Let’s Talk Sex!

Let’s talk sex. Do I have you attention? Did you know that the best-selling binaural simulation product available worldwide is a dose titled “orgasm”? Now, before this starts to sound like an internet Viagra commercial, let me quote some actual experience reports from the orgasm dose. Here is one experience from a male, and one from a female (both actual word-for-word reports)…I’d like to introduce you to Veronica:

“Last night I tried Orgasm and it was AMAZING. My body was moving by itself: at the first 5 min I started to feel nice, but some minutes after that I got really bored because nothing else happened, but then I started to get spasms, REALLY hard spasms, and I got wet slowly, reaaally slowly, my hips started to move up and down, like I was “doing it”, then I felt like a pressure on my chest and my heart rate increased and my breathing was faster, like I had no air; it totally felt like I was having sex, it was… incredible. I didn’t have an orgasm after all, but I came very close FOUR times It was the nicest thing I ever felt. Weird thing: when the dose ended and I got my headphones off, the sensation at “that place” got harder and harder, that was the nearest moment of an orgasm at that night, it lasted for like 20 seconds. After that, I felt like my head was heavy. The entire experience lasted about 3 hours. This program is totally an amazing thing and I’m absolutely going to try it again and again.” – Veronica (Female)

I will speak to this shortly. I think we need to break down the levels of intense Veronica speaks about in her report. Prior, let’s get a males perspective from the same orgasm simulation. Fabi gives us this:

“So I sat there on my bed and the file started. I immediately got somehow aroused and got a hard-on, which disappeared 2 minutes after. I thought, ok, that was it, it didn’t work. But I continued listening to the binaural beats. Shortly after I started to breathe heavily and my heart beat strongly. I felt this erotic feeling all over the body, so relaxed but very horny. (If you say: no erotic feeling = 0 and Orgasm = 10, then it was Level 5). Again, cooling down and going up again, I reached a level 6, and then a level 7.” –Fabi (Male)

Setting the stage, both Veronica and Fabi are speaking about the I-Doser Orgasm Dose, available for the PC Computer Application, or in MP3 format. The orgasm dose has been downloaded thousands of times. It is a true international bestseller. It is arguably the most-sold holistic sexual aid available anywhere.

As you can imagine, some of our reports for the sexual dose line are very graphic – I spared you the lurid details, but instead decided to focus on something very typical of achieving binaural success: patience. In both cases, the dosers thought that it wouldn’t work, or it stopped working. As soon as that thought entered their mind, the natural chemistry of their brain took over, and BAM! Some binaural sequences can be very long, and seem extremely boring. Resist the urge to do other things, focus on the sound, and make sure you listen to the complete sequence. Trust me, it pays off.

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90% of people who don’t achieve success fail because they give up on the sequence. This is this post’s lesson.

Finally, if your interest is now peaked, let me suggest a dose pack. These are great starter sets for users that want to experience a like-designed pack of varying intensity doses. It really lets you get a feel for what works for you. Sexual Simulations includes 4 great doses: First Love that attempts to create that warm happiness of love, and it includes some more powerful simulations like Ecstasy, Extend, and Orgasm.

AND REMEMBER: 90% of people who don’t achieve success fail because they give up on the sequence. This is this post’s lesson. Write it on the chalkboard 100 times.

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10 Replies to “Let’s Talk Sex!”

  1. Okay, neither of those experiences are anything near descriptive or interesting enough to convince me to purchase this pack. They aren’t even close to the amazing feelings I experience. Given I have the Orgasm dose which I bought a few years back and only recently got it working. I now use it nearly every night as the most amazing masturbation tool that I believe has ever existed.

    Last night (11-29-2011) I laid in bed, put on my headphones, and closed my eyes as I started listening. As it begins, it’s a mostly white noise static. I find this the single most important part of using this dose and many others as it gives you time to relax and clear your mind.

    As the dose begins to pick up, I’ll get some gentle tingling and shivers all throughout my midsection until it works into its mid-range pitch. As it picks up frequency, I get a feeling that is like pure arousal. That feeling you get when you know you’re going to have sex for the very first time as your cheeks and chest flush while your entire body has the most wonderful tingling sensation all over.

    Then the dose drops into a much deeper, much lower tone. During this time, my nipples and lips begin to tingle as the afterglow of the amazing arousal dissipates. This is also a very relaxing tone that makes thinking very difficult and makes it feel like there’s a mile of water pressing down on my entire body. It’s not painful, in fact it feels much like someone laying their body weight on top of me.

    Towards the end of this stage, the thrumming starts and the binaural beat reaches its full power over the course of several minutes. It sounds much like a boat motor at first and develops into the most incredibly beautiful ringing sound. A fire lights within me as mind numbingly powerful waves of pleasure crash within my body. I have a full erection and can feel the explosive pleasure I thought only orgasm through sexual contact could create. The world begins to spin in a cyclone of pure ecstasy as my heart pounds and my breath becomes labored. Then the dose ends slowly as the sound tapers off.

    To date, every orgasm I’ve had this way has been “dry” in that there has never been an ejaculatory component to go with it. It is through and through an orgasm, and it’s the most amazing sensation I have ever experienced.

  2. waste of money. can listen and get the same effect with various similar free recordings on Youtube

    1. Absolutely untrue. Youtube compresses audio in a way that makes binaurals completely ineffective through due to compression and streaming. Anybody who claims otherwise is a hack, and you will never achieve results through a YouTube video. You will get separation (ie left/right) but the compression trashes the hrz levels completely destroying any potential for a good sequence. Sorry.

      1. stellarmind says:

        i agree with this. idoser audio quality is very crisp comparatively. it’s basically comparing an 8 bit track to an orchestra. two different beasts for two different audiences who all love sound.

  3. I was a bit skeptical but I gave it a try yesterday.
    Let me tell you that I got a similar experience to the one of the male in the article, however my level was up to 9 instead of 7.
    I could not even control my body, it was all happening by itself but felt great… like nothing else in my entire life.
    The problem happened during the night time.
    I started getting so aroused when attempting to sleep that I got lucid orgasms during the early stages of sleep. They felt really great (around a 9.8 out of 10) however the problem was that I could not sleep at all (managed to get a couple of hours but by constant concentration of not getting aroused).

    Seems like my brain somehow learned how to experience the sensation by itself and I could not control it during the whole night.

    Sex with my gf. yesterday was also great, but I am worried if this will keep on happening or will I be able to control this effect.
    It is funny but even eating a cold sweet fruit brings me a tingling sensation that I could take further if I wanted and I still cannot fully control.
    What would you recommend me to control this effect?
    I enjoy it but… a man needs to sleep as well and do not want my brain to trick me during my deep sleep and wake up again all wet.

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