Mindfulness Radio

Mindfulness Radio

Did you know that there is now a mindfulness radio that plays binaural beat music? Tune in to the world’s first meditation station. Listen to EDM, Trance, Binaural, ASMR, and other fantastic brain music on YOUR mindful music station.

Mindfulness Radio

Music evokes feelings of love, sadness, happiness, and much more. Emotions are amplified even more with music that plays through the world’s first mindfulness radio station. This amazing mindful music station plays content including ASMR and binaural beat music. When powerful music plays through this mindful music station you WILL have feelings and emotion that you like, and even those you don’t. Remember, the excitement you feel while listening is not right or wrong. This exclusive active audio is designed to help you face potent emotions.  Try listening intently to these fantastic songs, and bring your attention back to the music itself whenever your mind has wandered. See what you learn about sitting with complicated feelings by practicing this kind of active audio meditation. Mindfulness Radio is new, exciting, and revolutionary.

Mindfulness Radio and Meditation Station with Binaural Beat Music Mindful Music Station

Meditation Station

How stressed are you right now? Do you feel any anxiety at this very moment? Mindfulness Radio might be a solution for you. Stress can cause problems in our relationships, health issues, and can cloud our better judgment. Maybe you have already turned to methods to deal with your anxiety. No matter your current situation, a proper meditation station has become essential. Using powerful binaural beat music is a fantastic way to reduce your stress and reconnect with your inner self. Mindfulness is the act of being in the present in this very moment. Now, with a mindful music station, it can be practiced anywhere.  When looking for an active, professional, and influential radio station for this kind of audio – there is only one solution. Welcome to http://iDoserRadio.com

Mindfulness Radio and Meditation Station with Binaural Beat Music Mindful Music Station

Binaural Beat Music  

If you’ve ever done n search for “stress” or “anxiety,” then you have probably already heard of iDoser and binaural beats. The iDoser.com company took binaural beats mainstream decades ago. They are the originator of commercial binaural beats and the creators of mindfulness radio. This binaural beat music, playing on the world’s first meditation station, has become extremely popular. Experts credit a Prussian scientist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove for discovering binaural beats way back in 1839. iDoser commercialized the science, and recently have launched a mindful music station. Ready to try?

Mindfulness Radio and Meditation Station with Binaural Beat Music Mindful Music Station

Mindful Music Station

Science proved that once professional binaural beat music introduces a new frequency to your brain, your brain waves will synchronize to it. Using mindfulness radio effectively lulls you into a different brain state. Your mind has five different types of waves. Generally speaking, low-frequency waves can boost relaxation and improve sleep. Higher frequencies transition your brain waves into a state which may make you more attentive, focused, or better able to recall memories. Mid-range frequencies link to attention. When launching a meditation station for the masses, iDoser transitioned all their professional music over to the mindful music station. The result is a 24 / 7 station for meditation, mindfulness, and you.

Mindfulness Radio and Meditation Station with Binaural Beat Music Mindful Music Station

With the launch of the world’s first active audio radio station, many are flocking to try this new type of radio. With backing from the world’s top binaural producers, we are going to be in for a fantastic ride for sure.


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10 Replies to “Mindfulness Radio”

  1. Lis Stein says:

    Thank you so much for this. I have been listening for my whole day at work, and I love the visuals and really chill music. I think I found my new favorite radio station.

  2. Gabby Acon says:

    I always just used a Spotify playlist of idoser tracks and I figured I didn’t need the radio station. However, I just realized that idoser radio plays only exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else. I’m IN!

  3. Jan Nolan says:

    Love it! I am tuned in and turned off right now.

  4. Kelly Ann Schwanng says:

    They even has a real live DJ? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that on pirate or amateur radio. Pretty cool.

  5. I was literally just saying to my friends I would love an ASMR radio station.

  6. Heidi Boup says:

    my wife and I are so happy to have stumbled across this. We have been listening to the radio station all day now. Perfect for meditation or we just like to have it playing in the background while we work from home. The information on the web page is always enlightening and is going to support my friends from work while I am at work intuitive information. Thank you.

  7. Charles Belker says:

    This radio station is perfect for studying. It is going to assist me in my studies several times a week. I have already listened once almost all night for a big run of tests and absolutely loved it. If you are a student it is worth a listen.

  8. my friends from work and I listened to this radio station as background music for our data entry business. Now my coworkers ask me to put it on almost every day and I have started listening to it at home for sleep. Great stuff.

  9. I have been listening to this free radio station for weeks now and I love it. Thank you for letting me know about this. Truly unique.

  10. JamesChaph says:

    This is an amazing radio station. I tune in at least a few times a week for background work music and sometimes use it for sleep.

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