How To Be An Alpha Person

How To Be An Alpha Person

How to be an alpha person. Want to have an alpha brain? There’s a common misconception people have when it comes to becoming an alpha male, or a true alpha female. Often people think that to be an alpha they have to be physically domineering. This is untrue. What does it really mean to be alpha?

How To Be An Alpha Person

Alpha people are not afraid to go after what they want. When researching how to be an alpha person there are some important considerations. Whether becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female, you must know how to have an alpha brain. So, if you want to become an alpha, a great place to start is by owning your intentions and being direct with what you want.

For example, if you want to start a conversation with someone don’t try to mask your intentions or act like you’re not interested. Instead walk up to them directly, make eye contact with the person, and smile. Start things off with a simple “Hi, my name is …” or throw out some banter. When learning how to be an alpha person, you must be confident. When becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female, you absolutely must gain a base level of confidence. You are slowly teaching yourself to have an alpha brain.

From there, continue projecting that alpha confidence by being committed to the interaction. People who don’t commit – who hesitate, hold back, or bail out early – come across as lacking confidence and are easily ignored. However, people who commit are much more likely to come across as an alpha and ultimately create attraction and connection.

To have an alpha brain, step one is to work on confidence. Practice talking to friends or relatives. Work on conversation starters, and keeping a conversation flowing. When becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female you must master the art of conversation. This is your first step in how to become an alpha person.

If you lack confidence on a very base level, there are technologies that can help. A good meditation routine can align your brain to help with confidence and make you more approachable. While meditation is whole body and mind tuning, you can spot treat with specific forms of technology-based meditations. For instance, binaural beats can help synchronize your brainwaves to help you be more forward, confident, and alpha. Companies like have been helping millions of users with this. But isn’t alpha sex based? You’ve heard a lot about becoming an alpha male. Is there a difference between what a male and female must do to be more alpha? Let’s explore.

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Becoming An Alpha Male

When learning how to be an alpha person, we must look at this from both sexes. Do the same concepts apply when becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female? Let’s look at the common alpha male. One of the defining traits when becoming an alpha male is leadership. So, if you want to show people that you’re an alpha, you need to show that you are a leader. History tells us that this may be easier for men, but that is quickly changing. You will find that the techniques for becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female are increasingly more interchangeable.

After approaching someone in the direct manner mentioned above, a great way to show alpha leadership is simply to lead through the interaction. Don’t wait for them to give off certain signs of interest or expect them to take things to the next logical step. If you want things to go further you’ve got to get the ball rolling yourself. This applies to both becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female.

For example, if you want to build rapport with someone and create an emotional connection, do so by taking the lead and sharing your emotions first. Instead of just asking a question like “so what do you like about this place?” start by telling them what YOU like about it – then ask for their thoughts and feelings. By going first in this way, you show them it’s safe to open up and express themselves to you. This is important because building rapport with someone is vital if you ever want to build a confident connection.

Have An Alpha Brain

True Alpha Female

There isn’t much difference between becoming an alpha male and a true alpha female. Men may have a larger stature, a louder voice, or a higher position. This does not mean a woman can’t be a true alpha female. When learning to become an alpha person, we need to start ignoring sex. Not only is a boy becoming an alpha male right now somewhere. Woman are becoming true alpha females everywhere.

People can tell whether or not you’re an alpha just by your body language and the way you carry yourself. Any person shuffling their feet along with a bowed head and slumped shoulders isn’t showing the body language of a true alpha female and therefore won’t be seen as one.

To show you’re a true alpha female maintain powerful, open, and confident body language. When standing, keep your feet should-width apart, knees slightly bent and let go of any tension in your body Take deep, controlled breaths as often as possible as it will help you naturally project relaxed, confident body language.

To further project confidence with body language, be sure to always keep your back straight and roll your shoulders down and back. Keep your chest open by letting your arms fall by your sides. All this will help you project a calm confidence through body language. You absolutely must adopt and have an alpha brain. How?

How To Be An Alpha Person

Have An Alpha Brain

Want to have an alpha brain, no matter if you are learning to become an alpha male or true alpha female? When learning how to become an alpha person, we start with the brain. One of the biggest steps you can make when becoming alpha is to take care of your body and mind. True mindfulness techniques and technology from companies like may help with this. Outside of good mindfulness help, how can you have an alpha brain?

People who try to be alpha are always competing with others – trying to show people up and cut others down. On the other hand, people who are alpha don’t worry about how they compare to others or what other people think of them. Real alphas don’t care about that stuff because they know their true value as comes from within. Right? This whole “comes from within” concept is why many people turn to binaural brain dosing with iDoser to get there. It’s easy, effective, and the results can be instantaneous. However, we must work towards breaking down this concept that when becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female that you must dominate others. You don’t, and it’s the completely wrong approach.

Contrary to popular belief, alpha people aren’t combative, they’re cooperative. They look to get along with everyone and have the social skills to do it. Remember this next time you’re out and some wanna-be alpha insults you and tries to make you look bad. Rather than sinking down to their level and insulting him back, say something like “that’s pretty funny. My name is ___. How’s your day going?” Moving on like that will help you look like an alpha, avoid drama, and will likely get people to notice you in a good way.

Remember, when becoming an alpha male or a true alpha female, it always starts with confidence. Many of us lack this, and those that do seems to be brimming with confidence are often “faking it.” How? As stated, some are using binaural dosing to tune their brains to become more confidence. Some practice, and some are simply natural at it.

Have An Alpha Brain

No matter your level of condolence, remember this: You are a powerful, smart, and driven person. You wouldn’t be learning to be an alpha person if you weren’t. With practice and technology like iDoser you are learning to become an alpha male or true alpha female. Your journey has begun. Now go start a conversation, and make a connection.

How To Be An Alpha Person

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5 Replies to “How To Be An Alpha Person”

  1. Marina Cook says:

    Finally, an article that isn’t focused on the alpha male. So many articles about alpha are about picking up women by being an alpha male. This is by far the best approach I have seen. Good job guys.

  2. kaitlan hardin says:

    Love this article. Being alpha doesn’t mean being loud, big, strong, or a driven leader. It means making a connection and keeping it. I really loved this approach. I haven’t tried idoser but I plan on looking into it.

  3. jacob larson says:

    I think we can all use a confidence boost. I consider myself an alpha male in a good way. I struggle with confidence daily but forcing yourself into conversations helps. I always tell myself that the first few seconds of a conversation might be tough on the confidence, but that’s it. It’s easy past that.

  4. Tamara Martin says:

    I meditate every day before work. I tell myself that I will be open and accepting of everyone I meet. This helps me make even the smallest interactions just as important as the biggest ones. That’s true alpha.

  5. Ann Hewitt says:

    An article about being alpha without treating people poorly? Love!

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