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There has been an upgrade to the method of JUST using fitness and diet for spectacular gains. A key factor has been missing from your routine: working out your brain.  While no replacement to cardio and weights, it can accelerate growth greatly. Here is how…

Are you a healthy person i.e. you eat relatively well, practice brain health, follow somewhat of an exercise routine and/or stay active? OR, are you at least considering diet and fitness changes for an improved life? Here are a few facts you should know: While this recommendation will vary by person (and source), you should take about 10,000 steps a day. You will see this reflected in many smartwatch apps and health monitor devices. While this may be a rather unscientific method of measurement and a broad generalization, it is a good starting point. The American Heart Association recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise. They give a baseline of 30 minutes of exercise a day, five times a week as an easy exercise goal to remember. As for calories, you will see it recommended you take in about 1500-2000 per day. Ideally, this would be variety non-processed healthy 1-2 ingredient foods. The Healthy Eating Pyramid is a good basic overview of the building blocks of proper health. Do you notice anything missing? I will give you a minute…

Daily Health Fitness Goals

Go “Google” health, fitness, diet, goals, etc. etc. etc. and you will get the basic facts listed above, a million fad diets and workout routines, get ripped quick scams, and a few legitimate sources of proper body health information. But, what about the mind?

Health and Fitness Tech Music

The brain is the biggest muscle in your body (well, technically it is an organ with muscle-like nerve clusters, but stick with me here). If you are thinking meditation, yoga, chakra, kundalini or any of those type practices – we certainly are advocates of any form of meditation of spiritual reflection and can recommend so. We all lead busy lives and not all of us have the time it takes to practice multiple techniques. Maybe you work out, prepare healthy meals, do cardio or run, throw in some yoga or practice brainwave tuning – do you have time for anything else? Over 10 million people worldwide are using this method to hack their brains during their routines. It is quite amazing that something that takes no additional effort might have drastic impacts on your goals.

Brain Fitness Dose Packs
The World’s Most Powerful Brain Fitness Dose Packs

You maybe have heard of binaural brain doses from major companies like iDoser? They are scientifically produced tones or varying amplitude that you listen to with headphones. Your brain processes these sounds and the difference is a singular pulsating tone produced inside your brain that can potentially synchronize your brainwaves to achieve a desired state. Maybe you need a boost of adrenaline during a lifting routine or especially tough cardio session. Would you like to tune your brain to feel a sense of victory as you compete in a sporting event? That slight mental edge might be exactly what you need to win.  There are diet doses for those having trouble staying on track, and body alignment for muscle gain or stamina boosts. Have you ever heard of simulated juicing or HGH without chemicals? Crazy, but it exists at iDoser. Does it really work though?

iDoser Health and Fitness Doses
Largest Collection of Brain Health Fitness Doses

As you begin your research into this amazing iDoser technology you can use with headphones practically anywhere, you will notice there are a lot of confusing streaming and amateur content out there. We have been flooded with cheap meditation and spa music audio, and poorly produced and ineffective binaurals. The worst offender is the YouTube binaural, as they are less than 3% effective due to audio compression codecs. These amateur binaurals could actually have a reverse or negative effect on your goals. For brain audio backed by an over 80% success rate in peer review testing for simulated experiences, try They are a company that has been in business for over a decade and brought the concept of binaural brain dosing mainstream. Not only do they have the best quality, but they have doses tuned specifically for the sport, health, and fitness aficionado and beginner alike. They are so confident in their products that they give away loads of doses free and still manage to be the top binaural producer in the world.

New to Brain Dosing?
New to Brain Dosing? Click Here for Tutorials, How To and FAQ

What do you do with iDoser doses? You listen to them with a good pair of quality headphones and iDoser does the rest. They have some amazing tutorials and overviews, free samples, and software for just about every device including computers, laptops, and mobile phones and tablets. If you do not go with iDoser, choose a quality provider of brain audio like the Monroe Institute. Stay away from startups that try to get you into a subscription fee, streaming or YouTube audio claiming to be binaural, or anything from amateur or overnight meditation and yoga audio sources. Pass on the nature sounds, spa audio, and white noise – they are just sounds with no added benefits. Tone your body, eat well, and workout your mind so it is in alignment with your diet and body. You could notice drastic acceleration and increased gains. Keep on staying well, and look into brain health with iDoser to supplement your routine.

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7 Replies to “Health Fitness Tech Music”

  1. WorkoutHardAllDay says:

    I have been using some of the 2016 doses related to health and fitness. While I can’t say I have seen any different in muscle gain, I will say that it has put my stamina through the roof. I have only been using a week so maybe the gains will come – but if ALL I get are these amazing energy boots that will be enough as I convert all that exrta energy into more reps. Regardless, thank you so much for a another tool in my workout arsenal.

  2. Karl Jeisem says:

    I recently gave up using my nature and rain sounds for meditation and have become a total idose convert. I know you have meditation and yoga stuff, but I didn’t know you have specific binaurals for fitness. I am amazed at all the ways I have been able to incorporate you guys into my life. this is just another one.

  3. SwimmerMan23 says:

    Binaurals aren’t for me and I found that out a few years ago after an exhaustive year of research into this topic. I will say I can agree somewhat with this post that youtube audio claiming to be binaural is simply not real or possible and I laughed when I saw a lifehacker article suggesting you subscribe to some no name brain audio company. iDoser has always been good in that they truly support customers and non customers alike and they have lots of options to try free – and they aren’t subscription gouging. HOWEVER, there is some meditation benefit to some of this soothing music, and i do listen to it.

  4. Hillary Freeport says:

    Absolutely love idoser. If you are using anything else or never tried you owe it to yourself to see why they are the best at this kind of thing. Don’t use it for exercise, but i do got (um) .. other things. And its great.

  5. Brain Carbonal says:

    Saw the post about no gains after a week or two! Keep at it man! Had to use i-doser plus routine for a few month and then i started to see extreme results. Think it’s more and over time kinda thing.

  6. +1 over time. 3 months here. Gains after 1.5

  7. Man idoser has come a long way. Anybody remember when they used to just sell “digital drugs” and were niche? Remember seeing them on local news. Now they are the top binaural company and all kinds of verticals. Kinda amazing. Haven’t really tried, but maybe now I will.

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