NEW Binaural Brain Doses

iDoser New Binaural Brain Doses

With 3 years in development and an 83% success rate in review testing, the iDoser Elite Collection of binaural brain doses for Mac and PC computers has FINALLY arrived. The Elite Collection includes 200 new advanced binaural based sequences. Click to find out what makes these so damn powerful…

iDoser brand artisan  brainwave doses have been designed to help with meditation. Used by over 10 million people worldwide, their advanced synchronizing software enables fast, effective, and powerful states of deep phase meditation that is light years beyond white noise, meditation music, or ambience. For the dreamers,  lucid dreaming has never been easier. Lucid Induction normally takes years of practice, but users who use lucid programming prior to sleep find their dreams to come easier, more vivid, and easier to control. No matter if you are looking to have minute control over your dreamscape, or simply to enhance your sleep cycle, doses contained in the new 2018 Elite Collection can help. Come find out why iDoser is the most-used binaural technology in the world with powerful sexual wellness sequences, legal high simulation, chakra alignment, cognitive and critical thinking, astral projection, past life regression, dream recall, and much more.

New 2018 iDoser Doses

If you have tried amateur binaural, subliminal, or other poor quality streaming mind audio off YouTube, then you may be hindering the results from your meditation and wellness practices. Poor quality mind audio can cause headaches, regress meditation progress, prevent dream recall or astral techniques, and much more. Worse yet, many YouTube channels claiming to be binaural subliminal or mind audio are fake: posting random tones over cheap stock audio and then posting fake “results” in comments. Beware of the obvious warning signs: channels making wild claims like they can change your eye color, make you grow taller, or turn you a different ethnicity. iDoser Doses are backed with over a decade of experience. Come see the largest collection of binaural brain doses available anywhere, and see what true pure-form certified binaurals can do.

iDoser New Brainwave Beats

To make it easy to try the world’s most effective binaural technology, iDoser has a very special offer. For a very limited time visit to get a free starter kit including professional mind audio backed by over a decade of combined research and development. Visit today to try the new Elite Collection of brainwave doses and see why over 10 million active users worldwide use iDoser to assist with their meditation and wellness practices. Free starter kits are limited, so go to today.

Download Free PC Doses

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4 Replies to “NEW Binaural Brain Doses”

  1. Jerry Christoph says:

    I think most people have figured out that those youtube videos are fake. Most of them post every day or so and they sound awful. It takes longer than that to make a good sequence. I have a background in audio design though, so maybe it’s just me. Although those subliminal and binaural channels seems to be losing views mass compared to this time last year so it can’t be just me.

  2. Carrie Winter says:

    been waitn for new idose doses for so long now. I am on my way to try the new collection. I bought som from lst years collection and still use them.

  3. Josh Jaggen says:

    I beat you to the punch. I just got a bunch of new paks for my brand new win10 machine. Love the lucid, OOB, astral type stuff. Keep it coming i-doser!

  4. eddie fra says:

    Hey guys just stopping in to say I have been with you the whole time. I actually think it was about 11 years ago I started using your tech and it has become as integral as sleeping and eating to me. Do yourself a favor and try this if you are into meditation.

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