Reality Check Tutorial

A Reality Check is a method of deducing whether you are currently in a dream or in real life. This is THE MOST critical step in Lucid Dreaming, Dream Awareness, Dream Interpretation, and MUCH MORE. Let’s learn about dream signs and reality checks so you can better understand and control your dreams.

Mastering reality checks is the most critical first step in learning how to induce lucid dreams. Within a lucid dream, you will have full awareness and control or your dream universe. Used for recreation, astral projection training, or simply dream recall and reading – a reality check is a process you must have absolute mastery of and continue to evolve as your development in lucidity progresses. The hardest part of a reality check is remembering to perform it. We have crafted a foolproof method for learning and performing reality checks. Used by Dream Explorers all over the world, this method will guarantee you properly execute a reality check. Frequent performing of reality checks can lead to persistent use in dreams. Never be positive of your reality. Lucid dreamers must never be sure they are in reality, and therefore must perform checks even when certain they are awake. When you least expect it, you will find yourself in a dream. Through reality checking, you also give yourself a moment of thoughtful clarity – a simple moment of life meditation. When you understand the possibility that you could be dreaming at this very moment, you have started your journey into reliant reality checks. Ready to learn the foolproof method to controlling your dreams?

Reality Check Tutorial for Lucid Dreams

The basis of reality checks is to take advantage of a universal inconsistency between the real world and the dream world. These discrepancies are usually present in dreams and are therefore easily perceptible. For instance, you can read a book or tell time in real life. In dreams it is extremely hard to recognize words, letters, and numbers. Text often look blurry, mixed up, or of a language you don’t recognize. Time in dreams is inconsistent, runs backwards, or is stopped. Being aware of the universal inconsistencies between dreams and reality is what gives lucid dream explorers a backdoor into their own personal dream universe. Once you have recognized that you are in a dream, you will be granted absolute control of the lucid space. Having dream awareness is a powerful experience unlike anything else. Reality checks are subjective, and many people struggle with them. Remember, your body is programmed to keep dreams on a subconscious level. This is why you very seldom remember them. There is a universal boundary between your dreams and your reality. It will probably be challenging for you to tear that wall down. With our proven methods, and some tried and true practice, you will soon be remembering and controlling your dreams. It is then when an entire world of possibility will be available to you. Ever want to fly? Live out your own personal fantasy? Deeply understand yourself and subconscious? You are on your way. Ready for the secrets all dream explorers use?

Lucid Dream Guide

As a dream explorer, we highly recommend you wear a watch every day. Using a time check is one of the most common and reliable reality checks available. It doesn’t have to be an expensive watch, but you should wear it every day. It should also be digital. On an analogue timepiece, the numbers and their positions are implied, so by habit they are not usually read in real life. It is usually more difficult to tell the time on a digital timepiece in a dream. As noted above, the numbers may vary, distort, or change. You may find yourself squinting, trying to make out exactly what it says. If your critical mind is active, note this as evidence characteristic of a dream. Make this a habit. Do a double-check. Look at your watch, look away, and look back again. This can sometimes trick a dream into revealing itself. Every time you look at your watch to tell time, ask yourself if you are dreaming. Some clear examples you are dreaming are if the watch has no figures whatsoever or they are rapidly changing position or blurring. If you suddenly aren’t wearing the watch, question if this is reality. If for any reason you are unsure about your reality, do a second reality check. Our second reality check will prove definitively if you are dreaming or not. While not dreaming, you may find binaural audio induction from companies like can help train your brain to better recognize a dreamscape. With over a decade of experience in mind audio, many dream explorers use to help enhance their experience. So you are questioning your reality after binaural induction from iDoser and a questionable time check. What do you do next?

Lucid Sex Tutorial

Always perform a confirmation reality check. Dreams are tricky. Most of the time a watch check is all you need to confirm if you are dreaming or not. However, if there is any question, you should perform a nose test. The logic here is that dreams exist entirely without simulation or regard to the physical processes that saturate our waking existence. In this way, when physical progressions are initiated by the dreamer, their results may be unusual. If you are questioning your watch reality check then grab your nose tight between your fingers, and keep your mouth shut. Attempt to breath in through your pinched-closed nose. If you find that you can breathe in as usual, you are most likely dreaming. If both your nose test and watch test tell you that you are dreaming, your final step is to look for dream signs. Whenever you face one, you should consider being in a dream. Dream signs vary greatly from person to person and are often unique to a particular individual. However, common themes include being in a particular location, someone behaving oddly, or the presence of a certain object or person from your past. Some of these signs may be subtle, or some more apparent. An example would be having improved or supernatural body functions, including being able to function normally despite an impairment. Train your brain with binaural induction from and keep a reality check watch on at all times. Get ready to control, remember, and construct your own personal reality in your dream world, on-demand. Sleep well, and good luck on your lucid adventures.

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6 Replies to “Reality Check Tutorial”

  1. Krystal Lee says:

    I have been using a cheap digital watch as a reality check device for years now. My kids think I’m crazy. I had tried a dream journal prior but only the watch method has gotten me any results.

  2. Karl Frances says:

    I have used idose Lucid Dream dose for this kind of thing. At first it didn’t work, but after a few weeks of listening I can remember and control a dream every time I use it before bed. I never even needed dream signs or breathing methods. I had an open mind to it. That helps.

  3. Sher Millany says:

    Keeping a dream journal is what did it for me. Every morning, write down what you remember about your dream. It trains your mind into dream recall. It might not be as high tech an idozer app but it works very good and you have a paper trail of your progress.

  4. Rob Stein says:

    Here’s what I do. Get the I-Doser app. Load up reset, condition, lucid, and a good meditation collection. Fall asleep to it and you will remember your dreams. Want a sex dream, add a few erotic doses. Add some astral projection or out of body if you want something more spiritual. Don’t need digital watch. Nobody wears those anymore lol.

  5. Dan Fretter says:

    We aren’t meant to remember our dreams so don’t force it. Your body will have you remember the ones you are meant to remember. Bad things can happen once you start to mix dream and reality. Trust me, I went a year not knowing the difference between the two.

  6. What if you don’t remember your dreams

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