Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide - Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness Effective Holiday Stress Solutions

For our mindful holiday survival guide, we teach you effective solutions for surviving holidays with mindfulness. Learn effective holiday stress solutions and the technology available to take meditation and holidays to the next level.

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide

First of all, the holidays are a stressful time. Furthermore, we meet increasingly demanding deadlines, and get lost in a blur of family, friends, and anxiety. Hence, if the onslaught of holiday music and cheer aren’t effective holiday stress solutions for you, keep reading. Our mindful holiday survival guide isn’t just a mindless list of gifts. Consequently, personally surviving holidays with mindfulness is going to take more than a gift guide. Let’s explore meditation and the holidays. Above all, this is the season to focus on others, to give, and to be generous. We make one important counter-note: please, do not forget about yourself. Often, especially during a time where we focus on others, we forget about ourselves. How? Don’t worry. We will arm you with the solutions to survive the stress and anxiety of the holidays. Ready?

Binaural Mindfulness Apps for Stress

You have a phone on you right now? We would certainly be amiss if our mindful holiday survival guide didn’t mention the computing power we carry around. First of all, surviving holidays with mindfulness is easier if you have a robust app on you at all times. Meditation and the holidays are the perfect mix, which is why we recommend the iDoser Binaural Therapy App. Most noteworthy, an effective holiday stress solution begins with you. We endorse this for some fundamental reasons. First of all, there is no subscription fee. You own the sessions and can use them anytime. Even more, iDoser has pioneered binaural stress relief that is incredibly fast-acting. A practical solution can happen in 10 minutes. Finally, they have been in business for decades. Amateur binaural content can hinder the results of your mindful lifestyle.

iDoser for Mobile Phones

Certified Meditation Software for Mac/PC

Are you a business professional, student, or also just a frequent user of a computer or laptop? Step two of our mindful holiday survival guide is to get a certified mindfulness suite of software. Likewise, if you will be shopping via computer this holiday season, surviving holidays with mindfulness requires some powerful software. Meditation and holidays combine when I launch my free binaural beat software and get lost in the tones while I online shop. Above all, one of the most effective holiday stress solutions is a free binaural beat sound generator that actually tunes the stress and anxiety right out of your brain. Sound too good to be true? Furthermore, you can download it free and try it for yourself. Download one of the only certified binaural beat generators for Mac and PC for free this holiday season. Now that’s a great gift!

Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness

Surviving holidays with mindfulness means one thing: MUSIC! Even more, I know what you are thinking. Hence, our mindful holiday survival guide will not recommend the overly cheery songs you hear during the holidays. First of all, if you like them, great! You shouldn’t, however, ignore other music-based effective holiday stress solutions. Above all, meditation and Holidays need two things: the holidays and meditation music. Even more, while you certainly could turn to nature sounds, white noise, or binaural beats… why not combine them? Furthermore, stress-relief music that includes binaural induction is becoming incredibly popular. Why? Powerful, effective, proven, professional, and so damn soothing. First, how are your headphones? Still using the cheap ones that came with your phone? Those might be fine for the latest radio pop hits, but not for what we have planned. Let’s change that!

Upgrade Meditation Headphones

As I am sure you have noticed, the effective holiday stress solutions in our mindful holiday survival guide include many ideas based on music and induction audio like binaural beats. Hence, surviving the holidays with mindfulness needs a music solution. In contrast, not just any music, though. First of all, I spend my meditation and holidays with powerful induction audio designed to change your brainwave frequencies to be less stressed. You have heard us mention amazing apps, powerful free software, and other audio solutions. Most noteworthy, many of these are ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) and binaural beats style solutions. Hence, to get the most out of these powerful induction techniques you will require decent headphones. Finally, you don’t need ultra-expensive headphones, but you do need a quality pair. Click here for headphones approved for advanced mindfulness induction audio.

Upgrade Mindfulness Headphones

Music Designed for Stress

First of all, ever sleep to nature music or white noise? If so, you understand how they are effective holiday stress solutions. Furthermore, what if I told you that there is audio potentially hundreds of times more effective than your old nature or white noise track from years ago? Even more, you don’t have to give up the beauty of nature sounds, the stunning drone of white noise, or the fantastic patter of rain. Hence, the next recommendation in our mindful holiday survival guide is to upgrade your meditation music library. Trust me, surviving holidays with mindfulness in our modern time takes more effective audio that that online rain track. Most noteworthy, meditation and the holidays will be vastly improved with a good mindfulness music pack in mp3 format so you can play it anywhere. Easy, right? Moving on…

Meditation and Holidays  

Our mindful holiday survival guide continues on the multimedia front. You will certainly notice a trend in this year’s guide with software, music, and video. Likewise, it has been a fantastic year for mindfulness solutions. Even more, surviving holidays with mindfulness, especially this year, has become a lot easier. Meditation and holidays were a lot harder when we didn’t have all the amazing advances in amazing meditation solutions. Similarly, effective holiday stress solutions have become more manageable, but it still takes time. Hence, you still have to put the time in for yourself, during a season that is about others. All our solutions thus far require you take the initiative: open that app, check that software, listen to that track, upgrade your headphones. What about solutions that require little more than pushing play? Welcome to mindfulness radio.

Stress Relief Radio Station

The next step in our mindful holiday survival guide is to turn off popular radio. Get your fill of classic holiday songs, certainly. Above all, supplement that sugary cheer with some good mindfulness music. Likewise, surviving holidays with mindfulness can be as simple as turning on a mindfulness radio station. For me, meditation and holidays start with a radio station that plays active binaural sessions of more than a few minutes. Therefore, effective holiday stress solutions like iDoser Radio and others are becoming amazing supplements to the regular holiday songs playing on local radio or streaming services. Even more, the great thing about mindfulness radio is you don’t have to work with software or apps; you just have to tune in. Certainly, that is all we need after a tough day. However, knowledge is also an excellent gift for yourself.

Mindfulness Radio Station

Combat Stress with Knowledge

First of all, effective holiday stress solutions are only as good as your knowledge. Hence, our mindful holiday survival guide will point you towards some fantastic tutorials. Even more, isn’t the holiday a great time to learn about kundalini, chakra, auras, lucid dreaming, and more? Surviving holidays with mindfulness certainly is more fun when you feed your brain. Above all, when combining meditation and holidays this season make sure to take the time to watch some great video tutorials about yourself, your mind, your dreams, and more. Finally, effective holiday stress solutions become even more effective when you understand how and why they work. iDoser Video has a fantastic library of tutorials, videos, interviews and much more. Most noteworthy, it’s completely free, and a great way to spend a few extra down minutes.

Effective Holiday Stress Solutions

Finally, as we enter the home stretch of our mindful holiday survival guide, let’s cover some of the free solutions. First of all, surviving holidays with mindfulness is better when you don’t have to spend. Furthermore, meditation and holidays can be expensive. Don’t throw money at your stress and anxiety. It is certainly tempting to pay the subscription fee to some hyped new meditation app. For me, that extra money is enough for me to pass (and pass hard). Above all, effective holiday stress solutions don’t need a monthly subscription, don’t need to be expensive, and many are free. However, just because it is free doesn’t mean it is good. Most noteworthy, there is a whole library of amateur (fake, foreign, scam) mindfulness videos on YouTube that will do nothing but cause literal headaches and stress. Above all, please, if YouTube is where you turn for mindfulness… turn away.

Free Stress Technology Solutions

As you can guess, we are big fans of iDoser Technology here at Binaural Blog. iDoser.com has been in the mind audio industry for many decades. Furthermore, they are the company that took binaural beats mainstream and made it a household name. Hence, it’s no wonder that many people look to them exclusively for their mindfulness audio solutions. Even more, as part of our mindful holiday shopping guide, we looked into what iDoser is offering free this year. Surviving the holidays with mindfulness is certainly easier with their free software, mp3 packs, anti-stress solutions, and more. Even more, if you are looking to combine meditation and holidays with music, iDoserFree.com is probably a good first place to check. iDoser is, hands down, one of the most effective holiday stress solutions available anywhere.

World's Top Mindful Tech

Unique Mindfulness Holiday Gifts

Finally, to close out this year’s mindful holiday survival guide, let’s talk gifts. Furthermore, I know we said we wouldn’t. The internet has plenty of gift guides. Most noteworthy, surviving holidays with mindfulness means at least a little shipping. Even more, meditation and holidays can mix on a gift level too. While we indeed won’t dwell on a big list of links to meditation and mindful gifts, we will mention iDoserMerch.com. Let’s face it, shipping is one of the excellent, effective, holiday stress solutions. Hence, If you like unique meditation, mindfulness, spiritual gifts, merch, tech, and more – check out iDoserMerch.com.

Happy, safe, healthy holidays to each and every one of your from your friends at BinauralBlog.com

Mindful Holiday Survival Guide - Surviving Holidays with Mindfulness


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5 Replies to “Mindful Holiday Survival Guide”

  1. Nathan Baur says:

    Thank you so much for something that wasn’t just this year’s meditation gift guide with just a list of amazon affiliate links. I have totally given up on read “gift guides.” Unless someone can prove me wrong with a good one, informative is the way to go.

  2. I do own the entire suite of idosing products and have for over 5 years. I’m not sure it is the ultimate stress relief package especially for the holidays. You do need some meditation, good diet, etc. to maintain that cheer.

  3. Lester Staf says:

    Here is to bypassing the sappy Christmas music and go with some good chakra, kundalini, Gregorian chants… We are programmed to feel nostalgic for these songs on the holidays. If you love them I understand. Just for force them on yourself and go with some soothing alternatives. Maybe classical. Any other non-xmas music suggestions for this time of year?

  4. ellany hoody says:

    Great job with this. I am adding a few of these to my arsenal this year. Not only to I battle with seasonal depression but the family and holiday depression layered on. How do you deal?

  5. mrs usa kim says:

    My suggestion is to try not to get caught up in the social norms. Try to do what makes you happy.

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