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Amateur YouTube and poorly produced binaurals abound in a digital world. They have soured many’s opinion of the science. This is how professionals make the world’s most powerful doses…

We are going to take a deep dive into how professional binaural beats are made. There may be some VIP secrets revealed, but told in a way that even all you non-engineers can understand. Having insider access to THE world’s most popular binaural brand,, may seem counter intuitive. They are the number one producers of simulated experiences for a reason – why give away the secret sauce? Firstly, the base science of binaural beats is not that complicated, and it’s very easy to use an off the shelf software product to create a separate and different tone in each ear. It’s the pure artistry, experience QA, design and testing process, and pure breadth of product, that makes a truly great binaural company.

I-Doser is Used by Millions Worldwide

We are on a mission to inform the world about how amazingly productive binaural beats can be to everyday life, and compounded 10x when you combine them with meditation. Unfortunately, binaurals have gotten the reputation of being a placebo because many users turn to the wrong sources. You will get little to no effect from YouTube binaurals, as they compress audio in such a way that it literally scrambles quality binaurals. Unfortunately, they abound there – many by click-bate amateurs looking to take advantage of worldwide success. But, hey, they are free so people turn there. Then they turn their back when they simply can’t get the results they want from a streaming service. The same goes for vendors who don’t understand that you can’t JUST sell binaural MP3s or CDs. Sure, those kind of products work great as introductions and even as daily products (I-Doser has those, of course). BUT, do they have a mobile offering? Do they have a Windows or Mac offering that does real-time binaural production (as opposed to pre-recorded)? How long have they been on the scene (over a decade with, btw) … And, have you used a combination of these to maximize your success? If a binaural provider doesn’t hit on all cylinders, either will you. No matter how many YouTube views they paid to have or what cheaply produced CDs and MP3s they peddle. If you have a question about any providers, I-Doser offers a free adviser session via email to talk to you one-on-one about your needs. Take them up on it! They are super friendly and experienced. The point here being: Before we can talk how they are made, you really must understand how they are used. It is somewhat of a dedication, and one we have covered before. But, it had to be said – we now understand the “why,” but what about the “how?”

Get FREE One on One Consultation
Get FREE One on One Consultation

With that out of the way you have checked your checklist. Your provider isn’t “giving away” cheap binaurals on YouTube, they have been on the scene for more than a few years, and they have an extensive offering across mobile and desktop platforms. You are on the right track. I know what you are thinking – YouTube is free. In the scientific audio production world, you get what you pay for. Luckily, gives away FREE and REAL binaurals, so you can experiment with true offerings and take the correct first step. If you are going to casually try any binaural, this is by far the best way to go. Even if you are in the super rare percent that can’t get results, it won’t be because you tried some worthless free Youtube binaural made by a kid in his dad’s basement. If you must try for free first, just click here and do yourself a favor. This this is important distinction, also. As our instinct as  humans is to jump right in. If that is the way you want to go, I can only advise you reist the urge to base judgement on some poor binaural you tried once – dig a little deeper with and their free offerings. You will be rewarded.

How Does I-Doser Work?

Before we hit on how they are made, what can they do? Deep states of meditation, a great night’s sleep, vivid dreams, out-of-body experiences, sexual simulations, enhanced physical abilities, creative insights, and other states associated with specific brainwave frequencies are all things that can be experienced on demand using these powerful tools. Our bodies are capable of truly astounding things,  as anyone who has a median knowledge of meditation will tell you. If you take the little extra time to both meditate and use, the levels success can be life changing. Thousands say so. To craft a truly perfect binual you nee to be many things: an artist, a designer, an audio engineer, a binaural expert, have background in psychology and/or sociology and access to the world’s largest test bed. You must have quality assurance measures and the raw seasoned background of over a decade of research. You must have patience – as a truly great binaural sequence can take YEARS to develop. This is what has and does! They have been known to spend several years refining a dose before release.  At it’s root core, this technology works by playing a base tone in your left ear, and then playing a slightly altered tone in your right ear. This creates a perceived combined tone, which the brain then begins to resonate to after hearing it for a few minutes. Think of it like a radio tuner, and binaural sequences tune to brainwave to a very specific frequency. More specifically, many frequencies and modulations over an extended period of time to achieve the results. There is also typically a carrier sound. This is sometimes white noise in pure binaurals, music in others, or a combination of both. This is the same in each ear, as to ground the user while the two main binaurals refine your operating freuency. This is where excels. Not only a decade of experience, they TRULY understand these separate components and have a process in place to finely tune and test. This is why their success rate is 83%, while others are down in the single digits. The 17% who have never felt an effect from I-Doser are typically those with very poor quality headphones, or they interrupt a sequence (or other variables), which is what makes this number even more astounding. It is entirely possible that less than 10% will never get a result, meaning almost every single one of you can achieve some quantifiable level of success if you dedicate some time to it. is the Most Effective is the Most Effective

It is imperative that you remember this on your journey to binaural brainwave success: many sources are just amateurs trying to sell garbage static noise, some pre-bought tones, and some flashy graphics. They try to sell what is, at it’s core, not a true professionally produced artisan brainwave dose. As an example, has tens of millions of satisfied users around the word, many who have written experience reports. If your provider has something that looks like 3 or 4 cut and pasted twitter comments claiming how great they are, hoist the red flag. If your provider is claiming quality because they paid for x-number of YouTube views on their “binaural” channel, turn away. Have they been around more more than 5 years? 10 years? How many posts in their forums? Even if you don’t go with I-Doser, just check the warning signs for a quality binaural provider, make an informed choice, and then spread the word. Together, we can bring this amazing technology to the masses in the most powerful ways possible.

Read REAL Experience Reports
Read REAL Experience Reports

Hopefully this was a brief introduction on how binaurals are made, what to look for in a binaural provider, and what this truly amazing technology can do. Your next step to success, visit and let them help you truly achieve your goals – as they are one of the VERY few providers who can. If you are part of that %83+ that have experienced an experience with I-Doser, spread the word to your peers and in your social circles. Research for I-Doser is directly funded by word of mouth. People who try it, almost never turn to any other form of binaural simulation. Be vocal in spreading the word, and we can all help push a truly great technology (when done the correct way, with the respect it deserves) fast and forward. For the socially inclined: #IDoser

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6 Replies to “Making Binaural Beats”

  1. Hey guys, I’ve loved your stuff for years. You actually inspired me to try making my own binaural beats. I will say from experience that It’s almost impossible for someone at home to make a binaural that comes anywhere near what you guys do. I purcahsed some high end software and equipment in my journey to create beats and, still, couldn’t even come close to some of my fav I-Doser beats. I don’t even think it should be considered as a hobby. Your stuff also inspired me to take up meditation to improve my dosing. Not sure I saw a 10x improvement… but it did change my experience and make it more successful. I hope more people turn to you guys and give you a try.

  2. Most of us just make noise and throw it up on YouTube for hits. So What? Lot’s of people do that kind of stuff. I heard about how popular your company was and made some knockoffs. Gets me traffic so who are you to complain? Peeps dunno no different.Just mix some noise and throw it up as a beat or whatever. Sorry if it hurts you, but iz the way it iz.

  3. Love your stuff! As a yogi with dedication to the craft over a decade, you guys are the only company I recommend for this kind of stuff. I haven’t been with your for all the years you’ve been around, but for 8 years at least. I feel like I’ve grown with you over so long. So, for anybody wanting this stuff for beginner or experienced yoga or meditation, only choose IDoser.

  4. Mikka BBB says:

    RAkjon, this is exactly WHY they are taking the time to explain the worth of real binaurals. You may be getting hits, but you are leeching onto a provider that works hard for us fans and ultimately turning people off to something that may be beneficial to them. For those of you with any interest in this at all, I’m sure they will eventually land with I-Doser. I know I did.

  5. Keep up the great work guys! There is a reason you are #1!

  6. Wanna DoIt says:

    Not going to name names, but in addition to what’s been said here I will confirm that ALL of the beats listed on youtube wont do jack I wasted so much time on them and almost gave up on listening completely until I found out about Monroe at first and then progressed to IDose

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