Sense Simulations

Here is something I consider to be a true breakthrough in binaural dosing. While many binaural brainwave offerings these days are true meditation or sleep aids, Sense Simulations will change you daily life in a very profound way. I’m going to tell you why this is a life changing product…Sense Simulations, a new binaural brainwave modification dose set (click here to get them!) can be used to greatly enhance your daily life. Use one of the intricately designed audio doses prior to having a real-life sense experience. Your brain will be finely tuned so you have a more visceral and intense occasion. These simulations can greatly improve life events like concerts, theatre, music, dining, outdoor events, dating, and so much more.

Intensify lights and the spectacle of concerts and theatre. Nature x10 used outdoors. Increase the visual impact of movies and television. Get impacted from museums and events. Gaming has never been more extreme.

Opens new avenues of music and helps you truly experience the intricate aural details of concerts and festivals. Open your mind to lessons, lectures, and mentorship. Enhance movies, television, and games.

Dining and the complex pleasures of food are better experienced with the taste dose. Your lover’s lips have never tasted so sweet.

The smell of nature’s scents increase over a fine walk. The detailed tastes of fine dining explode. The delicate scent of lover’s skin is intensified.

Fine cloth and that hot outfit – you will feel more confident. Feeling of luxury, warmth, and well-being is greatly developed. Touching and accepting another’s touch will blow your mind. You haven’t lived until you’ve kissed on Touch.

Want some great examples of mixing these?

A Concert: Listen to See then Hear
Dining: Listen to Smell then Taste
Nature Walk: Listen to Smell then Hear then See
Games, Television, Media: Listen to Hear then See
A Date: Listen to Smell then Touch then Taste

I think you should click here to try them.

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