Silence Your Mind

Silence Your Mind to Calm An Active Brain

Peace and quiet is a valuable commodity these days. It can be difficult to calm an active brain. Ever try to relax only to be hit with an onslaught of thoughts or concerns? How do you silence your mind? Let’s discuss how to be present and tranquil for stress relief, anxiety, and mindfulness.

Silence Your Mind

So, you can’t silence your mind. You’ve tried ambient music, meditation, and more. How do you calm an active brain? You don’t want to completely shut down. Every action is a chance for learning and understanding. This is especially true of those quiet alone moments. So, it is critical you learn how to be present as you silence your mind. Your brain and your mind are two separate entities and you are in complete control – not that voice in the back of your head.

So, you must silence that nagging voice in your head. This voice is integrated into your brain and often goes on complete auto-pilot. It turns inward and starts being critical of you. Recognizing this voice is a key step as you learn how to be present. As you silence your mind, you also shut down that voice in your head. The critical voice muted will begin to calm an active brain.

But, how do you silence your mind? We need to learn how to be present while free of our inner critical conscious. Many people use meditation. To calm an active brain, choose an audio technology like binaural brainwave doses. Binaural brain doses have been proven to tune brainwaves to a frequency conductive of a calm mind. Companies like have made it extremely easy to calm an active brain. So, let’s learn how to be present while we silence our mind.

How To Be Present Silence Your Mind

How To Be Present

The unrestrained mind can be a prison. You absolutely must silence your mind, daily. If you allow your brain to run without ever interjecting, it will continue to operate (even while you sleep). If you do not calm an active brain, you will never truly learn how to be present.

We continuously observe mass disorder and confusion around us. This is not a conductive environment as you learn to silence your mind. We have allowed negative thinking to prevail. By shifting your focus to what makes you content, you can start to reeducate your mind to think more positively. Consequently, you will start to feel passive since you no longer focus on the negativity. This is learning how to be present and silence your mind. You will let negativity process “though” your, while you maintain focus on positivity and happiness.

We have discussed how active brain technology like iDoser can help you achieve your “happy place.” But, we would be amiss if we didn’t mention music as a way to calm an active brain. Now, if music isn’t your thing, this won’t apply. But, a majority of us enjoy music. Let this be your escape. Try some calming music. Many explorers are turning to bone conductive headphones to actually let music “enter their brain” over simply passive listening. This is an exciting technology. It might sound counter-productive to use bone condition headphones to have music stream directly into your head. But, it is actually a very effective way to silence your mind and calm and active brain. Are there other ways to calm an active brain?

Calm an Active Brain

Live in the now to calm an active brain. Why make your brain process the past you can’t change or the future you don’t know? To silence your mind, focus mostly on the now. When learning ho to be present and calm an active mind, this is critical.

Forget about the bills you have to pay. There will always be errands to run. Stop worrying about an uncertain future you have little control of. As you learn to silence your mind, you must also learn to process unactionable thoughts.

When you ponder negative thoughts like these, it can lead to anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and other serious problems. Unease is often caused by simply living in a time other than the one we have right now. As you lean to calm an active mind, be present. Whenever you feel your thoughts taking you elsewhere, meditate, use an active audio technology like, or put on some good music and let it go.

By allowing yourself to be a fluid entity, living one moment to the next, you will recapture what it means to calm an active brain. As you lean how to be present, let the past go. Stop worrying about an uncertain future to help silence your mind. Be happy, and focus on what truly makes you content. Live and love.

Silence Your Mind to Calm An Active Brain

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8 Replies to “Silence Your Mind”

  1. ashlie beltran says:

    I would recommend guided meditation. I was using a meditation app that only had things like rain and nature sounds and it never did much for me. Once I started using some good guided meditations things started to change for me.

  2. Paul Bailey says:

    stay away from crappy amateur YouTube meditations. I just read that lots are putting subliminal messages in their videos. Youtube even closed down a lot of channels for hiding negative messaging in the videos.

  3. romy stevenson says:

    Never heard of binaural brain doses? Then googled and been around for at least a decade. Interesting.

  4. dominique tolebroin says:

    This is right on target. I really started focusing on the present only recently (I’m almost 50 years old). Better late than never.

  5. Paloma Perez says:

    I have a pair of bone conduction headphones. They have actually been around for a while. You mention music but they are also amazing for binaural beats. I use mine WITH idosing.

  6. Batton Levy says:

    Good Afternoon everybody ! can anyone advise an easier way to silence my mind? I have tried some of the binaurals on youtube but so many are very weak and amateur. I know is the way to go but a little too expensive for me.

  7. claudia duran says:

    I have never been able to truly silence my mind no matter how much meditation.

  8. Can i detox my mind using these methods?

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