Best Mindfulness Headphones

Best Mindfulness Headphones

Do you use mind audio, binaural beats, ASMR, guided or standard meditations, or subliminal audio? Not all headphones are created equal. We are going to review the best mindfulness headphones and reveal the definitive headphones approved for meditation. These are the best mindful speakers for wellness…

Best Mindfulness Headphones

First, this must be said. If you have used active audio like binaural brainwave doses, ASMR, subliminal audio, meditation, nature sounds, white noise, or any form of mind audio – you absolutely MUST be using headphones. This is especially true if you are using binaural brainwave doses, considered the most powerful form of active audio meditations. Not all headphones are approved for meditation, and some types work better than others.

Research has shown that when a person listens to a binaural brainwave dose for the recommended time, brainwave activity drastically changes. Researchers like believe these changes occur because the binaural beats activate specific systems within the brain. An electroencephalogram (EEG) that recorded the electrical brain activity of people listening to binaural beats showed that the effect on a person’s body varied according to the frequency pattern used.

Because binaural brainwave doses use two very specific audio tracks, each delivered very specifically to each ear, it is critical that you use the absolute best mindfulness headphones available for this, or any, type of powerful active audio meditation. So, what are the absolute best mindful speakers for wellness? Is any good quality pair of headphones approved for meditation? When choosing the best mindfulness headphone for mind audio, what should you consider?

To start off, there is one pair of headphones you should absolutely never use. Can you guess which ones?

Other than listening with no headphones at all, the worst pair of headphones you can use for mind audio (of any type) are the cheap included ear buds that come with mobile phones and tablets. Never use Apple’s EarPods or AirPods for any form of good mind audio. They are simply not equipped with the range required for powerful advanced meditations like, ASMR, Guided Meditations, or Subliminal Audios.

So, does this mean you shouldn’t use ANY ear buds at all? Must you use a good quality pair of over-ear headphones, or can you use a quality pair of ear buds? What about stereo speakers? Would they work? Let’s looks at some of the best headphones approved for meditation.

Headphones Approved for Meditation

Ear buds usually do not have cushions, although they can. They sit in the concha ridge at the center of your outer ear, rather than sitting inside the ear canal. They are often one-size-fits-all, which may not be comfortable to wear. Depending on the shape of your ear ridges, they may not fit securely and may fall out frequently. That is annoying, especially if you are wearing them for meditation, chakra, or kundalini sessions. Some have wings or loops to tuck under the ridges of the ear to help keep them in place.

First, they can be uncomfortable for some. For this reason alone, it can be hard to recommend ear buds as headphones approved for meditation. For most mind audio, it is imperative that you are comfortable, sometimes for a long duration. If your ear buds are noticeably uncomfortable, it’s time to upgrade to a better set of mindful speakers for wellness.

If your ear buds are value level, they most certainly will be bad for mindful audio. While it is true that the absolute best mindfulness headphones are of the over-the-ear variety, there are some ear buds on the market that would work well for mind audio. When searching for a quality ear buds.

How do you know? First, price. To get quality audio from such a small device takes money. Free or cheap ear buds are a bad choice for mind audio. Also, while it used to be true that you couldn’t get meditation-quality audio from a wireless ear bud, this has changed. Advanced in Bluetooth technology has made the audio transferable at a data rate worthy of the world’s highest quality meditations.

Mindful Speakers for Wellness

So, the ideal solution for ASMR, binaural brainwave dosing, meditation, subliminal, or any form of mind audio, is the over-the-ear variety of headphones. These are, by far, the best mindful speakers for wellness. If we were to make one recommendation for headphones approved for meditation, it would be to choose a mid-priced pair of wired over the ear headphones.

Skip the fancy enhancements when choosing mindful speakers for wellness. Get a pair without any form of Bass Boost, noise cancellation, or other in-line enhancements that would change the audio from the device level. While a good pair of wireless headphones will also work well, they are typically more expensive.

We would also be amiss if we didn’t talk about bone conduction headphones. Traditional headphones send sound through your eardrums. Bone conduction headphones send sound through the bones of your skull. Instead of speakers, these headphones have transducers that send vibrations through your cheekbones to your cochleas, so your eardrums are free to take in your surroundings.

Needless to say, this can be an amazing experience when combined with mind audio. Some are even saying they are the most amazing devices you can pair with extreme meditations. They can truly be a new form of sensory deprivation.

Choosing headphones approved for meditation can be tough. Luckily, has made it easy. They have tested individual headphones, ear buds, and bone conduction devices for use with some of the most powerful mind audio available. If you are having trouble choosing, visit for devices guaranteed to work with any form of mind audio. They will certainly take your meditation, mindfulness, or lucid dreaming sessions to the next level.

Best Mindful Music

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5 Replies to “Best Mindfulness Headphones”

  1. Aislinn Riley says:

    I just purchased a pair of bone conduction headphones 6 months ago and they were crazy expensive but worth it. I combine them with the iDoser App and it is a match made in heaven. I haven’t tried it with some of my other meditation apps yet though.

  2. Yea it’s funny to see people bitch about different binaural beats not working then they say they are using ear pods on their iPhone and there ya’ go.

  3. romy stevenson says:

    Mid-range wired over-ear. That’s all you need.

  4. Nelson Curry says:

    Double down on the no bass boost stuff. Bought a crazy pair of super expensive headphones and was wondering why binaural beats weren’t having the same effect on me. It was because these headphones have all kinds of bass boost and crystalizing going on. I was able to turn it off though.

  5. denzel aguilar says:

    Wow I was using the ear buds that came with my Samsung forever. No wonder meditation has been meh for me.

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