Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

How To Cure Jet Lag with Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

When we travel, our internal clock synchronizes to a different cycle. This disrupts your sleep cycle and causes Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis. Your circadian clock will reset itself in a few days. But we will teach you how to cure jet lag almost instantly with these jet lag prevention techniques …

Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

Are you a Road Warrior who has piled up thousands of Frequent Flier Miles? Or, are you someone who is planning a vacation to a distant location? You are likely to experience the phenomenon of jet lag or Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis, which can have a profound effect on your sleep and alertness. It’s time you learned some jet lag prevention techniques.

Every day, millions of people struggle against this common sleep disorder. For years, Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis was considered merely a state of mind and there was little in the way of jet lag prevention techniques. Now, studies have shown that the condition actually results from an imbalance in our body’s natural “biological clock” caused by traveling to different time zones. When learning how to cure jet lag, there are some important things you need to know. These jet lag prevention techniques are critical for travel.

Basically, our bodies work on a 24-hour cycle called “circadian rhythms.” These rhythms are measured by the distinct rise and fall of body temperature, plasma levels of certain hormones, and other biological conditions. All of these are influenced by our exposure to sunlight. They help determine when we sleep and when we wake.

When traveling to a new time zone, our circadian rhythms are slow to adjust and remain on their original biological schedule for several days. When learning jet lag prevention techniques, it is important you understand this. Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis results in our bodies telling us it is time to sleep, when it’s actually the middle of the afternoon. Or, it makes us want to stay awake when it is late at night. to learn how to cure jet lag? It’s not as hard as you think with some common jet lag prevention techniques.

Jet Lag Music for Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis

How To Cure Jet Lag

Two of the most important environmental cues for resetting your sleep-wake cycle is light and sound. When learning how to cure jet lag, you must take both into account. To better sync your body clock to your new time zone, intentionally expose yourself to bright light. We recommend using light boxes to slowly shift the circadian clock towards the destination time before the flight. You can buy a portable light box, but being outdoors in the sunshine is a powerful light source too. Why not try some positive affirmations while you engage in light therapy?

Just remember that timing is crucial. When you dose up on light depends on the direction in which you’re traveling. Exposing yourself to light at the wrong time could shift your circadian clock in the wrong direction and would not help Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis.

For instance, if you’re traveling west, like from Miami to Los Angeles, expose yourself to light post-flight by going outside under bright skies or using a light box later in the day, at dusk, and before bedtime. You’ll have an easier time staying up late while waking at an appropriate time for the PST time zone.

In addition to light, binaural frequencies have been proven to almost instantly alleviate Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis. Synchronizing your brainwaves to normal operating frequency can alleviate Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis in about 30 minutes. So, how to cure jet lag? Try using a specialized audio tracks of professional binaural beats from a reputable company like Combine this with a form of light therapy. Synchronization to your current time zone will happen in less than a half hour, with no exhaustion or disrupted sleep cycles.

What Is Mind Audio?

Jet Lag Prevention Techniques

How to cure jet lag for good? What are some good jet lag prevention techniques? The answer is deterrence. Jet lag does not usually require medical treatment, so we must use own jet lag prevention techniques. Do you suffer from Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis when you travel? There are some things you can do to avoid jet lag. These behavioral adjustments that can help you prevent jet lag before you travel.

Very simply, plan ahead. By slowly changing the time that you go to sleep and when you wake up in the weeks before your trip, you should have an easier time adjusting to the jet lag. When the time for the trip comes, your sleep schedule should be relatively close to that of your destination.

Use binaural induction. Many of us listen to music on a long trip. Instead of music, load of on specialized binaural frequencies. These powerful active audio sessions will help keep your brain synchronized to normal operating frequencies, drastically minimizing the effects of jet lag and Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis. leads this industry, and you will often see fellow passengers using iDoser on long flights.

Breathe! I bet you are doing it wrong? Click here to check your breathing patterns.

When learning how to cure jet lag, consider health. Probably the most effective of all jet lag prevention techniques is to be healthy. Caffeine and alcohol use can interfere with your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is recommended that you avoid these substances while you are on the airplane. Some studies have shown that moderate exercise helps adjustment to the new time schedule. Outdoor exercise has the dual advantage of including exposure to sunlight. If you suffer from Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis, try to clean up your health before travel.

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As always, have fun and stay healthy. Use active audio for brainwave synchronization from Eat healthy, minimize caffeine and alcohol. Try some light therapy. You will find with some simple Jet Lag Prevention Techniques, will suffer much less from Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis.

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5 Replies to “Circadian Rhythm Desynchronosis”

  1. Darren Huynh says:

    I never travel without the idosing app on my iphone. One binaural dose before take-off. One when I get to the hotel, and one after a nap. Haven’t felt jet lag in over a decade.

  2. Esmay Lynn says:

    Always eat a good healthy meal before you go and when you land. So many of us get caught in the hell that is airports and eat poorly or not at all. I have found that diet is the key to good travel sleep. Don’t rely on airport or airplane food. Have some vegetables and fruit!

  3. Alfie-Lee Mccartney says:

    I recommend avoid taking a nap when you land. This was always my routine. I would take a nap as soon as I got to where I was going. This would throw everything off and I’d feel horrible for days. Sometimes even ruining a vacation. Stay away and let your body gradually adjust.

  4. Jo Herman says:

    Tip: don’t sleep on the plane. You won’t get anything resulting in good sleep and it will disrupt your sleep cycle even worse.

  5. Jeffery Simpson says:

    +1 for using idosing binaurals. My god these things have made travel much less exhausting. Planes should offer idosing tracks as part of their in-flight service. Get on that!

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