Tantric Sex Tutorial

Tantric Sex and the Art of Tantra is a set of methods used by people all over the world to deepen affection, increase desire, and interconnect in a more open and genuine way. In our busy world, Tantra is the obtainable solution to the monotony that can sometimes develop in relationships.Tantra has been practiced by thousands of years as a beautiful art dedicated to the sacred sexuality that is inherent in all of us. Couples use these revered methods all over the word to deepen sexuality, refine pure authentic love, and build upon a deep and passionate connection. Practicing Tantra can be both a life-altering erotic experience and a spiritual awakening. Performing Tantric Sex is not complicated. With a  few simple steps, you can be on your way to redefining how you express love. While there seems to be a sort of “inner-circle” mentality to achieving this kind of connection, the truth is that is can be very simple. In a world of high-technology, there are companies like iDoser.com who are using brain induction to make the process even easier. But, even a purist who doesn’t want to integrate tech and sex can find benefit by incorporating these simple practices into their bedroom. Absolutely anyone can draw from the ancient reservoir of knowledge and wisdom that is Tantra. Your first step is to commit. A good starting place is to have a conversation with your partner. This is not a talk to rush, and it needs to be understood that this is a dedication – a practice. Start with one Tantric session a week of about 2 hours in length. Use this time to celebrate your relationship, and nothing else. Be dedicated to this time, and look forward to it. Be so devoted that you both will never miss this weekly celebration even if tired, stressed, or simply not feeling in the mood. This simple first step will increase your love, connection, and playfulness. Let this window of time be your sanctuary. Enjoy it, and celebrate your love for each other.  But what will you actually do during your weekly celebration of love?

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Your session starts with the perfect atmosphere. Do not underestimate preparation and mood setting. Clear a space for both of you. Put some time in adorning your bed. Use additional pillows, pull out the extra-comfortable sheets, and prepare the bedroom with attention. You goal is to create a feast of the senses. As cliché as it may sound – spark some candles, dim the lights, draw the shades. Light some incense or use essential oil. Scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac. For some essential oil inspiration try sage, jasmine, patchouli, rose, or sandalwood. All of these beautiful scents can create an enhanced environment you both can share. Play some music, but put some time into creating a Tantric Playlist for both you and your lover to enjoy. For mind-enhanced audio designed specifically for Tantra, try iDoser.com. The sight of flickering lights against skin, the comfort of fabric against both of you, and the smell of essential oils or incense will create a perfect environment for you both to enjoy. The mood is set for you celebration.

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As you have your weekly sessions you will learn to better define what Tantra is to you and your lover. A good starting point is re-sensitizing. To sensitize your body allows you to release any tension or stress. Stand facing each other and take a moment to relax from head to toe. Shake your entire body for at least 5 minutes until you feel a distinct tingling and feeling of aliveness. This practice helps your bodies experience pleasure in a more profound and intense way. Meditate together to clear your minds and connect to your hearts. Use iDoser.com to synchronize your brainwaves. Sit down cross legged facing each other and close your eyes. Simply be together in silence until all the worries of the day are gone. This will help you both become fully present and focused on each other. You can also play a guided meditation, meditative music, or just sit in silence. Another good way to ease into your session is to give affirmations to each other. Look at them tenderly and begin each sentence with ‘I really love…’. Be true and faithful, reaching deep into your heart to express all that you appreciate about them. This is not the time for a discussion, but for sharing. Your goal is to open your hearts and create more connection and intimacy. Once you’ve finished, invite your beloved to do the same for you and thank them afterwards. Never interrupt, only accept.

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You can now begin to touch, but only after you both desire it fully. Have your lover lay face down, as you awaken their body to various sensations. Softly touch their skin with flowers, fabrics, feathers, ice, hot wax, or just your fingertips. Start at non-erogenous zones  like the back, neck, head, hands, legs, and feet. The key is to SLOWLY excite their sexual energy by awakening their skin with soft touch, then massaging their non-erogenous zones first before proceeding to their more sensitive areas. Keep asking for feedback and remind your beloved to relax, breathe fully, and stay present. This is not about orgasm. Simply enjoy giving them pleasure. If you both decide to not make love,  then lay in each other’s embrace, and share your feelings in a soft, loving conversation. Not making love is just as valid as engaging in sex, so don’t feel pressure to complete with sex. If you do decide to make love, do not rush it. Remain completely aware of your bodies and your energies. Guide your consciousness to travel up and down your spine – between your heart and your genitals, and notice all the sensations in your body. Allow your bodies to connect lovingly, and melt together in a sensual, ecstatic dance. After, continue your embrace, maybe with some conversation or shared silence. This is also a good point to practice gazing – just look into each other’s eyes, without talking, for as long as feels comfortable.

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The most important thing: Take your time. Tantra is not a chase to an orgasm – it’s a feast of pleasure, and as long as you’re both experiencing plenty of it, you’re on the right track. Be experimental, try brainwave tuning with iDoser.com, and start exploring your lover in ways you never have before.

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4 Replies to “Tantric Sex Tutorial”

  1. Erica Bonoti says:

    As a woman who has had a mild interest in the subject… all women and men can learn a little by not rushing. Sex, unfortunately for me, has always been purely sex and nothing else. It wasn’t until me and my new partner started really exploring using tantric-like methods that we really connected. Have tried i-doser but have been meaning to look into it.

  2. matt crouce says:

    Great article and perfect for V-Day! I I appreciate how it wasn’t completely sex focused. But maybe tantric is less sex focused than the public realizes. I’d like to see another article exploring this more.

  3. Craig Pradisise says:

    love it and I plan on using some of these with my wife after I talk to her about the concept. Not sure how it will go over. I think even some basics can improve any relationship.

  4. Rob Kleinoir says:

    +1 for using i-doser for erotic meditation. It’s been my go-to for years. I use it before a night of fun and it really seems to enhance. No interest in the tantra side of it, but it’s great for getting in the mood or staying in the mood.

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