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Let me cordially welcome you to the Binaural Blog. While I won’t get into the science of binaural brainwave modification (just yet), there are a few things I’d love to say! First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nick Ashton, and I am founder of one of the most popular Binaural Brainwave research companies in the word: With an internationally best-selling product line, recognition from some of the most esteemed tech and literary resources (from the wonderfully in-depth piece that Asylum did, to the slightly misguided Wired article, and hundreds of shout-outs in-between), one thing is undisputed:

I know a thing or two about the exciting process of simulating a mood or experiences through audio.

With that, i feel I should Reader’s Digest you on brain modification, nay, Wikipedia you. I’m sure some of you are uninitiated, sceptics, or just really starting to dig into the possibilities.

Science cap here for just a minute…

Binaural simulations are auditory responses which originate in your brain, specifically the superior olivary nucleus of each hemisphere. They result from the interaction of two different auditory impulses, originating in opposite ears. For example, if a pure tone of 400 Hz is presented to the right ear and a pure tone of 410 Hz is presented simultaneously to the left ear, an amplitude modulated standing wave of 10 Hz, the difference between the two tones, is experienced as the two wave forms mesh in and out of phase within your brain. This binaural beat is not heard in the ordinary sense of the word. It is perceived as an auditory beat and can be used to entrain specific neural rhythms through the frequency-following response (FFR)– allowing the simulation of a specific mood or experience.

Ok, take it off.

I’m sure you have questions. This is a nuanced science, but one that can yield incredible personal results. As an example, the I-Doser Experience Reports contain over 1000 positive and true user experience reports. That’s what I’m here for. To discuss not only my personal (business and personal) experience with the technology, but also the science, the process, the theory, the results, and the future – here, in this blog. Ultimately to better reach, and help YOU achieve, a heightened sense of experience: recreational, sexual, athletic, love – a myriad of extreme experiences can be simulated through the successful modification of  your brainwaves with the correct approcach, tools, and method.

Welcome, traveler. We have a long ride ahead.

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One Reply to “Simply, Welcome”

  1. Hello and greetings fellow traveler!
    Dosing is such an incredibly exciting subject! I am a massage therapist and would love to use this on patients experiencing pain…or, ususally,just needing to relax.

    I am also a Reiki Master and would interested in the transmission of chi through this medium.

    “Fasten your seat belts it’s gonna be a bumpy night” – more to the point, a bumpy navigation of experiences.

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