Lunch Break Meditation

Quick Meditation Techniques

Don’t get enough time to yourself? Busy overwhelming schedule? That’s where the Lunch Break Meditation comes in. There have been amazing advances in wellness technology. You can now get an effective meditation in just 5 minutes. Let’s learn some quick meditation techniques.

Lunch Break Meditation

Do you want to transform the stress and anxiety that comes from a busy schedule into peace and happiness? It is possible with a simple and consistent mindfulness meditation practice. There have been great advances in wellness technology and techniques. Because of this, the Lunch Break Meditation is now a reality. Let’s learn some quick meditation techniques

You can get amazing benefits in just 5 minutes of meditation with the proper techs – TECHnique and TECHnology.

When can you do the Lunch Break Meditation? With these quick meditation techniques… anywhere! You can be on your lunch break. Maybe you are sitting in your car for a few minutes. You just put the kids down to bed. You have 5 minutes to yourself. Stop right now and begin the practice that can change your life.

After all, it only takes 5 minutes to learn the basic practice and as little as 5 minutes to do it. No one is too busy for meditation. The good news is that it is VERY easy. All you need is a few quick meditation techniques. Add active mindful audio. Have an adjusted mindset. It could be the best 5 minutes of your day. It could improve stamina, cognitive thinking, your sex life, and SO MUCH MORE.

Lunch Break Meditation Quick Meditation Techniques

Quick Meditation Techniques

The Lunch Break Meditation was designed so you can do it in just 5 minutes. It is called the Lunch Break Meditation because it can be done at the end of a lunch break. With these quick meditation techniques, you can still have time for a healthy lunch, a few personal minutes, and a lunch break meditation. It is only 3 simple steps.


Find a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted.

If you have the space, sit with your legs crossed. Otherwise, sit on a chair with your feet planted on the ground.

Acquire proper posture. Sit with your back and neck straight. Put your hands in your lap. Face palms up with one hand on top of the other. The left hand’s finger joints should be on top of the right hand’s. Your thumbs should touch at the tips creating an oval shape inside of your hands. Point your elbows outward and shoulders square off. Tilt your chin slightly. Keep your eyes open and look down slightly a few feet in front of you.


Focus on your in breath and out breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Put complete focus on your breath. Do not attempt to control your breath, simply observe it silently. Your silent observation will slowly begin to calm your breathing. We have a great tutorial for proper breathing.

Count each inhalation and exhalation. Inhale…one. Exhale….two. Count to 10 like this. If a thought distracts you, start the 10 count over from 1. When you get to 10, start over and attempt to count to 10 again.

Do this for as many weeks or months as it takes until you can count to 10 with little to no effort. Then count each inhale and exhale as one. Then, when that becomes easy, stop counting and simply follow your breath. Don’t rush this step, progress slowly.

Sound Bath Tutorial


Immediately recapture focus on your breath. This will be difficult at first, you’ll lose focus on your breath constantly. Stay focused, after a while your mind will begin to grow quieter and you will start gaining control over your mind. This may take a few weeks or even months. If you are doing the lunch break meditation, stay focused on the meditation and not work or school. Remember, quick meditation techniques take time.

Meditate for 5-10 minutes, once or twice a day, and increase your sessions by 5 minutes at a time whenever you feel comfortable. You should feel gradually able to sit down for longer and longer periods.

Therapeutic Sound Frequencies

Accelerated meditation, with quick meditation techniques, has a steep learning curve. It is critically essential that you practice daily. There will be days when your efforts feel fruitless. You will get little or no results. Your mind will drift. You may even feel more stressed or anxious after a quick meditation. Your mind needs to learn to turn off during these precious minutes.

With the use of therapeutic sound frequencies like binaural beats, you can greatly accelerate the learning curve of augmented meditation. Many who use the Lunch Break Meditation, or other quick meditation techniques, enhance their session with products like

Binaural Beats Tested

Binaural beats scientifically tune your brainwaves to better accept, tune, and process a meditation session. You can find more information on Pythagorean Harmonic Healing. If you find that these quick meditation techniques are too difficult during a lunch break meditation, try a product like for active assistance.

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5 Replies to “Lunch Break Meditation”

  1. Giulia Page says:

    I must have started and stopped meditation practices dozens of times over the years. They all had one thing in common. Long and boring. It wasn’t until it occurred to me that a shorter meditation exists that it really stuck. I found this out on my own, just doing short sessions instead of an hour or more. Recently I added binaural doses to some (but not all) of my meditation. I like it under certain circumstances but don’t rely on it 100 percent.

  2. Gracey Dodson says:

    My special meditation minutes are in the car right after I drop the kids off to school before I go into work. I use the idosing app. In just 5 or 10 minutes I am usually ready for the day. I get 15 minutes for a lunch break. I don’t know that I want to spend 5 on a meditation. But, it is kinda nice to know that it is possible.

  3. Byron Ponce says:

    I literally just added a 10 minute meditation to my morning routine before work. Then I saw this article. I was asking some like-minded friends if they do quick meditations. A few of them said they do lunch break meditations. It seemed strange to me but you would be surprised on how many do this.

  4. Mccauley Mac says:

    The thing that is cool about idoser, calm, breathe apps is that they do most of the work. Idoser alone has been around since I was a kid. Just pull up a session and bam. Maybe a little millennial meditation. It’s how I roll.

  5. Buddy Hook says:

    I don’t use any audio enhancement but I do quick meditate. Like you say. Sit, breathe, meditate. I would recommend 10-15 minutes to start, but I often to 5 and get great results. Remember, 1 minute is better than 0 minutes.

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