Erotic Sleep Dreams

Lucid Dream Sex

What is the number ONE reason to have a lucid dream? Lucid dream sex. This gives you the nightly ability the ability to fulfill your ultimate fantasy. Let’s explore sexual lucidity. We will discuss how to be with your dream partner via erotic sleep dreams.

Lucid Dream Sex

Lucid dream sex is having sex while in a lucid dream. These can often be powerful erotic sleep dreams that you have control over. The vivid nature of sexual lucidity, coupled with the dreamer’s ability to control the dream scene, is what makes lucid dream sex lucrative to beginners. This is the perfect starting point for curious people who want try lucid dreaming.

It is a prospect most people will have at one point or another. Imagine being intimate with a long-time crush, a celebrity, an ex-lover, and so on. Lucid dream sex allows you to explore your deepest desires during very vivid and powerful erotic sleep dreams. In a dream world, you do not face the hardships or consequences of these sexual interactions in the real world.

Scientific studies have shown that the sexual act itself and the orgasm that follows in lucid dream sex includes the exact same physical responses as if it was done in real life. In erotic sleep dreams you have increased heart rate, muscular contractions, and even physical orgasms for both men and women. This is similar to wet dreams that pubescent teens go through during puberty. Lucid dream sex is a powerful experience. Want to have an erotic lucid dream? There are a few secrets to success.

W.I.L.D. Tutorial

Erotic Sleep Dreams

Having an erotic sleep dream that you control isn’t easy. Having lucid dream sex is not as easy as just having a sexual encounter in a dream. A common misconception about lucid dreaming is the idea that you can do whatever you want in your lucid dream. While technically this can be true for many other aspects of lucid dreaming, it is not the case when it comes to interacting with characters in the dream. Just as people are not objects to be manipulated outside in the real world, so too are dream characters not there simply for use for the dreamer.

There have been cases where the dreamer, despite being truly lucid, gets rejected by the dream character. Or worse, transforms into someone overtly aggressive. Even physical appearance in the dream can change to monstrous or terrifying under these circumstances. In fact, horrible character transformations are a common occurrence in lucid dream sex.

It’s not because the dreamer is not lucid dreaming correctly. It’s because when it comes to erotic sleep dreams, there has to be an intimate connection with the dream character. Believe it or not, it is just like it is in real life. Even a one-night stand starts with a spark, a common connection between the two participants, before it happens.

It is a basic human trait to desire a connection of some sort. Because many people can easily disregard this valuable part of the sexual experience, this is often brought into the dream. This causes the lucid dream sex experience to fail. Many will give up on sexual lucidity at this point. Make a connection. This is the key in initiating proper erotic sleep dreams. There are several ways to do this.

Easy Astral Projection Guide

Sexual Lucidity

Remember, proper sexual lucidity takes an intimate connection with the dream character. When you see your desired sexual partner in your dream, don’t just suddenly grab them and try to go straight to the act. Talk to them first. Remember that whoever that partner is, they are projections of how you know and see that person. This is from your own subconscious. Their motivations in that dream may not always be to have sex with you. Talking to them, learning about them, and them learning about you, helps create that necessary connection.

Keep eye contact. Just like how keeping eye contact in real life can show sincerity and being truthful, so too in the dream world. Eye contact is a very powerful tool, and doing so can greatly increase the chances that your partner will give consent and not suddenly transform into a hideous beast. Active audio enhancement has been shown to help achieve a mood as well.

Whatever sexual act you’re aiming for in your dream, don’t rush things. Let go and go through the motions. Why rush things when you can enjoy the experience fully? There are acts of intimacy that happen before sex. The same should be for a lucid sex dream. This is part of the process. Rushing beyond what your sexual dream partner is comfortable with may turn the experience sour. As a result, they may reject mid-act or the aforementioned terrifying transformation could happen.

Science of Sex to Music

Lucid Sex Music

You should be proficient in lucid dreaming to successfully achieve erotic sex dreams. Binaural beats have been proven to amplify and accelerate this process dramatically. has been leading the binaural brainwave industry for over a decade. Give their lucid sexual enhancement line a try if you are having trouble lucid dreaming.

Remember that lucid dream sex is a chance for you to explore your desires safely and in the confines of your own mind. Don’t be afraid to spend the time and experiment. Practice is key. If something goes wrong in your lucid sex dream, remember that you are in control.  You can simply choose to wake up from any erotic sleep dreams.

Keep dreaming, keep exploring, and keep feeling.

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5 Replies to “Erotic Sleep Dreams”

  1. Darren Huynh says:

    This happened to me. I became very proficient in lucid dreaming and wanted to explore sex in dreams. I thought I could just whatever I wanted, however I wanted it. I would get to the point of seeing my dream desire girl and then she would vanish when I made a move. Once I got to know her nightly over a month we finally had amazing lucid dream sex.

  2. Julio Brown says:

    It was strange for me. I couldn’t even remember a dream. I started using binaural brainwave doses every night and after 3 months I could have a lucid dream whenever I wanted. Now I can only have a lucid dream if I use an idosing dose before bed. Maybe they are some kind of trigger now.

  3. Carol Cannon says:

    I actually have a relationship with my imaginary dream partner. We have very meaningful conversations. They have become a close friend. We have sex but it is so much more than that. Refreshing to see an article that focuses on nurturing a relationship in the dream first. Trust me, it might be more important than the lucid dream sex.

  4. Russell Hawks says:

    The novelty of lucid dream sex will wear off. Explore away but the UNIVERSE is yours. Expand your mind and your soul and look beyond petty pleasures of the body once you have had your fill. That is where the true power of lucid dreams is.

  5. Joan Love says:

    Not said here. Multiple partners. Something many of us can’t or have no desire to experience in real life but in a dream you have several partners and explore that aspect. But I suppose that goes for any desire in you have in real life but don’t want to act on. Great stuff.

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