most effective and powerful in the industry. leads the brain industry with over a decade of experience in mind audio. They have a passionate user base with some of the most advanced software and apps for creating simulated experiences.

Colleen Williams of K.N.B.C decided to use an iDoser dose intended to simulate the effects of alcohol while being monitored on brain scanning equipment. She has never used binaurals before and Psychiatrist Daniel Amen monitored the experiment and gave professional input. The results confirm how incredibly powerful iDoser brain binaural brain induction is.

Next a 30-person study with a research and methods team did a blind test on the effects of several iDoser brand binaural doses. The results were astounding, with many testers experiencing profound euphoria and transcendent experiences.

To see the results of these tests with binaural beat entrainment technology from iDoser, see the video below:

Binaural Beats Tested

Finally, in an iDoser peer review study was conducted with over 1000 users. An incredible 83% of users felt results from one or more iDoser brand binaural doses.

You can always try all this for yourself. iDoser is free to try at today. Over 10 million users worldwide have integrated iDoser brand binaural beats into their daily routine.

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4 Replies to “Binaural Beats Tested”

  1. Leon Brie says:

    I think I was one of the people who tested idoser. I remember the poll anyway. Forgot if I submitted it or not. For me, it works. BUT you have to have a good set of over ear headphones. They was the big thing for me. I always thought it didn’t work but I was just playing through my bedroom speakers. It didn’t work every time, but I was in the mostly every time category.

  2. Jennifer Grey says:

    This was fascinating! I have always wanted to see a brain readout of binaurals working.

  3. Erick Smith says:

    The idoze results are people expecting to have results so I am less impressed with that, although a 1000 user base is pretty high. I like the mri readout and the test group. Interesting stuff.

  4. Hillary Carter says:

    I have tried a lot of the youtube stuff but so much of it is so bad and I think it’s little kids trying to make that stuff and making crazy claims. I need to try a more pro brand I think.

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